25 APRIL 1931, Page 26

During the past month the books most in demand at

the Times Book Club have been :-

Nox-FICTION.-Green Hell, by Julian Duguid • First Athenian Memories, by Compton Mackenzie ; My First Fifty Years, by Paul Poiret ; The Life and Letters of the Hon. Evan Charteris, by Sir Edmund Gosse, C.B. ; Women and Children Last, by Beverley Nichols ; The Allied Secret Service in Greece, by Sir Basil Thomson ; Nicholas II., the Last of the Tsars, by Princess Catherine Radziwill ; Alarms and Excursions in Arabia, by Bertram Thomas.

Ficnow.-Father, by the author of Elizabeth and her German Garden ; Juan in America, by Eric Linldater ; Men Dislike Women, by Michael Arlen ; Winter Comedy, by Sylvia Thompson.; Big Money, by P. G. Wodehouse ; Mystery in the Channel, by Freeman Wills Croft ; Stanton, by Desmond Coke ' - The Limestone Tree, by. Joseph Hergesheimer ; Ships in the Bay, by D. K. /3roster.