31 MAY 1930, Page 3

Empire Day Empire Day has firmly established itself. There was

never more spontaneous enthusiasm than last Saturday, and this was to be valued the more because there was never a time—to judge from the many addresses and messages—when the meaning of the Empire was seen in better proportion. It is most satisfactory that Empire Day should have seemed to be finally freed from all self:. consciousness or artificiality-when a Labour Government was in power. It puzzled us for many years that Labour was so slow to , take the Empire, so to speak, for. its province. what would. have thought that Labour would w have seen hat a glorious chance it had to claim a large share of the credit for the most marvellous _political edifice in the world created by " working men" who had the instincts of freedom. The appropriation of most of the glory by the louder members of another Party made the lapse of the Labour Party, only, the less intelli- gible. All that, however, is now changed. The Prime Minister's broadcast address made it Plain that " Imperialism " may be used in a new sense, to which no one who is careful about trusteeship and responsibility _could possibly object. * * * *