16 JUNE 1973

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Powell, Labour and Europe

The Spectator

THERE OUGHT to be nothing at all startling in the thesis which Mr Enoch Powell stated in Stockport last Friday and further developed and elaborated in radio and television...

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Another Spectator's Notebook.

The Spectator

A footnote is needed to our political commentary last week, which mentioned the Transport House veto on Roy Hattersley's speech criticising the National Executive Committee's...

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Political Commentary

The Spectator

The case for an October election Patrick Cosgrave I wrote, just after the first round of the local elections, that it was perfectly possible that Mr Heath could call an autumn...

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In search of a new identity

The Spectator

Adam Watson Surprisingly, Australia today is a nation in search of identity. The image of the swagman in the outback camping by a billabong, the craggy Dominioner who fought at...

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The Spectator

Poreigners go home Douglas Brown Switzerland, by tradition, is the very model of racial and religious toleration, Her citizens do not form a cultural entity, but speak three...

Death on the road

The Spectator

John Vaizey The recurrent and by now tedious discussion on capital punishment deals almost exclusively with its effects, moral and practical, on murder. As a matter of fact...

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Sixth Form Prize 1973

The Spectator

Results and report The Spectator offered a prize of £250, to be awarded either to an outright winner or to be divided at the discretion of the judges among a number of winners...

What chance of

The Spectator

another Golden Age? Francis Mace "When ideas usually confined to religion and morals are raised to a political level, then there will be another golden age," said Paul. We...

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Collecting for reading

The Spectator

Benny Green

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Richard Luckett on an address to the doubly converted

The Spectator

It is not, I hope, disrespectful to that great director Georges Bresson to reflect on the sad paradox that his compatriot Bernanos should be best known in Britain through the...

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A fall viewed from below

The Spectator

Michael Bentley The Fall of Lloyd George: The Political Crisis of 1922 Michael Kinnear (Macmillan £5.95) Sympathy goes out at once to an author Whose conclusions, through the...

Alexander's 'Gaffing gun'

The Spectator

J. Enoch Powell Alexander the Great .1, R. Hamilton (Hutchinson University Library £3.00; paperback £1.50) It is no wonder that the eleven years between 334 and 323 BC, in...

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Israeli and Palestinian

The Spectator

D. C. Watt tban Robert St. John (W. H. Allen £5.00) My People Shall Live: The Autobiography of a Revolutionary Leila Khaled, edited by George Hajjar (Hodder £2.50) One of the...

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Enjoyable but...

The Spectator

Tony Palmer Experiment at Proto Philip Oakes (Andre Deutsch £2.25) A Distant Likeness Paul Bailey (Cape E1.60) The Time of the Crack Emma Tennant (Cape £1.60) To write a good...

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Tie paperback may not yet be quite the queen of all she surveys, but we think it high time to introduce a regular column devoted to the best and the brightest of the weekly...


The Spectator

Bookbuyet The Society of Authors will no doubt be gratified that 184 MPs have so far signed the early Day Motion " That this House, mindful of the injustices suffered by...

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Peter Fischer on World Theatre Season disenchantment

The Spectator

The World Theatre Season is . . nn it was a gift-horse — a menagerie of gift-horses. This is true fl more senses than one, includ'ng the personal aspect that a resident foreign...

Wi ll W av e

The Spectator

Lord Goodman, when not occupied with his legal commitments. his financial deals and the multifariously ' fix-it ' activities to which the state is pleased to call him, is a...

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From bad to worse

The Spectator

Christopher Hudson! This will do as well as any time to describe an average week of new releases, a fully representative cross-section of the mush being doled out month after...

Police state

The Spectator

Clive Gammon Sufficiently forewarned by advance publicity which proclaimed it to be concerned with coppers, I was able to avoid Hunter's Walk, the new ITV Monday-running...

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The comprehensive illiterates

The Spectator

Rhodes Boyson A transcript of the evidence of the headmaster of Highbury Grove School to the Bullock Committee on Literacy My concern for reading standards arose from my...

In the grand manner

The Spectator

Denis Wood As everyone knows, the Conspirators' Club between the Reform and the Travellers has a large, twenty-acre garden. Overlooking this and running the length of the...

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Fairish British fare

The Spectator

Pamela Vandyke Price Summer is a-comen in and so, certainly as far as London is concerned, are the tourists. As one who actually has to spend weekdays working there, I admit to...

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The Gold Conundrum

The Spectator

Nicholas Davenport A funny thing happened to gold on my way to the City — via Majorca. It jumped 40 per cent in price on the free market. This was in a matter of weeks and it...

Paper profits

The Spectator

John Bull The interim figures of Walmsley (Bury) are due shortly. They should show that the group has made good progress and with possible encouraging noises about the future,...

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Skinflint's City Diary

The Spectator

I often have a lot of fun with illiteracy in advertisements. The latest gem to come my way is an ad for a drink called Bierritz. It says that the drink is "deceptively strong."...

Election loss— market gain

The Spectator

Mr Wotherspool My poor client, Mr Wilde — I had expected to hear praises about the performance of his portfolio during his absence. Alas! he is no ordinary dealer in shares....

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Positive Powell

The Spectator

Sir: Innumerable anti-Common Marketeers of all political shades will welcome Mr Enoch Powell's unequivocal declaration concerning Britain's withdrawal from the EEC. Any...

John Rowan Wilson

The Spectator

From Dr R. Eban Sir: May I pay a tribute to John Rowan Wilson, whose death you record in your issue of June 2? Of all the writers on medical matters in the press, his was the...

Non-medical matter

The Spectator

From Dr John Linklater Sir: Elected representatives of the British Medical Association at Folkestone last week decided by a massive majority that under no circumstances would...

Sleeping watchdogs

The Spectator

Sir: Mr Jones (June 2) argues an impeccable case but the effect of local newspaper monopolies is also corrupting local newspaper's commercial relations. Advertisers — thousands...

Juliette's weekly frolic

The Spectator

Apart from one blissful, baking afternoon at the Derby, last week had little to recommend it. Winners are what's wanted and the losing punter is notoriously uninterested in...

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A word to the judge

The Spectator

Sir: 1 have seldom read such hot-headed vapourin g s in an over g round paper hs appeared in your issue of June 2 under the name of Dorothy Becker. Is she the same person as the...

Israel and the Arabs

The Spectator

Sir: I was vastly amused to see myself described by Henry Adler (June 2) as an "insecure bluestocking ", but, while I do not mind this wildly inaccurate description. I do object...

Pyotr Yakir

The Spectator

Sir: It seems that Mr David Levy (June 2) cannot even see what was objectionable in his remarks about Pyotr Yakir. May I recapitulate? First, he gave an account, highly abusive...

What's in a name?

The Spectator

Sir: I have just returned from an extended post-Easter break, to London and my back-copies ot The Spectator. Lo! What do I find in your issue of April 28 but 'Confessions of...

Rowse on Shakespeare

The Spectator

Sir: Contrary to popular belief the first object of the Francis Bacon Society is to study - Trancis Bacon's works "as philosopher, statesman and poet." The second object is to...