10 FEBRUARY 1849

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The citizens of the American Republic are seriously setting themselves

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to the great task which can only be postponed to their own detriment, that of considering how to relieve themselves from the opprobions institution which they inherit from the...

Lord Gough, that intrepid veteran, who can fight but not

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com- mand, is not to be superseded : Whig generosity—or weakness—. evades the harsh and disagreeable duty by favour of a form ; "the ordinary period of service," quoth the...

The history of the Ministerial crisis in France attests an

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in- creasing disposition to consolidate order, and the universal want of a guiding principle. The Assembly had under its considera- tion the affair of the 29th of January; the...


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GOOD sense for once reigned over the opening session, and the Commons began their work by considering the resolutions of their ex-officio leader for the improved conduct of...

Leominster has returned for its representative in lieu of Mr.

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Barkly, Mr. Frederick Peel, a son of Sir Robert. The new Member is the third of his generation in Parliament, and his election-speech promises well. If not ostentatious of...

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Debates anb Vroceebings in parliament.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. ROUSE OF LORDS. Monday, Feb. 5. The Queen's Answer to the Address commani- cated—Law Amendment Bills introduced by Lord Brougham. Tuesday, Feb....

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Zbe Qtourt.

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THE Queen gave an audience, on Wednesday, to the Honourable William Sebright Lascelles Comptroller of her Majesty's Household, and received from him the Add;ess from the House...

gte ifilleftOPOUS.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday. Mr. Robert Walter Car- den was returned by the Attorney of the Mayor's Court as duly elected Alderman for the Ward of Dowgate, successor...

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Cbt Vrobfricts.

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Sir Francis Baring was reelected for Portsmouth on Monday, without Opposition. Mr. Matthew Talbot Baines, President of the Poor-law Commission, was on Wednesday reelected for...


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The Lords of the Treasury have replied to a memorial forwarded by Lord Stuart de Decies from the landed proprietors of Waterford county, who took drainage presentments under Mr....

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jfortign anti Colonial.

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Festrice.—The agitation in Paris came to a head in a Ministerial crisis, which seems for the time to have passed off. On Saturday last, M. Woir- hay presented the report of the...

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Ifni s Ertl-an-I fru% .

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Cabinet Councils were held at the Foreign Office on Saturday, Monday, and Thursday. A deputation of thirty gentlemen, including some Members of Parlia- ment, who are interested...

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SATURDAY. In the House of Commons, last night, the order of the day having been read for the second reading of the Habeas Corpus Suspension (Ireland) Bill, a host of Irish...


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On the 1st February, at Chester, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Lloyd, C.B., of the Bombay Artillery, of a daughter. On the 3d, at Bolton Hall, Yorkshire, the Lady of H. A....

The Index of the Spectator volume for 1848 is not

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forgotten : il will mos be ready for delivery.

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The counsel of Mr. Garen Duffy, on Thursday, entered a

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plea of abatement to the last indictment preferred against him, on the ground that a grand joryman was disqualified. The Attorney-General asked and obtained time to join issue—...

After the decisions in the French Assembly on Thursday, affirming

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the general principle of the proposition for dissolving the Assembly, (favour- able to the Ministry,) the articles of M. Lanjuinais's motion, which limited the number of organic...

Last night's Gazette announces that the Queen will hold levees,

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at St James's Palace, at two o'clock on Thursday the 22d and Wednesday the 28th February, and Wednesday the 21st March; and a drawingroom on Thursday the 29th March. The...


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STOOK EXCRANGI, FRIDAY ArrIZNOON; The tendency of the English Funds during the week has been steadily upwards A regular and almost daily improvement has taken place, until, in...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sut—Mr. Rigby Wason's plan for the payment of the National Debt, though not exactly new, will at the present moment excite some attention, both...

An official announcement has appeared that the Royal Italian One=

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at Covent Garden will open on the 10th of March; and a programme of the arrangements for the season is promised in a few days. At Her Majesty's Theatre, not a mouse stirring!...


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This week, the only site of non-musical dramatic novelty has been the Olympic Theatre. ta Cigue, one of those French pictures of Greek life common in Paris, which was acted at...

