25 APRIL 1931, Page 18

[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

SIR,—In your column on "Country Life" of April 11th, the writer says : " The hawks (of which genus none are now appearing in London) penetrate to the heart of Cologne," &e. Does the writer not consider the kestrel a hawk ? It is a not uncommon, and I think increasingly frequent, visitor to London. I have seen it over St. James's Park (at least a dozen times), hovering over the Queen's Club grounds in West Kensington, and within the last week or two, hovering round the Clock Tower on the Houses of Parliament. When first I visited Cologne nearly fifty years ago, it seemed to nest in one of the cathedral spires, and was always to be seen there. On my last visit a year or two ago, though I searched diligently I failed to see one. I was staying at a hotel within sight of the cathedral, and had ample opportunity. I formed the opinion that it had deserted Cologne.—I am, Sir,