22 JANUARY 1972, Page 18

Spectator, January 22, 197 2

bored by them. The same

to the French and Italians ourselves. Nothing will fit us bell, to live human lives alongside vast bureaucratic machinery e) industrial superstructure whicl? the shadow side • of a 1-111!1` Europe. Strong local patrion5: which the federal constitutioa the Bundesrepublik so merale, encourages, has long been one the German virtues. The lie moreover, to preserve local Cl acteristics is a theme the ecol' gists are emphasising more more, as a matter of survival , self. Thus the German expenea of diversity in unity could be ri European significance; it. is Pe., I believe, of the answer bel'r. groped for in this count, by the anti-marketeers whch nearly all of us instinctively, even if not ration Matthew SuIll Nine Elms, Jordans. Beaconsfie Bucks.