22 JANUARY 1972, Page 18

Malta's muddle

Sir: May a muddled member 01,4' public ask three simple questl°,f about Malta to which no one in, .!01' press or on radio or televll' seems yet to have suPlr answers, or indeed seems even have arplied their minds? If Mr Mintoff asked for Off, rent than had been agreed, an when Mr Heath refused to ,PaY,,o' he was told to get out, and ne,P,e out, why is even a ConserVa`:0 commentator like yourself now 11 plying that Mr Heath made sort of bad decision in a 11' pique? If Mr Healey originally Si ported Mr Heath's decision (vv.,r he did) why is Mr Driberg saying that Mr Heath elc' wrongly? A If we do turn round arid,,: back, who is going to foot the Mr Mintoff, Mr Heath or me? io• Michael De-la-0, 29 Osbcurne Villas, Hove, StlaS''