14 DECEMBER 1850

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TILE tide of the Anti-Popish agitation has at last sent its waves to the foot of the Throne : Queen Victoria has received various addreigs, from tike . City of London and the...

France is drawing the attention of our vigilant politicians, in

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divers ways. A banquet is held in the Mite! de Villa of Paris, to celebrate the second anniversary of " the elected of the 10th December," and the principal speeches are scanned...

While the convention agreed upon at the Olmiitz conference was

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kept in reserve, there was no end to the stories of its being such 0,_ settlement as would effectually arrange all disputed points ; would satisfy everybody, even the Prussian...

The Protectionists have been meeting in the great room of

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the London Tavern, and in the wake of the fat beasts at the Smith- field Show. C onfessedly, the beasts were recognized as the deceys which enabled the Protectionists to make a...

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At Court.

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Sae Queen gave audiences on Tuesday to the Corporation of London, the City Lieutenancy, and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, who severally possess the constitutional...

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3,..113 . qUeitect, g reat cheerin g ," . the :Queen's g racious reef teethe ad- efteteereted by the peueteteeen the roartagormiett eekidethe frawneelerk . e s e is instructed...

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"The noisiest meeting, beyond all comparison, ever seen or heard in Birmingham," was held in the great Hall there on Wednesday, upon the requisition of several hundred zealous...


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It is currently reported that Sir A. B. Brooke, Bart., 11.P., will be raised to the Peerage ; and that Colonel Cole, M.P. for Enniskillen, and Captain Archdall, M.P., will be...

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furrigu and Colonial.

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Gramairr.—The peace resolves of the two Cabinets at Berlin and Vienna are in actual enforcement. The Berlin Gazette of the 10th con- tained decrees ordaining an immediate...

311 - inttlaurnuo.

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Viscount Ponsonby, we hear, has resigned the Embassy at Vienna, and Mr. Magenis will continue to act as Chargé d'Affaires until the arrival of his Lordship's successor. Lord and...

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SATURDAY. Last ni g ht's Gazette contains the Ro al proclamation fertherprom g nitt g P a rli a ment. from the 17th insta n t tel e 4th February next, "then to bo hedden tar...

Limerick election is virtually deci e led a g ainst the Tenant League candi-

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date. On Thursday evenin g , Mr. - .Matson had polled 155, Mr. Gould, 152, and Mr. Ryan, the Lea g ue's Iandidate, only 107. There were but sixty more -rotes to poll, and...

The.Archbishop of Canterbury has been appealed to by a body

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of lay men for advice with re g ard to the prevalence of objectionable practices in some of our parish-churches,—whether it is the duty of parishioners to leave such churches ;...

The• Smithfield Club closed -their cattle-show in-Baker Street, yesterday evenin g ,

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with the usual dinner The Duke of Richmond presided, and was supported by a. miscellaneous phalanx of members from all shades of party ; includin g the Earl of Hardwicke,...

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Miss Dolby, as is her wont at this .season s has

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given three subscription soirees at her own residence ; the last of them on Tuesday. They have drawn crowded audiences, and have been not only, elegant and agreeable to the,...

The Windsor theatricals, this year, have the effect of restoring,

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Ives term Bartley to the stage, for a limited period. He is to pley ri few nights at the Prinefiserff.'

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OW haVAISAtsfiliXibubihnileestblis taletit daft. llsitaSag y - Seat*: 4tilii FA 1900W:if/Ins heelisiiglikylifealitiiiflale. e s aF f) 1 44140T1y‘n#9 1 tRi nitlet4/ entirely...


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Messrs. Coinaglsi have prepared, and are about to publish,' a new en- graving by Samuel Cousins, in his most forcible and coloured style, of Laws renee's picture. After all,...

The Grand .National Concerts are moving heavily, and seem to

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be now. drawing to a premature close A-few days ago 'it was announced' that this is the last week but two of the performances, and next day that it in the last week .hut one,...

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:that 'tbs. Austrian GeerisTriaents' ' 'Ve'lp ansuilieritas seater:stink the: 1 , onfas ' firifilieill ' /pi. ' . of ,ou She ,26Sh: instant ; , snid e odds i that' iiissitfrial...

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471.alrir ri CIP hi g,po 4 ? alai weat is had as , tlie , derinindl 1 1 di‘ Allieti WI 1 ' ' Wififder-46 4I. I 172 - "larbtiniSfintendilas up Ito gait:m.118Y afternoisiv, ialt...

