12 JANUARY 1985

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Portrait of the week

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M rs Kim Cotton gave birth to a daugh- ter, conceived by artificial insemina- tion, which she planned to hand over to the American father. He had paid an agency £15,000 for...

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Winning back the Tories S ome Tory backbenchers had started to L./ grumble again even before the new term began on Wednesday, this time about the brevity of their Christmas...

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Outside our parish

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T he contention that Britain is now in- tensely parochial in its attitude to events abroad has been illustrated by Unita's capture of three more Britons in Angola. It has taken...

Not safe

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L ast week Nicholas Coleridge com- plained in his Diary about the new safety locks on London taxis, fitted after a campaign by Esther Rantzen to stop chil- dren and the disabled...


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P rhe case of 'Baby Cotton' has aroused much public indignation, and much Public confusion about the causes of that indignation. The baby was born as a result of artificial...

Israel in Africa

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T he Spectator, which has so often and so eloquently called for the destruction of closely-knit mining communities, and the dispersal of their inhabitants, can hardly object to...


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Eire Surface mail Air mail 6 months: £17.25 f17.25 £20.50 £26.50 One year: f34.50 £34.50 E41.00 £53.00 For special offer turn to p.27 Name Address US Subscriptions: $58.00...

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Another voice

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Let Curzons holde Auberon Waugh T he year 1985 marks an anniversary which may not be judged important in all our lives, so idle have the times become, but which surely reveals...

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N ew Year was marred for me by the news that Cirio tomato juice is no longer to be sold in cans. Anyone who is as addicted to Bloody Marys as I am knows that Cirio is far and...

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Getting Gromyko wrong

The Spectator

Timothy Garton Ash A fter extensive researches by the Spec- tator Infight team we can reveal that Andrei Gromyko, the supposedly hardline Soviet foreign minister, is a leading...

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The rocket's red glare

The Spectator

Andrew Brown Gotheburg M ost of Lapland looks as if the Third World War has already been fought there; and at this time of year conditions approximate to those predicted for...

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'Aren't you scared?'

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Christopher Hitchens New York T he speaker was a young man who had followed me into the lobby. I had watched incuriously as he came through the door; it was late at night and I...

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In Kinnock's flightpath

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Richard West Miami-Managua-Miami T o fly from England to Nicaragua, with an overnight stop in Miami, all you need is a valid United States visa and this, I discovered on New...

One hundred years ago

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Lord Wolseley has decided to make an immediate rush on Metemneh, close to Shendy, where the Mahdi . has stationed a force variously estimated at from 5,000 to 3,000 men....

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Do not go gentle

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Gavin Stamp O ne of many depressing events in 1984 was the 'retirement of Sir John Sum- merson from Sir John Soane's Museum. His reason, which is understandable but still...

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Black, not ethnic

The Spectator

Malcolm Massiah T am going to be frank and earnest, not .1.`Frank and Ernest' as in pseudonyms or noms de plume, but frank and earnest with a small '1' and a small 'e', to be...

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The press

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Jupiter celebrates Paul Johnson rr here is a feeling in some quarters, as Geoffrey Dawson might have put it, that too much fuss has been made of the Times bicentenary; Sir...

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City and Suburban

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Bogey for pensions There was a heady moment when the 1 newly-installed Conservative Chancel- lor was tempted to take away the tax relief on mort g a g es. No, not today's...

Chappell's coup

The Spectator

N ow the CBP of Great Geor g e Street must choose their strate g y for pen- sions. Attrition, or coup de main? They s have a radical Chancellor, who found plenty of excitement...

The jungle is neutral

The Spectator

T he case for fi scal neutrality — that is, treatin g all forms of savin g on e q ual terms — ar g ues itself. It ar g ued persuasive- ly to Lord (Harold) Wilson's en q uiry...

A policy for theft

The Spectator

A t this critical sta g e of the ar g ument, I offer the Chancellor a text from his successor as a city editor — Patrick Hut- ber: 'If a sin g le word had to be found to sum up...

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Sir: Your article (Politics, 5 January) has interesting overtones of another Walden. Thoreau was an unenthusiastic taxpayer, and was honest enough to ask the state for nothing...

Orvvell's sense

The Spectator

Sir: John Casey ('Orwell's silliness', 5 January) duly reminds any uncritical admirers of Orwell that he could some- times get matters out of perspective. So evidently can Mr...

Dead clichés?

The Spectator

Sir: Ronald Butt's article 'The Politics of fashion' (15 December) raises more ques- tions than it answers. He is right, of course, in what appears to be his main, rather...

Dr Johnson

The Spectator

Sir: Being neither an historian nor a psychologist I feel I am not qualified to disagree with D. Watkins (Letters, 5 Janu- ary) over his censure of Dr Johnson's support of...

Lost irony

The Spectator

Sir: The title assigned to my last dispatch ('Only MIC leaked', 15 December) cries out to be corrected. What offends is the word 'only'. Though factually it is quite possibly...


