10 NOVEMBER 1849

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The inferior and more characteristic sections of the Orange party

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have been making demonstrations, in divers parts of Protes- tant Ireland, after a fashion calculated to do real public good. The finest and most full-blown sample was a meeting...

About the country, politics have given place to peaceful dis-

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cussion on practical aesthetics. At Manchester, John Bright and Henry Cole have been amicably discussing the arrangements for the exposition of industry in 1851; at Leeds and...

Paris is held in suspense by what is supposed to

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be a Govern- ment crisis. Supposed, we say, because the nature of the affair is not positively known ; something sinister is only conjectured from the peculiar combination of...


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THANKSGIVING for the departure of the cholera is not open to the objections urged against prayers to deprecate it. The quar- terly report just issued by the Registrar-General...

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Tat Attropolio.

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At a Court of Common Council, on Wednesday, Mr. Richard Taylor withdrew a notice which be had given, of presenting a petition by Lord Dudley Stuart and others, for the use of...

aft ourt.

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THE Queen held a Privy Council at Windsor Castle on Tuesday afternoon; at which the further prorogation of Parliament was ordered, and the Thanksgiving-day was fixed. Her...

Later advices from Canada confirm our anticipatory qualifica- tion of

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those received last week : the Annexation movement had provoked a marked reaction. Members of the Ministerial party had put forth a protest; Mr. Baldwin had made a strong and...

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'rbe firobinces.

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A deputation from the Society of Arts, to expound the plan for a cosmo- politan exhibition of industry in 1851, was received in the Manchester Town-hall on Tuesday, by the Mayor...

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jortign anb eolonial.

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Fnewcz.—The President of the Republic made his first appearance in public since the change of Ministers on Saturday; and his reception was deemed of some political significance....


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The journals publish a letter from Lord Londonderry, declining to give his signature to an address and resolutions of a meeting at Dundrum, which condemned the dismissal of Lord...

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The following proclamation for a general thanksgiving appeared in the Gazette of Tuesday. "By the Queen.—Victoria, R. " We, taking into our most serious consideration the...

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The morning papers publish more gaol gossip about the Mannings,

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with a couple of letters, both of which have a considerable air of being inspired by clerical influence. Manning addresses his fellow prisoner, for the last time, " not," he...

The death of Lord Alvanley, after a very short illness ,

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creates a blank in a wide circle that had long been animated by his lifesome qual i ties. Even the pub- lic has had some acquaintance with Lord Alvanley's amusing conversation,...


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SATURDAY. Yesterday was "Lord Mayor's Day." The Civic party paraded with wonted pomp, and went by water to Westminster; where the Recorder introduced the new Lord Mayor to the...

A bottle has been sent to us of " Collins's

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Disinfecting Powder, for the prevention of cholera, typhus, and other fevers, by discharging malaria and offensive smells." We have had opportunities of causing it to be tried...

The Paris papers, down to yesterday, continue to busy themselves

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with a defeat of the ascendant party in the Assembly on Wednesday; when a majority of 307 to 309 resolved that the bill on Public Instruction, brought in by the late Minister of...

It is asserted that the Solicitor-General of Ireland, Mr. Hatchell,

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will offer himself as the Government candidate for the'borough of Windsor, in the event of Lord John Hay, C.B., resigning his seat on Admiralty ap- pointment.—Morning Herald....

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Many of our readers may recollect that the old Scotch

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ballad "John Grumli3 " was sung by poor Wilson, when he took his farewell at Exeter Hall prior to his departure for America. This humorous old song, which eloquently sets forth...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sot—It is impossible that the late unparalleled proceedings of Mr. Rajah Brooke can have escaped your notice; and from the character hitherto,...

Monsieur Jullien has resumed his concerts at Drury Lane Theatre;

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where the " gran maestro " may be nightly seen, in all his superb expanse of waistcoat and cravat, wielding his baton of command with his usual grace and majesty. He has made...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR., 1.4uiDariiig many: years' ,peresal of :your' inetntctin - audiefluential journal, I haVeiebeetivd, with the natural *tide of eviniteof...


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For the last two or three weeks the managers of the different theatres seem to have been actuated by the common desire of proving that the period preceding Christmas is not...

The third of the present series of the " London

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Wednesday Concerts," which took place on Wednesday, though not presenting any remarkable novelty, was worthy of notice on account of the judicious choice of the music with...


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competent talent to devote his whole time to the duties of the office; let him re- port to the shareholders, and be independent of the Directors; in case of any misconduct,...

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" LE PARTI DE FRANCE it SAUVER." HIIMILIATING to France is the paltry enigma on which her fate now seems to hang—the intent of Louis Napoleon and his new Ministers. It is the...

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UNDER this head the numerous class of private or subscription libraries is not included, but libraries to which the public, or a portion of the public if the library has been...


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A DEAD lock seems to be the term for the actual condition of agricultural affairs ; for even the view of the most energetic and encouraging virtually admits as much. It is not...

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There is one department of the business of the House of Commons which, viewed cumulatively, presents an imposing enough appearance—the de- partment of Printed Papers. The growth...


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BANKRUPTS are compelled to parade their follies in open court, and journalists duly improve the occasion to moralize the tale: Mr. Delafield goes into the Gazette, and the...


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CROSS-READINGS are often very ludicrous ; but not so much so as that sort of moral cross-reading which mixes up persons and things. This is sometimes done of malice prepense ;...

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SOUTHEY'S LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE.* THE life of Southey was uneventful; its very occurrences derive their colour from his opinions rather than from the nature of the acts,...

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FRIEND. * IT i5 possible that a book like this might have been written in England, but unlikely that it should have been publislmd. There are, no doubt, English men and women...

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entered the service of the Hudson's Bay Company in 1820-'21, when it had just been strengthened by a coalition with its rival the North-western Company. With the exception of a...

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BOOKS. The Cities and !Rids of Andalucia. By the Honourable R. Dundee Mur- ray. In two volumes. Hands not Hearts. ' a Novel. By Janet W. Wilkinson. In three volumes. Panama,...

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PARTNERaulea DissoLVED. Reid and denner, Red Lion Square, surveyors—Rylands and Greening, Manchester, wireworkers—Wells and Co. Hull, coal-merchants—Pyatt and Slater, Stone,...


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On the 28th October, at Pau, the Wife of J. E. Bradshaw, Esq., of Fair Oak Park, Hants, of a son. On the 30th, at North Brixton, the Wife of the Rev. J. Baldwin Brown, A.B., of...


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WAR - OFFICE, Nov. 6.—Brevet—Capt. R. Johns, of the Royal Marines, to be Major in the Army. OFFICE or ORDFAlicE, Nov. 1.—Royal Regt. of Artillery—Major-Gen. J. Armstrong to be...

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FOREIG N FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Austrian 5p. Ct. Massachusetts (Ste rling).. • 5 p.Ot . Belgian 49 — Ditto 9 Mexican...