The Sacred Harmonic Society had a performance at Exeter Hall

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last even- ing; consisting of Mendelssohn's Lobgesang or Hymn of Praise, Beethoven's Mass (or " service" as it is called) in C, and a selection of sacred pieces by Marcell°...

An addition has been made to the vocal company of

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the Princess's Theatre, in the person of Herr Mengis, a performer of some ability, who appeared on Wednesday in the character of Franz in Flotow's opera of Leoline. He is a...

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A NEW LEAF TURNED OVER. Decinenfar the House of Commons has commenced a reform, in a spirit which incites hope and hearty approval rather than the wish to detect shortcomings....


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A PARLIAMENTARY paper just issued reads like the statistics of the Elysian fields, to which heroes of good connexion were trans- lated for their repose and beatification : the...

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THE distribution of food to the children attending the schools, as one of the modes adopted for dispensing the relief sent to Ireland by the British Association in the early...


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it PAINFUL" as the "scene" in the Court of Exchequer on Fri- day was, the public feels both its curiosity and its sense of justice baulked by the lame and impotent conclusion....

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ONE notice delivered by Mr. Urquhart must have fallen like balm upon the scarified mind of Lord Palmerston. We do not mean the notice of a demand for correspondence respecting "...


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" Going into the pantry, he found the bread was not weighed out, as Is always done in union-houses. He saw no supply of salt in the dinner-room; but saw boys with sea in bags,...


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IN the fourth Official Circular issued by the Board of Health,' appear two documents of peculiar interest,—a report on the progress of cholera in Hamburg, by Mr, R. D. Grainger,...

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wAHEFIELD ' S VIEW OF THE ART OF COLONIZATION, WITH REFERENCE TO THE BRITISH EMPIRE. * Tan scope of this work is more extensive than might be supposed from its title, unless a...

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ALTA CALIFORNIA. * Du. BROOKS appears to be an Englishman seeking fortune in America. His narrative gives a glimpse of himself as one of a party in a scheme of Oregon...

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HUNDERTPPUND'S ART OF PAINTING. * Muca discussion has arisen in the

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modern world of art about the me- thod of painting adopted by the old masters. Even so early as the days of Reynolds, painters and amateurs began to speculate on the "Venetian...

LUCILLE BELMONT. * Jr is not easy to say whether this

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novel is the work of a person of natu- ral talent, deficient in literary study, or a practised litterateur, who has not sufficient genius to rise to art as a novelist, though...

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Boons. The Western World; or Travels in the United States in 1846-17: ex hibiting them in their latest development, Social, Political, and Industrial ; including a Chapter on...

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The Last Meeting; a Ballad. Composed by Ricardo Linter. The

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Bridal Blessing; a Ballad. Composed by Stephen Glover. The first of these ballads, notwithstanding the unfavourable preposses- sion we always receive from an " embellished"...

Judas Maccabeus, an Oratorio, by Handel. Edited by W. Foster.

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Acts and Galatea, a Serenata, by Handel. Edited by William Henry Monk. We notice these publications, not for the superfluous purpose of making critical remarks on two...

Ifikunt in Pomo; a Complete Instructor for the Pianoforte. A

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new edition, revised, by T. A. Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton is the author of a great number of useful instruction- books in almost every branch of music. This little publication is...

" Ope, folded rose";. a Song. The Poeby by W.

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C. Bennett, Esq. Set to Music by Mary Cowden Clarke. We-have not before met with Mrs. Cowden Clarke in the character of a composer. But she is a Novello, and this song shows her...

• Deux Etudes pour le Pianoforte. Composees par Marie Moody.

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The author of these studies is, we suppose, an Englishwoman, notwith- standing her French titlepage,-adopted, doubtless, with a view to a foreign is well as domestic sale. If...


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Was-orrice, Feb. 9-34 Light Drags.-Cornet .T. Macqueen to be Lieut, without pur- chase, vice Bothwell, deceased ; Ensign A. B. White, from the 19th Foot. to be Cornet, vice...


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Tuesday, February 6. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Hovey and Co. Nottingham, lace-manuracturers-T. and J. U. Tharp, Broad Oak. Kent, blacksmiths-R. and J. Dennis, Storvah, Cornwall,...

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B R I T I 8 /3 FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. --- Monday. 911 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 911 91 911 3 per Cents Reduced 91 911 31 per Cents 92} 921 Long...