4 JULY 1931, Page 36

20,000 miles, £667. PI 8.0d.

It is interesting to note that the total first cost and the charge per mile over 10,000 miles is exactly similar to that for a sporting car. If, on the other hand, running costs are calculated on a basis of 30,000 miles per year, the cost of air travel is reduced to 6.1d. per mile, or considerably less than half the cost per mile by car.

In order to state the case from the point of view of the motorist who decides to take up flying, let us consider the position of the man who sells his high-powered car and buys instead a good second-hand 2-seater light aeroplane and a car in the 7 h.p. class. To start with, he economizes in first cost. We will assume that he only does 5,000 miles on his car, since most of his long journeys will be taken by air. For purposes of comparison, we will keep the basis of 10,000 air miles per year. His costs work out as follows : STANDING CHARGES.



Depreciation at 20% .. £235 Petrol and oil .. £37i £75 Interest on capital at 5% 59 Maintenance .. 100 120 Insurance .. 100 Sundry expenses 20 30 Garage .. 48


£1571 £225 Total cost : 10,000 miles, £599 10s.

Cost per mile : Is. 2.4d.