31 MAY 1930, Page 17

The C.P.R.E. pamphlet is compacted of suggestive ideas, the issue

of hard thinking and long study ; and as such is inde- pendent of locality. It should be in the hands, and heads, of all municipal authorities. But I cannot forbear em- phasizing one purely local suggestion. East Anglia is ill provided compared with any other area, though among its Broads Lord Desborough controls what is probably the best bird sanctuary in the world. It is over 2,000 acres in extent,

and is intensively prepared for the encouragement of nesting species. Mr. Abercrombie suggests that the deficiency, of

areas for recreation might be made good by creating a National, Park out of depressed agricultural land, as the New Forest was originally created. He perhaps takes for granted a rather dubious point in history ; but however true or false his analogy, I hope further notice will be taken of his excellent and ingenious proposal for " co-operation with the Forestry Commission at Thetford." That area, now being afforested at great speed and with much skill, might very well provide a forest for recreation without in any way diminishing the

economic value of the timber. He might have quoted parallels, from Germany, where forestry and recreation are both well understood.

* * * *