22 JANUARY 1972, Page 25

Injecting plastic

Robert Moss Limited is a public company at Kidlington in Oxford, and is in the plastic injection moulding business. The founder, Mr R. R. Moss, has placed a large part of his shareholding through Gresham Trust, who have put some directors on the board. The business is mysterious and must have some extraordinary profitable arrangements with the motor and television trade. On sales of £761,466 they earned profits of £291,980.

An acquaintance in the plastics business was telling me that he tried to have a look round the works to see how they were making so much money, but he was unsuccessful. He went so far as to send them an inquiry, ostensibly for a large quantity of one of his plastic products. This Trojan horse didn't bring an invitation to visit them either — he received a two-line letter from shrewd Mr Moss saying they weren't able to help.