13 JULY 1839

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• The systematic mismanagement of public business was implied in Sir Ronnar PEEL'S remark, now a fortnight old, that the time had arrived when it was usual for Ministers to...

The public proceedings in the French Court of Peers were

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brought to a close on Monday evening, after counsel on both sides, and the prisoners themselves had been heard. The decision of the Court is not known in London at the time we...

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DCIIMS anti 1procrebinns in Varliament.

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EDUCATION. The Archbishop of CAvrtattutuv presented several petitions to the Lords on Friday the 5th instant,'" against the Government scheme of education ; and then proceeded...

New York papers have been received to the 19th of

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June. They mention the arrest in Canada of an active French insurgent, by name BEAusomm,. The political news is generally insignificant ; but the accounts of mercantile and...

The only hews of importance from the East of Europe,

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is the obstinate determination of the Sultan to wage war with Miamterr ALT, in defiance of the urgent remonstrances of France and England. T he accounts of the Sultan's state of...

The Prussian Government is involved in another dispute with the

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Catholic clergy. The Chapter of Troves has elected Mr. ARNOLDL who is conspicuous for his support of the Archbishop of Cologne and the violent Catholic party, to the Bishopric...

Accounts from Mexico mention the capture of Tampico, and the

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suppression of the Federalist revolt by the Mexican Government. The discontent fomented by the French invaders was gradually disappearing. There is talk of an invasion of the...

Late advices from Canton mention stringent measures of the Chinese

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Government to stop the opium trade, and the general stagnation of commerce.

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The following account of the post moment examination of the

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late Lady Flora I lastings, has been published at the desire of her brother, the Marquis. Appearances observed on inspecting the !solo the late Lady Flora Hastings, Alp 5,...

gbc (Court.

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Tut Queen gave audience to Lord Melbourne and the Duke of Argyll on Monday. Lord Melbourne, with the Earl of Belfast, the Earl of Surry, Mr. William Cowper, and Mr. George...

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The Court of Common Pleas was engaged for some time

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on Monday in the trial of an action for libel brought by a Mr. Riley, formerly a silk-mercer in Oxford Street, against four persons, proprietors of an unstamped newspaper called...

gat .iiiletropolfs.

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The Court of Common Council, on Thursday, adopted strong resolutions in favour of Mr. Rowland Hill's postage plan. A considerable number of "bankers, merchants, and traders of...

Mr. T. Devear has published a letter, stating that the

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electors of Westminster " are greatly and justly dissatisfied with their present Representatives, and that at the next election, whenever it may occur, candidates will ec...

• The treatment of Lady Flora Hastings continues to furnish

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the daily papers with matter of controversy, conducted in not very courteous terms. The Morning Post perseveringly fixes attention on the subject, by letters from medical and...

The British Queen, the immense steam-vessel fitted up at Greenock,

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though London-built, arrived at Blackwell on Friday last, and was visited by numerous parties, previous to her departure on the first voyage to New York. The number of...

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The inquiry before the Carlow Committee, which terminated on Thursday,

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when Mr. Gisborne was declared duly elected, lasted for sixly-nine days, and is the longest in the history of disputed returns. The cost has been estimated at 30,000/. ; the...

Birmingham continues in a very uncomfortable state. Our last ac-

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counts brought up the history of time disturbances to eleven o'clock on Fri- slay night. On Saturday, no open rioting occurred. On the evening of that day, Mr. Lovett, Secretary...

There has been a good deal of disturbance at Ramsgate,

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in conse- quence of the enforcement by the Magistrates of a local act, which prohibits fish and vegetables from being hawked about for sale. On Monday, nine persons, convicted...


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The report of the Bishop of Lichfield's death is contradicted. This is the third time that Dr. Butler has been killed by the newspapers. Having been deceived before, we merely...

gp robfitces.

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A report is in circulation that it is intended to get up a requisition to Mr. Roebuck to stand as a candidate for Cheltenham at the next elec- 4ion.—Clieltenham Gazette. The...

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An interesting discussion took place in the House of Commons

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las night, on Mr. Tuosisis ATTwoon's motion for a Select Committee to take into consideration the prayer of the " National Petition" fa Universal Suffrage, Annual Parliaments,...

In a letter to his agent, Captain Intl, residing in

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the county of Down, Lord Roden stated, that the Lords' Committee on Irish crime had re- ceived " information of time utmost value ;" that a " light " had been thrown upon the "...

