11 DECEMBER 1897

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P RESIDENT McKINLEY sent his annual Message to Congress on the 6th inst.,—an exceedingly wordy docu- ment filling more than ten columns of type, and conclusive only on one...

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TRADE-UNIONISM IN DANGER. T RADE-UNIONISM is in danger, but not from the attacks of the employers. Rather it is in danger from the inability of the members, or perhaps we ought...

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I T is possible, just possible, though excessively, indeed almost wildly, improbable, that the American President has been quietly and courteously warned by the Continental...

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UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE. T HE National Liberal Federation at its meeting at

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Derby adopted the policy of universal adult suffrage, and of universal adult suffrage for women as well as men. That is a great and striking event, and if it is endorsed and...

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THE " YELLOW PERIL" alter all the conditions of life.

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And it is equally hard to believe that, if they do feel as all other human beings would feel, they are absolutely powerless to protest against or to avenge such treatment. Can a...

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I TALIAN affairs have for the most part little attraction for Englishmen. They want the two things which ordinarily make foreign politics interesting,—principles and men. We...

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is apt to be a sensa- tional product, and this year's issue is no exception to the rule ; but while the details are presented to the reader by Mr. Stead in his characteristic...

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tat NEW HEP ! HEP ! T HE novel desire to

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persecute the Jews which is spreading so fast through Europe, and which will produce grave political consequences, is marked by some new and some unexpected features. In the...

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T HE doctors have been discussing once again the eternal question of sleep, and on Monday the St. James's Gazette gave some remarkable facts as to the ability possessed by cer-...

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P A.INF1IL experience continued for many years has com- pelled the British public to doubt whether anything will over again raise the price of silver. That is the only way in...

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M R. ALGERNON BOURKE, in a letter to the Times of Monday, suggests that an experiment should be made to discover whether the Thames is yet fit for salmon to live in. He would...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR. " ] Sin,—If any intending traveller to the Riviera wants an entirely new and entirely pleasurable sensation let him try the route from Paris...


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[To THE EDITOR or TEE "SPECTATOR. "] SIR, — Wonla you allow me a few lines to correct a, wholly unintentional misrepresentation in your kind and interesting notice in the...


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THE INDIAN FRONTIER WAR. [To vim EDITOR OF TEN "SPECTATOR:] SIR,--In your issue of the Spectator of December 4th, in a paragraph relating to the campaign in the North of ladle,...

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OXFORD. UPoN a hill I stood, and far below Lay the lov'd city in a silver haze : Mine eyes were quick with tears : she lay so fair, So passionless, so sad. 'Twas here our...


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[To THE EDITOR Or THE "SPECTATOR. "] SIR,—You ask a question in your footnote in the Spectator of December 4th, and I am simple enough to suppose that you desire an answer. I...


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DEEDS THAT WON THE EMPIRE.* OUR readers may remember that about a year ago we drew attention to Mr. Fitchett's stirring book, Deeds that Won the Empire, a copy of which had been...

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THIS first instalment of Mr. Crozier's work on intellectual development, which may be regarded as a sequel to his Civilisation and Progress, is one of the most important and •...

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THE object of this fascinating little book is to bring vividly before the mind's eye of the reader the actual surroundings amid which the plays of Shakespeare were conceived,...

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A NEW book on Spanish history by Major Hume is as welcome to the English as one by M. Morel-Fatio is to the French student of Spain. We can hardly give higher praise than this....

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THERE are only three countries where secret societies possess any real strength—China, Italy, and Russia—and for this very reason, that they are still vigorous, our know- ledge...

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RECENT SHORT STORIES.* THERE is probably no department of literature

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in which women compete more formidably with men than that of the • (1.) In the Permanent Way, and other Stories. By Flora Annie Steel. Lon- don : W. Heinemann.—(2.) Human Odds...

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Ecclesiae Londino - Bataute Archivwm. Edidit Joannes Henri- etta Hessels. (Cambridge University

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Press.) — Under this title are published four volumes, or to speak more accurately, three volumes, of which one is in two parts, human nature, or possibly the binders, refusing...


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Mr. Percy Fitzgerald edits Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson and A Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides (Bliss, Sands, and Co.) — " Boswelrs Life of Johnson,"' so runs the editor's...

