21 DECEMBER 1867, Page 22


Post- (Vice London Directory for 1868. Sixty-ninth annual publica- tion. (Kelly, London.)—This invaluable directory, consisting of about 2,700 of the most closely printed pages known to our printing offices, is out in good time for next year's use. It is, we should think, infinitely the cheapest book, except the Bible, which can, of coarse, be produced so much the cheaper that it never needs any change from year to year and edition to edition, in England. This huge volume, containing, we imagine, full 4,000,000 words (or about as many as twenty closely printed octavo volumes of ordinary size, such as would sell for 108. apiece), is sold for 30s. to subscribers, and 36s. to non-subscribers, which seems to us about one-sixth of the cost of the same amount of printing in ordinary books. It contains all sorts of cross classifications of Londoners, under the heads- " Commercial," "Court," "Law," &c. It is extremely accurate and com- plete, and is brought up to a date within a month of its issue. The general index, too, seems extremely full and good.