A number of gallants are practising the noble art of

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"tilting" in the grounds of the Eyre Arms Tavern, St. John's Wood, in the hope of becoming accomplished cavaliers by the time Lord Eglintoun's prepara- tions for his tournament...

Last Saturday, as our paper was going to:press, we received

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a letter from Mr. Urinal; CHAlivrox, written temperately, :not with much cleverness, in reply to some marks on the Ludlow election, in the Spectator of the 15th of June. We 116...


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SATURDAY. It was reported last evening that intelligence of a highly satisfactort nature had been received from India. It is to the effect, that the objet of the enlightened...

The article on " Cheap Postage at Home and Abroad,"

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in the Spec- tator of the 29 t 11 of June, has attracted attention from persons interested in the subject in France ; and we have seen letters giving reasons why M. Piron's plan...

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The nomination of candidates for Ipswich took place yesterday. The

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show of hands was in Mr. Gibson's favour, and a poll was demanded for Sir Thomas Cochrane. Mr. Gibson has exhibited spirit and talent in time course of his canvass ; and not...


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House of Commons, Friday 12th July. Sir ROBERT PEEL and Mr. SPRING RICE present their compliments to the editor of the Spectator, and beg that lie will suggest to the public,...

The Postage debate of last night confirms a prevalent suspicion,

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:hat Ministers would have grieved little had Mr. SPRING Ram's resolthion been negatived,instead ofaffirmed by a large majority. No foe t.2 the plan could have dwelt more...


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STOrK Emma,/ AFITRNOON. Tine only eimumstaiwe of import aitee that has occurred during the week has been the sale by the Bank Broker on Monday of 60,000/. Excliepter Bills. The...

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WAR-MICE, Ally 12.-311 Regiment of li g ht Dragoons—Captain Go urge Henry Lockwood to be Major, without p urellase, vice Stole, deceased; Lieutenant )1eyriek Jones to be...


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BIRTHS. On the 5th inst., at Walton, Ludy MOltbAUNT, of a daughter. Ott the 5th inst., in Beigrave Street, the Lady or TtiomAs Gt.AOSrosr, Esq., of a daughter. On the 3d...


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THE POSTAGE BILL.* LAMENTABLE is it when a legislative assembly becomes a The re arena for prize-fighters, and the interests of the nation arc pushed aside to make way for...

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As far as national objects arc concerned, it has now become a mat- ter of perfect indifference how long Parliament sits, or how soon it rises : if it sit till the day of...

THE COLONIAL OFFICE versus COLONIZATION. EVERYBODY being disgusted with party

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politics just now, this is a good opportunity for attending to matters of less exciting but more permanent interest.. We are therefore tempted to notice a curio- sity in...

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THE only novelty of the smallest value which M. LAPORTE has produced this season, has been delayed almost till its termination. The Italian version of ROSSINI'S Guillaume Tell...

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TIIE term is a misnomer, for ballet we have had none ; Ln Guiana being a tedious divertissement in two scenes. Now that the ELLSLERS are come, it might not be unreasonable to...

A friend of the families of Manners and Forester contradicts

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a re- port that the Marquis of Granby is to marry Miss Emily Forester ; but adds, that Lord Granby "is on the Continent, at the express desire and in compliance with the prudent...


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EDUCATION, The Educator. Prize Essays on the Expediency and Means of Elevating the Pro- fession of the Educator in Society. By .Tolin Tailor, Esq. ; 3. A. IIcraud, Esq.; Rev....


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TEACHERS. THIS volume, published by the General Society of Education, con- tains five prize essays on the Expediency and Means of Elevating the Educator in Society—one of the...

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and executed with considerable knowledge, pathos, and power. The characters,

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the scenes, the incidents of daily occurrence in having ascertained that all was right he proceeded immediately- to business. Ireland, arc painted with spirit and truth ; and so...

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THIS volume is a mine of statistics and advice for the young military surgeon, who has to examine recruits previous to their admission into the Army ; to certify that they are...

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LUCAS'S PORTRAIT OF THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON. AT last we have got a good and true likeness of WELLINGTON. LAW.. BENCE makes the Duke a fine gentleman ; 'ALLEY, a pantaloon ;...


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Booxs. Memoirs of the Life a i l Times of the Right Him. Henry Grattan. By his Sun, HENRY GRATTAN, Esq., M.P. In two vols. Introduction to the Literature of Europe, in the....

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AN alteration is made in the day on which the state apartments con- taining the pictures at Hampton Court are closed: it is now Friday in each week, instead of Saturday as...