15 MAY 1897

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G REECE has submitted to the Powers, but Turkey has not. That is, in few words, the broad fact of the situation. The Greek Court, after some demur about forms, which annoyed...

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LORD SALISBURY'S OPPORTUNITY. I ORD SALISBURY has a great opportunity. Now is I the time to show that the adhesion of Great Britain to the European Concert is not a mere...

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M ANY signs are beginning to show that the most im- portant as well as the worst result of the present war will be its effect in reviving the spirits and the energy of the...

A WOE]) TO PRESIDENT KRUGER. T HE situation in South Africa

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has improved within the last ten days. The Government of the Transvaal has done the wise and prudent thing, and has repealed the Aliens Immigration Law,—an Act which created a...

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W E think it was Benjamin Franklin who declared that any man who really had anything to say ought to be able to say it in ten minutes. Something like this appears to have been...

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THE USES OF DIRECTORS. T HE examination of the Chartered Company's

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directors before the South African Committee was very oppor- tunely preceded by that of a solicitor of great experience in company matters before the House of Lords' Com- mittee...

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PARLIAMENT AND CONVOCATION. T HE meeting of the Church Reform League

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on Tuesday —by far the most important it has yet held—was ushered in by a letter from Mr. Gladstone. He recalls with characteristic satisfaction the fact that he belonged to...

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THE JURY SYSTEM. T HE House of Lords on Monday debated

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a Bill for certain improvements in the jury system. It is proposed to do away with the distinction in the treatment of jurors in cases of felony and misdemeanour. That a good...

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POLITICAL JUDGMENT. T HERE is no question more vitally related to

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the future welfare of the British nation than that which is suggested, if not definitely stated, in Lord Rosebery's interesting address on Monday last at the opening of one of...

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I N the interesting and instructive book which he has just published, " The Story of a Great Estate" (Murray), the Duke of Bedford incidentally discusses the question whether a...

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TN his speech at the Artists' Benevolent Institution 1 on Saturday last the Bishop of London raised some very interesting and curious points in regard to failure, and as to why...

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T HE death of Mr. A. D. Bartlett, the Superintendent of the Zoological Society's menagerie, removes a very popular figure from the "permanent staff " of London public servants,...

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THE NATIVE POPULATIONS OF AFRICA. [To TER EDITOR or TEl " SPECTATOR."] Sla,—A series of articles have appeared during the last few months in the Spectator on Africa, and they...

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[TO THE EDITOR OF THS "SPECTATOR. " ] SIR,—IS it not a significant fact that to a very large extent the Wealeyans are associated with the movement for the federation of the Free...

Sin,—Your article last week on this subject opens with the -

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remark that " the May Meetings this year do not breed in us much new hope on the Missionary side ; " and the ground of this remark is that the societies rely too much on the...

SIR,—While all England is thrilling with horror and pity at

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the appalling calamity which has overtaken our neighbours in France—a pity we all welcome and participate in most earnestly—may I call the attention of your readers to the-...

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[TO THE EDITOR OF THS "SPECTATOR. "' SIR,—Might I be allowed a few lines with reference to the extremely interesting letter of your correspondent "X. X. X." in the Spectator of...


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THZ EDITOR Or THE "SPECTATOR."] Sin,—The immediate cause of the terrible disaster at Paris suggests an explanation of catastrophes which are far more trying to our faith in a...


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COWSLIPS. Cowslips, sweetlips, smelling of the summer, Coming with the cuckoo, bringing in the May, Lifting heads in pastures, where the cattle spare you, Waiting to be...


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[TO TEN EDITOR OP TER " SPECTATOR. "] Sit, — It would be interesting to know whether the following curious scene has been observed by others as well as by the writer of this...


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[To THE EDITOR OP THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—I see that you state the fire in Paris took place on Wednesday, May 5th, not on Tuesday, the actual day. I enclose a statement,...


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[TO THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR. "] SIR,—The writer of the interesting article on "Wild-Beast Farms " in the Spectator of March 27th has probably never heard of one curious and...

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A BOUQUET OF IRISH BEAUTY.• THERE seems to be no limit to the field thrown open to the explorer in the regions of Irish wit and beauty. The famous Gunnings, whom we presume to...

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A PARISH ON WHEELS.* Mn. SWINSTEAD, known among his parishioners,

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it would seem, as " Swizzleum," "Shrimpster," "Swister," and other fancy variations of his name, is, or was, the resident incumbent of a " Parish on Wheels." To put this...