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81 0.1E14 . dIR V 1 ) AV VITH a; n53''18 i 1. t i /(1 41IATIoxis a stornreeapdhaesniMonlyfoWalillit ore !_i_sittly - RAW thoSe intenOtlio let : it loose :...


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the present Lord Chancellor was raised to the Woolsack, scions to the appointment were anticipated by the Pre- miers statement of a plan to reform the office, which...

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Tun impending fate of the great - English Universities illustrates the tendencies of this country towards a new system of govern- ment. Those ancient institutions are in a great...

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cording to rule. The French are amazed at the constitutional

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mere fact that a commission has been appointed by Government to torpor which possesses Englishmen, and keeps a crowded court in inquire into the law of divorce implies some...

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ATIIPICasants who Fakefol-aud *bind of day, onetwitiela , .has- been fele .10flee as a lecturer in. Leeds. ,1114,#4 1 1Y one of the redeem.; haenemena of our time. To putrite...

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WM& klY9i)eP11 www . , causes for Me aiiiieg§iiS . ;IT The eretVid - i144IA il I fir- , • elo elateleplinclibzigthatveiveningThitceetabs r iiii£V7 thiiitlo tlinIcafiliffe. 1 .....

Oxford, 10th December 1850.

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Sue—Permit me to offer a few remarks on the scheme which has been propounded by the Reverend W. Sewell, or his friend, as a plan of Univer- sity extension to supersede...


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.Durham, Tits December 1850. Sin—I do not wonder at the surprise you express at the suggestions so rp suddenly adopted by Mr. Sewell. For my own part, I cannot even yet read...

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REFORM OP THE CHORCII SERVICE. Loudon, 10th December 1850. Sin—In the stir and strife of our lively ecclesiastical politics, I have looked with anxiety into most of our...

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, . Corballis, Drogheda, 5th ,December 1853. Six—From the generally impartial tone and just tendencies of your ob- servations on the existin g relation between landlord and...

We d6 fib oniselqedWithttie OkiPeortilltios of the s a tt en t sreoo , a ccount

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of fietPittlireads ur ftioe,viewkrandiditrerin g from leni Hirer& dentids tilthe . biasses- for; Whtle knItOillthStAiTer6itie..1! shOultiobsruitatsbeheVtalf4Itgu5Plan, f 118Pn...

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THERE is a fashion in wit and humOUVAnd even in oratory, as well as in lesser matters. Walpole relktes that when a certain lord, who passed for a wit and hunioxist,an4us,...

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IS °EIRE'S CON VERSA TION S. * THESE conversations present a

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distinct and truthful image of Goethe's mind during the last ten veers of his life. Its most cha- racteristic feature then as throughout life, was that " repose of power " which...

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THE CHURCH A FAMILY. * THIS volume contains twelve sermons, preached

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by Professor Mau- rice at Lincoln's Inn Chapel, on cert ain Sundays that seemed the most appropriate to his theme. That theme was ostensibly the oc- casional services of the...

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The influx of books has been even more considerable than

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it usually is at this season Of the year • but new editions form the chief feature of the week's lit6rature,,:air well in number as in character. The most valturhleand...

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COMMERCIAL- GAZETTE, Tuesday, December 10. 'PARTNERSHIPS Dilsorran.-Stead and Co. Leeds,

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and-Morley and CO. Pontefract, coach-builders; as far as re g ards R. Morley—Stapelton and Holdsworth, North Wharf Road, Paddin g ton, scaven g ers—Wilson and AFCebbin,...

:Se moicprio:_i aiiiid .sal moll bon 9 r soni q s-nolios ,- ( seorid

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ClifbiW hill iiilt xill i eg t Tho t Og r vitifil i aloc o ;, :ue 1 1, 1 0is t I s h i v v m14,4trigi ' 1 '0 hoc: 1..- . ka' -- of theitRIW..**4441 on' e un14`, i p - m i oc the...

MILITARY GAZETTE. Wei:-orrice, Dec. 13.—lot Re g t. of Life Guards—Limit. J,

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hi. Ho gg to be Capt. by purchase, vice Winterbottom, who retires ; Cornet and Sub-Lieut. H. Ly g on, to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Ho gg ; Corporal-Major W. Ilessey to be...

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• 90 CFI 993 illikt.

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98 0n1 9;1 93,37,13. 993 971 , 7 . 4 f171 1111 1 29i - 1/4 89 2121 ' 2121 71 24' 7[ M int .., 67 82 93 0 get " 64 67 - ,:e1.4.,. , bill FOREIGN 1L - EDS. • ,'," 1 ,,...