31 MAY 1930, Page 3

Miss Amy Johnson Miss Amy. Johnson last Saturday successfully completed

her flight from England to Australia in twenty days. We join heartily in the congratulations which have been showered upon her.. There is good reason for the suggestion that some official recognition should be given to her for her feat of courage and endurance. It is worth noting that it was preceded by an unusually thorough period of preparation. Great achievements hardly ever come by the mere light of nature, though many myths have grown up on the romantic but radically false assump- tion to the contrary. It required many years, for example, to show upon what a solid foundation of study Florence Nightingale reared her organization of medical mercy. The fact that Miss Johnson's flight was " all British " is a double reason for satisfaction. We cannot agree with those who hold that such an isolated feat has no public signifi- cance. Every flight of such merit directs aSpiratiOns towards the day when air-travel will be as much a commonplace as sea-travel to-day.

* * * *