21 MARCH 1987, Page 46

Solution to 797: A fare choice 'S 2 11 L 3 0j'SP

A 'II E 614I 713 IS TEEUNC'i-ILINE ALA II I 7 T E RIAEOTL E S s ALIMILEEMCIE A N E S t UR ARES I Y MIK II IR, ifft v .1, A S T R E E 1 E E 1j I E R 1 'IL I 0 SH L I .EE nig 7i G 26 T hi E A I. 107ARI ESCS 1111V it1419:i N IRE. le OPI D A Lj..K E 3t A Ty E] EN ITO

1 E 1..L0.4....0_,R M A N_

I T 11..L.I..1.,_74,,10,F1 M Pi N


The unclued lights were suggested by 'One man's MEAT (4A 36 10 26 31) . . . POISON' (1D 16 18 19 22).

Winners: A. Hall, Goring-by-Sea (£20); J. R. Moon, London SE21; Mrs S. Holliday, Penrith.