4 JULY 1931, Page 6

Montreuil The sun shone last Sunday on a gracious ceremony

in the Grande Place of Montreuil. • For three years Lord Haig had his headquarters there, and was the respected neighbour of the good folk who, with support from other Frenchmen, determined to raise an equestrian statue to him. M. Maginot, Minister for War, spoke for France in a eulogy of Lord Haig and of his happy relations with Marshal Foch. Other French Generals and Ministers were there, for it is not only Montreuil that desired to honour the British leader. From this country went Lord Jellieoe, representing the Prince of Wales ; Lord Allenby, who eXpressed our gratitude to France as well as his countrymen's admiration of Lord Haig ; Lady Haig was there and His Majesty's Ambassador from Paris. Two more British Field Marshals, another Admiral of the Fleet and a Marshal of the Air Force represented His Majesty's Forces in honouring their comrade. The French know how to do these things very happily, and such reminders of the Alliance should strengthen our present friendship. Earlier the British attended a service at our cemetery at Etaples.