31 MAY 1930, Page 2

The Civil War in China The . news from the seat

of war in China is hopelessly contradictory. The Nanking Government has officially reported victories over the Northern troops on May 20th and 21st. It claims to have penetrated the Northern position, to have captured Lanfeng, and to have taken twenty thousand prisoners. The Shanghai correspondent of the Times remarks, however, that only the Northern auxiliaries are mentioned as having been in action and that it is incredible that the two great Generals of the Kuominchun, Feng and Yen, should have accepted such a serious reverse without themselves trying to save the situation. This comment prepared us for a later message from the same correspondent giving the Northern version of events. According to this, Yen's forces have driven the Nanking troops twenty miles east of Lanfeng and are still in pursuit. The one certain thing seems to be that the price of silver has reached a lower level than ever before and that Nanking is contem- plating the creation of monopolies for tobacco, wine and matches.