31 MAY 1930, Page 2

Meanwhile the two principal bodies which preach revolution, the "

Red Shirts " and the Youth League," continue to be active. According to the special corres- pondent of the Times the " Red Shirts" really call themselves the "Servants of God," and they take an oath on the Koran to follow the teaching of Islam, to live pure lives, to obey all orders from their leaders, and if " persecuted " to refrain from violence. They seem to be religious reformers, not unlike the original Babis in Persia, or the Wahabis in Arabia, or those fanatical Moslem Puritans the Senussi on the western borders of Egypt. Unfortunately, the rigidity of their principles by no means excludes murder. The motto of the " Youth League " is " Peasants and workers of the world, unite." The language is inspired from Moscow rather than from Peshawar, or even from Mr. Gandhi's seminary.

* *