The Angler's Diary, by J. E. B. C. (Horace Cox),

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is a volume of two hundred odd pages, full of the most particular information as to the fishing to be got in various parts of the world. Great Britain and Ireland naturally...

The Poets and Poetry of the Century : Sacred, Moral,

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and Religious Verse. Edited by Alfred H. Miles. (Hutchinson and Co.)—This is the tenth and last volume of a valuable and interesting series. It begins with James Montgomery,...

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A Legend of Camelot : Pictures and Poems. By George

The Spectator

du Maurier. (Bradbury, Agnew, and Co.)—These pictures and poems, with one exception, appeared in Punch. Among them is the tale of the rise and fall of the Jack Sprats, that...

English Minstrelsie. Collated and edited by S. Baring-Gould, M.A. The

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Airs arranged by M. Fleetwood Sheppard, M.A. ; F. W. Bussell, Mus.B.; and W. H. Hopkinson. (Jack, Edinburgh.)— We have the seventh volume now before us, with an introductory...

The Shepheard's Calender. (Harper and Brothers.)—Mr. Walter• Crane has adorned

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this new edition of Spenser's poem with twelve drawings illustrative of the months, as well as with decorative borders. True to his theory of book illustration,. Mr. Crane...

The Fairies' Favourite. By T. Mullett Ellis. (Ash Partners.)— Here

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we have the story of the Queen turned into a fairy-tale. We do not profess to know how a child would regard the fancy. It is quite possible that he would resent it as an affront...

Windows : a Book about Stained and Painted Glass. By

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Lewis F. Day. (B. T. Batsford.)—This is an exhaustive book, dealing both with the technical details as well as the art of designing. The author makes some interesting remarks on...

Photo grams of '97. (Dawbarn and Ward.)—This collection enforces the

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conclusion long since come to, that when the photo- grapher poses models and makes a so-called picture the results are invariably terrible, though simple portraits are often...

Church Reform in Spain and Portugal. By H. E. Noyes,

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D.D. (Cassell and Co.)—This volume, to which the late Primate of Ireland supplied a preface, gives " A Short History of the Re- formed Episcopal Churches of Spain and Portugal,...

The Portfolio : the Earlier Work of Titian. By Claude

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Phillips. (Seeley and Co.)—This is a moat excellent piece of work. Mr. Phillips has avoided the fault of so many recent biographers of the great Italian painters,—the fault of...

The Art of Painting in the Queen's Reign. By A.

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G. Temple. (Chapman and Hall.)—The aim of the author has been to give not only a general view, but a particular account, of the prominent painters and schools of painting in...

The Ceramics of Swansea and Nantgarw. By W. Turner. (Bemrose

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and Sons.)—The coloured illustrations which abound in this volume certainly prove how low the art of design can sink, in spite of infinite and misapplied labour. To scatter a...

MAGAZINES AND SERIAL PUBLICATIONS.—We have received the following for December

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:—The Century, Scribner's Magazine,. St. Nicholas, the New Review, Macmillan's Magazine, the Review of Reviews, Blackwood's Magazine, the Cornhill Magazine, the Expository...

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Messrs. De La Rue send us their usual issue of

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Pocket-books and Diaries. They are always most excellent, not only in appearance, but judged from the standpoint of utility. Even the smaller Diaries and Almanacks are miniature...

CHRISTMAS NIIMBERS. — ArChifecttirdi Review Art Annual, Girls' Own Paper, Boys' Own

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Paper, Quiver Annual, Good Words, Sunday Magazine, Phil May's Annual, Pearson's Magazine, Lady's Realm, Woman, Queen Almanack, the Photogram, Black and White, Chatterbox,...


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Aokworth Gm. Beokside Lights, or Svo (0. H. Kelly) 3/6 Adye (J.). Indian Frontier Policy, Svo (Smith & Elder) 316 Allay (J. B.), The Trial of Lord Cochrane, Svo (Smith & Elder)...

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The SPECTATOR is on Sale regularly at MESSRS. DAMRELL AND

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UPHAM'S, 283 Washington Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.; THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS COMPANY, 83 and 85 Duane Street, New York, U.S.A.; MESSRS. BRENTANO'S, Union Square, New York,...