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Sudanese hospitality Sir: I feel that I really must reply to Nicholas Coleridge's highly distorting arti- cle (Diary, 5 January) concerning Sudanese hospitality. Like Mr...

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Generalised judgments Colin Welch T here is much about the Polish dictator Jaruzelski which, to borrow an ex- pression from a prominent charwoman, fair gives me the dry...

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Dead small beer Peter Quennell The New Oxford Book of Eighteenth Century Verse Chosen and edited by Roger Lonsdale (Oxford £15) I n histories of English verse, the great...

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The new pecking order

The Spectator

Mary Kenny Who's Who in Ireland: The Influential 1000 Compiled and edited by Maureen Cairn- (Vesey Publications, Dublin £IR 17.50, £14) A A 11 Constitutions in emergent...

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Best of Notts

The Spectator

A. L. Rowse Nottinghamshire: A Shell Guide Henry Thorold (Faber & Faber £8.50) w hat a marvellous series the Shell Guides have been, opening our eyes to all sorts of visual...

Burning issues

The Spectator

Stan Gebler Davies The Inquisition: the Hammer of Heresy Edward Burman (The Aquarian Press £9.95) I t is just as well the Church of England has not got an Inquisition...

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Liverish relish

The Spectator

Christopher Hawtree The Collected Stories Frank Tuohy (Macmillan £12.95) P ossibly I am present in this story only as a small punctuation mark in a sentence that was already...

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His own small sky

The Spectator

Peter Levi An Umbrella from Piccadilly Jaroslav Seifert (London Magazine Editions £5) O ne advantage of the Nobel Prize is that people tend to learn the name, if nothing else,...

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The exuberance of Strindberg

The Spectator

Andrew Brown August Strindberg Olaf Lagercrantz Translated by Anselm Hollo (Faber £20) T he man is a byword for moanings and gloom —'Strindberg had a little skunk/ Its coat was...

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Pride and prejudice Christopher Edwards Coriolanus (National: Olivier) T he National Theatre's programme for this production of Coriolanus makes a patronising attempt to...

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No ordinary men Peter Phillips I t is, then, 1985, and we are perforce to spend it in the company of several musical geniuses. The emphasis of those Who plan festivals and...

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Film fun Peter Ackroyd T he film opens with a peculiar aphorism from Andre Gide — 'It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not'; the remark...

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Stamping out slugs Ursula Buchan T have sometimes wondered what strong .11-inner compulsion drives gardeners to struggle outside in early winter, equipped with rakes and...

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Sign of the times Alexander Chancellor A s a nation, we are not reputed to be fond of abroad, particularly at the moment. This makes it all the more sur- prising to me that so...

Home life

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• Casualties Alice Thomas Ellis T once heard a person remark with great Ifeeling, 'I hate babies.' He didn't really hate them at all, but I knew what he meant — all the...

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Low life

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Source of wonder Jeffrey Bernard T he label on a bottle of Smirnoff vodka in front of me states that Pierre Smir- noff ceased purveying the stuff to the Czars of Russia in...


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Soame Jenyns P. J. Kavanagh • T owe an apology to readers for reverting to a topic, but it is others, not I, who will not leave it alone. For instance, only yesterday in the...

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Happy old year Raymond Keene 1 984 was remarkable for English chess. IJon Speelman set the tone for the coming twelve months by winning at Hast- ings and the rest of the year...

No. 1351: The winners

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Jaspistos reports: Competitors were asked for bromidic advice to youth in the form of a Miltonic sonnet ending in three lines supplied from Housman's 'Fragment of a Greek...


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No. 1354: Thriller filler Set by Charles Seaton: At an interesting point in a paperback thriller some spilt liquid has obliterated part of a page and it now runs: 'I turned the...

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'IA A ' 14 S 3 H _. Ft) X Y 73 U

The Spectator

JO NrI 1:114AFIE VREES AIHEO L II SL LINFII l i T VEATHER 1APINMFIA i lL 'dab ° ANIMALLnFErIllEITC V R I D I A 4 1.110 6 S; P 'Fi l E„1: . A R N E' R . CI El TILII 0 R...

Crossword 690

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Prize: £10 (or a copy of Chambers Dictionary, 1983 edition, value £11.95 — ring the words 'Chambers Dictionary' above) for the first correct solution opened on 28 January....

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A Iwo s ge r ■• kl f

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Some like it hottish I t is the Epiphany today as I am writing. I've just been to High Mass on my motor-bike in the middle of a snowstorm, very terrifying, couldn't see much...

Books Wanted

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DAVID PIRIE: 'The Vampire Cinema' and 'Conde Dracula, Historia Y Leyenda de Vlad el Empalador' by Ralph Martin. (Pref. Eng. Ed.) P. Hopkins, C. Tajo 17, 2 Heliopolis, Sevilla...