22 JANUARY 1972, Page 19

Culture drain

Sir: The letter -of Mr Hopkins (January 1) underlines a truth rarely remarked that Britain is confronted by a long term strategy on the part of her enemies — they set their objectives several decades in advance, approaching slowly and with deception the true objective of shorter term policies. Both world wars and the Depression and the increasing anarchy of the postwar years were all the outcome of conspiracy. The great German General Staff, planning for war, in actual fact hoped for peaceful conquest without the destruction of valuable resources.

The famous C. H. Douglas devoted thirty years of his life to formulating and substantiating his warning of this danger for Great Britain. But those entrusted with the defence of their country put politics first, and the warning went unheeded. So the conspirators advanced towards their goal, the German people proving excellent material for manipulation. As Stalin said, " Hitlers come and Hitlers go, but the German people remain." Herr Brandt's government represents for us a danger infinitely greater than that of Hitler. The German Chancellory has been transformed into the power house of the West German government. A brilliant team of advisers of Communist persuasion are gathered there, its leading figure Herbert Wehner, an exCommunist with a six years' training in the Kremlin.

Does Mr Heath realise, I wonder, that the West German government has been taken over by the Communists? How skilfully this has happened! Germany divided into East and West; the West built up under the protective shadow of NATO into the most powerful and

and prosperous state in Europe. Then the reunification to come of the two Germanys under Communist control. The aims of the West German government and those of the Kremlin are one, world government, run by the elite irrespective of nationality. Britain's entry to the EEC would be a great German victory, and in course of time the Brezhnev doctrine would apply to all of us. And in this way, a two thousand year old culture goes down the drain.

L. Harrison 15 Mundella Terrace, Newcastleupon-Tyne