13 FEBRUARY 1875

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In the Lower House it was much the same, except

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that the mover of the Address, Mr. E. Stanhope (M.P. for Mid- Lincolnshire), a barrister, thirty-five years of age, gained a considerable oratorical success by the beauty of his...

Two elections to the French Assembly came off on Sunday.

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In one, for the Department of the Seine-et-Oise, the Republican candidate, M. Valentin, a rather pronounced Radical, was returned by 55,359 votes against 41,077 given to the...

Matters are not looking well with Alfonso XII. We make

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it a principle to believe no news from Spain not forwarded by British correspondents, but it is difficult to doubt that the Army, under General Laserna, failed in the attack on...

The debates on the Address yesterday week were of no

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importance in either House of Parliament, except in the light from which we have -elsewhere viewed them,—that is, as indicating the tone assumed - respectively by the Opposition...

There appears to be no truth in the report of

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Prince Bismarck's approaching resignation. The Chancellor is ill, and his relatives are anxious that he should retire, but he has himself given no intimation of such an...


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T HE French Assembly, after a short adjournment, reassembled on Thursday, and the day's proceedings were marked by an unexpected and most important incident. M. Batbie proposed,...

Th,e Editors cannot undertake to return Manuscript in any case.

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It appears that slaves on the Gold Coast, like slaves

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in India, prefer to be free. Consequently when told by Governor Strahan, with the consent of the native Chiefs, that they were free to go, a good many of them went. The Chiefs...

A Conference on the subject of the Disestablishment and Dis-

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endowment of the Church met at the Masonic Hall, Birmingham, on Tuesday, but nothing particular came of it, except resolutions that a much more complete disendowment than any...

The Archduke John of Austria, an artillery officer of twenty-

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two, has published a pamphlet on Artillery, said to be of much merit from a professional point of view. In this pamphlet, however, he states that Austria and Russia are becoming...

The Chief Commissioner of the Railway Commission, Sir Frederick Peel,

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delivered on Tuesday a most important judgment. The Midland Railway is bound, by agreements with many Com- panies, and especially with the Great Western, not to lower its fares...

The Home Secretary on Monday introduced his long-promised Bill for

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"improving the dwellings of the working-classes in large towns," in a very dry but earnest and sensible speech. We have described his measure, which is really one for allowing...

Mr. C. Lewis moved on Tuesday night that no new

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writ be issued for the election of a new Member for Stroud in the place of Mr. H. R. Brand, whose election had been declared void. He commented on the worst scandals of the last...

The Russians are in a very bad temper with England

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just now. Their semi-official journals say that the English dislike to the plans of the Brussels Conference for limiting the horrors of war—that is, for punishing peoples for...

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The opposition to Vivisection has at least begun to produce

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some little result. At the Westminster Hospital on Tuesday, the Committee succeeded, after a hot discussion, in expunging from the prospectus of the Physiological School the...

Mr. Horsman, if he does not take care, will lose

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his title to be regarded even as a "superior person." He had been hinting for a week in correspondence with the Times the approach of a most awful disclosure affecting the...

A letter to the Times of Wednesday reminds us that

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the age of Xenophon anticipated, in some degree, Mr. Seymour Haden's recommendation to bury without coffins. In the " Cyropxdia," book viii., a. 7, Xenophon makes Cyrus the...

A very remarkable case of the failure of justice seems,

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as far as can be judged from the report, to have taken place before the Assistant-Judge of the Middlesex Sessions, Mr. P. H. Edlin. Q.C., and several professional and...

Mr. Lewis Carroll says well, in a remarkable letter to

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yesterday's Pall Mall Gazette, that the real root of the growiug favour shown to Vivisection is the rapid spread of the assumption that the pro- motion of secular knowledge is...

Dr. Hayman received on Tuesday as much of the testimonial

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fund, subscribed to show the sympathy of those who thought him unjustly treated in the matter of his dismissal from Rugby, as was available after his expenses in the action in...

Consols were at the latest date 92/-93.

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B UT one point of any great importance has been brought out by the debates of the week, but that point has been brought out very clearly. If is that both the party leaders, in...


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THE FRENCH SENATE. T ITE vote by which the French Assembly has declared that the Republican Senate must be elective and elected by universal suffrage will grieve ? good many,...

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M R. CROSS'S Bill, introduced on Monday, for "the im- provement of the dwellings of the poor" is a good Bill, as far as it goes, but it goes very little way, and will not do...

