31 MAY 1930, Page 3

The purpose of the Act was undoubtedly to deal with

naval and military secrets. Yet a few exceptionally zealous champions of freedom suggested that the wording should, be changed in order to prevent all possibility of an improper use. Among those champions was Mr. Clynes, whO described the Act as " a reversal of British law, not to say of common justice." Little can he have thought that Mr. Ramsay MacDonald would find kir the Act the very application which was pooh-poohed at that 'time. " The legislation," says the ASsociation, " is incom- patible with British traditions and should be amended without delay." It might have' been added that the proper, course—which never failed in the War—is for the Government to inform newspapers whenever it is desirable in the national interest that certain information should be withheld.