25 APRIL 1931, Page 25

* * * Several good books have been written about

Dorset, especially in connexion with Thomas Hardy's novels. But there is plenty of room for Mr. J. H. Wade's compact and intelligently planned Ramble,: in Dorset (Methuen, 7s. 6d.), which, with its numerous illustrations and a map, should be really useful to holiday visitors. Beginning with Dorchester and Weymouth, the author works round the county, and indicates in each district the places that are worth seeing. He does not fail, of course, to identify the towns and villages described by Hardy, though some of us are becoming a little tired of Hardy's topography. In his account of Lulworth Mr. Wade refers to the military solidity " of the castle and says that it cantains the Luttrell Psalter. But the Psalter left it in 1929 and is now in the British Museum, and the castle has Unfortunately been burnt down.