25 APRIL 1931, Page 3

The Foundling Site Before April 30th generous donors must come

forward and help to save the Foundling Site for the children. How great a boon to them it is, is shown by the fact that attendance during the eight days on which the Easter Holiday Play Centre was open averaged 2,670 a day. About 12,600 girls and infants alone visited the centre during this short time. Whatever happens, it is impos- sible to conceive that the site will be allowed to be sold for ordinary development. The great generosity of Lord Rothermere and of the Trustees must not go unrewarded. We should like to see the people of London come forward themselves to save this playground for their own and their neighbours' children, but if in these hard times so much spontaneous giving is impossible, then surely London collectively, through the municipalities, should supplement the gifts of individual Londoners and others. * *