31 MAY 1930, Page 32

Human Nature, by Dan Griffiths, with a foreword by the

Right Hon. Wedgwood_ Berin (the. C. W. Daniel Company, 2s. Ad.) is a rather crude attempt to supply a philosophy for the policy 'of social reform. It is neither more nor less than deterinimsm of a crude and inconsistent sort, the argument being that if yoirwant to change a man's behaViour you must alter his circumstances instead of trying to influence his Mind: It is, on the whole, rather an unnecessaryhook. We can 'agree that " the good life must be lived in a good -society.". without being obliged to surrender all claims to human free will. The philoSophical :arguments usedtO establish • the hypothesis of determinism are neither new nor complete, but the applidation of them is interesting.. If this- book attains any popularity it is -likely to have influence on the process of ,- social reform,' and this influence will --probably. be in the . right

directiom • - - - .