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fi lith debate of Tuesday night on the proposal to delay the issue of the writ for the Borough of Stroud, by way of inflicting a secondary punishment on that eccentric borough...

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O N the twenty-seventh of last month there began a debate in the Hungarian Diet which, it is already clear, is destined to exercise an important influence on the future of the...

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W E have of course, no intention of commenting on the "Oil Wells Case," the case in which so many Members of Parliament are accused of sanctioning a false prospectus, until it...

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I T will be a hundred years next Thursday,—at least if the late Mr. Serjeant Talfourd may be trusted, though the bead master of Christ's Hospital maintains in Wednesday's Times,...

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T "provincial journalists are giving themselves what we suspect is quite needless trouble to defend the system of free Competition for the public service. It is, we believe,...

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I T is authoritatively announced this week that Mr. Holloway has determined to consecrate a quarter of a million sterling to the erection and partial endowment of a College for...

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MR. GREG AND "THE MASSES." (TO MB EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR:1 SIR,—Mr. Greg says :—" I cannot quite gather from the letters of your correspondent, the Rev. G. D. Snow, wherein...

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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—Will you allow me, as a journalist of nearly twenty years' ex- perience in the doubtful joys of leader-writing, to place before you a...


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[TO THE EDITOR OF THE 'SPECTATOR."] Sin,—You draw attention to the interesting article of Father - Bridgett in the Contemporary, and coincide with him in thinking - that I...

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(TO THE EDITOR OF THE .SPECTATOR?') Srs,—On the 28th of last March you permitted me to ask a question on this subject in your columns, and you were also good enough to answer...


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MR. MASSON'S MILTON.* Mn. MASSON has at length achieved a task the preparation of - which, as he states in the preface, has extended over not a few years. The edition before us...

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Sin Jons LUBBOCK informs us in his preface that this little book has grown out of observations and notes, originally prepared: "with the view of encouraging in my children that...

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A LIFE of "duty, praise, and prayer" such as was, as Mr. Gilbert truly says, eminently that of Ann Taylor, is by no means, as a rule—or, indeed, very frequently—one likely to...

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THE want of a dispassionate review of the character of the pre- Christian religion of Rome, in its relations both to the Roman populations and to primitive Christianity, has...

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THERE are many men, we should think, who in their school and college days have imbibed for Thucydides a love and admiration equal to that felt by so many scholars for the poems...

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Christian Prayer and General Latrs. By George J. Romanes. (Mac- millan.)—This essay obtained the Burney Prize at Cambridge in the year 1873, and adds another to the list of...

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German Universities : a Narrative of Personal Experience. By James

The Spectator

Morgan Hart. (New York : Putnam and Sons. London : Sampson Low and Co.)—If Mr. Hart had limited himself to the subject which is prominent on his title-page, it would have been...

Social Life at the English Universities in the Eighteenth Century.

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Compiled by Christopher Wordsworth. (Deighton and Co., Bell and Sons.)—This book has grown Out of the nucleus of an essay written for the Le Bas prize, and has reached a bulk...

The Golden Shaft. By G. Christopher Davies. (Richard Bentley and

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Son.)—A novel which dwells upon the details of unlawful love-making, which publishes the wiles of a very immodest flirt, and pictures the abandonment of an otherwise pure-minded...

A Book of Table-Tallc. With Notes and Memoirs by W.

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Clark Russell. (Routledge.)—The " Memoirs " with which Mr. Russell Was- trates his book are very bald and brief, and for all the help which they afford a reader, might as well...

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Roloy's Latin Grammar. Part IL (Macmillan and Co.)—This part of

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Mr. Roby's elaborate work deals with syntax, not, however, quite in the ordinary manner. The author attaches the utmost importance to the historical method, the value of which...

To COUNTRY ADVERTISERS.—TO assist the calculations of Country Advertisers, the

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Publisher begs to state that he will receive Prepaid Advertisements, at the rate of Twopence a FT - ord.

We have to acknowledge the second volume of Beeton's Science,

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Art, and Literature: a Dictionary of Universal Information. (Ward, Lock, and Tyler.)—The subject is limited by the exclusion of biography. Still it is comprehensive enough, and...


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Allahorn (A. H.), Protuberant Abdomen, its Cause, and Treatment (Houiston) 2/0 Bedford E. H.), Digest of the preliminary Exam. Questions, &c. (Stevens & Sons) 18/0 Burgh (N....

D eath.

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On the 8th inst., at 243 Beresford Street, Newington, ELLEN LAURA, youngest daughter of Mr. JOHN CAMPBELL.