31 MAY 1930, Page 40

Financial Notes

QUIET MARKETS. ALTHOUGH high-class investment stocks'_ remain for the most part quite steady, it is very noticeable that, in spite of the continued cheapness of money and losi Bank Rates, there is' no great movement intgilt-edged securities such as is customary: when a long spell of really clieap, money' is expected. For this a number of reasons are responsible, among -which must be included the jar given by Mr. Snowden's Budget, the- anxiety with regard' to affairs in India, and 'the Uncertainty: with regard to the extent of new capital flotations, including the impending German Reparations %Loan. • In some of the' Transatlantic industrial shares 'a rather steadier tone; however; has been apparent owing to . some improvenient in Wall' Street, where the market seems to have settled • down into

somewhat steadier conditions.. - , •

• * * * * _ _