31 MAY 1930, Page 17


It is just possible that a part of these estates may be bought as a memorial to Walter Scott and thereafter, if it may be,

serve as a National Park. The neighbourhood of Glas- gow is better provided with golf-courses than any other quarter of the world's surface : you may find townships surrounded with an almost continuous sequence of courses, some of them municipal. But more genuine recreational areas are needed in the neighbourhood, if it may be, of the crowded centres of population. This need is admirably emphasized in the small pamphlet just issued by the Council for the Preservation of Rural England. Dr. Vaughan Cornish, Professor Abercrombie and Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell have condensed the whole philosophy of the subject into a few pages. They lay down the measure of 120 miles as the maximum distance of any great recreational park from the big towns that it is desired to benefit ; and point out in their single reference to Scotland that the proposed inland park in the Lake District would be within that distance from Glasgow.