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IN this volume we have two numbers of the Portfolio bound together, the first dealing with the Life, the second with the Art, of Velazquez. The plan leads to a certain amount of...

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THE SULTAN AND HIS SUBJECTS.* Tar author of this book

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has set himself a task of no common difficulty, and performed it in a manner which commands our most sincere admiration. He has attempted to present his readers with such a...

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recent popular writings about India has been to portray the British rule in all the glamour of the personal achievements of the ruling race. To say nothing of Mr. Rudyard...

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The Compleat Angler seems to grow in favour. The more restless and hurried the age, the more it seems to value this classic of quiet life. Nine years ago Mr. R. B. Marston, a...

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Pictures of People. By Charles Dana Gibson. (John Lane.)— This

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is a fresh series of sketches in pen-and-ink by a well-known American hand. Besides pictures of society in America and England there are some studies in Parisian cafés - chant...

The Private Library. By A. L. Humphreys. (Strangeways and Sons.)—Mr.

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Humphreys, who gives an obiter dictum that Free Libraries are institutions " of doubtful good," writes pleasantly and with all the ease of an expert about libraries in general...


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There is a good deal that is fairly readable, but almost nothing that is truly notable, in the fifth number of the New Century Review, which has yet to justify its second title...

Longfellow's Poetical Works. (Bliss, Sands, and Co.)—This is an agreeable

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edition. The type is good ; the paper might have been less pervious, for the printing on the next page is not abso- lutely concealed ; the binding is solid, but light. A brief...

Polities in 1896. Edited by Frederick Whalen. (Grant Richards.)—The plan

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of this book happily enables us to dis- pense with criticism, for to criticise would be to write again the " leaders " of last year's Spectators. Dr. Traill, Mr. Massing- ham,...

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Artistic and Scientific Taxidermy and Modelling. By Montagu Browne. (A.

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and C. Black.)—Mr. Montagu Browne includes in this handsome book chapters on the modelling of fish, flowering rushes, flowers, and all the accessories to the proper mounting of...

Natural History of Australia. By F. G. Aflalo. (Macmillan and

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Co.)—This is a most readable and entertaining zoology of Australia. It is not in the least dry, and it contains the Australian fauna in proper classification, with a variety of...

Musa Piscatrix. By John Buchan. (J. Lane.)—Mr. Buchan puts together

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here some three-score pieces concerned, more or less, with fishing and fishermen. John Dennys heads the list; after him come Wotton, C. Cotton, Gay, and others, and conspicuous...

Illustrated Bible Treasury. Edited by William Wright, D.D. (Nelson and

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Sons.)—Dr. Wright, with the help of a company of able zontributors, among whom may be mentioned Sir Charles Wilson, Professors Sayce, Marcus Dods, G. Adam Smith, T. G. Bonney,...

Moorland Idylls. By Grant Allen. (Chatto and Windus.)—We are always

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glad to meet Mr. Grant Allen on the moor or the meadow or in the wood. We do not admire him as a social reformer, but as an observer he is excellent. He has a keen eye and a...

The Traditional Text of the Holy Gospels Vindicated and Established.

The Spectator

By the late J. W. Burgon. Arranged, completed, and edited by Edward Miller. (G. Bell and Sons.)—We have no intention of criticising this work. Such a task would be quite...

History of Rome in the Middle Ages. By Ferdinand Gregorovins.

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Translated by Annie Hamilton. Vol. IV., Parts I. and II. (G. Belt and Sons.)—Herr Gregorovins carries on in this volume, divided, for convenience' sake, into two parts, the...

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Naqada and Ballets. By W. M. Flinders Petrie and J.

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E. Quibell, B.A. (Bernard Quaritch.)—The excavating work of Professor Petrie and Mr. Quibell was carried on in the neigh- bourhood of Thebes and on the west bank of the river....

A System of Medicine. By Many Writers. Edited by Thomas

The Spectator

Clifford Allbutt. Vol. IL (Macmillan and Co.)—This second volume has been retarded in its appearance by the delay in issuing the Report of the Commission on Vaccination. Special...


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Adams (D. 0, 0.), The Saints and Missionaries of the Anglo-Saxon Era, First Series, or 8vo (Mowbray) 5/0 Alexander (Mrs.), Mrs. Orichton's Creditor, or 8vo (F. V. White) 6/0...

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