16 NOVEMBER 1839

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Progress towards the establishment of Uniform Penny Postage is announced

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ill a Treasury minute, which will be found entire in another page. From the 5th of December next, letters are to be charged by weight. For those not exceeding half an ounce in...


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Tun examinations of persons implicated in the recent disturbances in South Wales are reported at great length in the daily papers; and, with rumours of intended risings, for...

The Marquis of MIRAPLORES, Spilli:811 Ambassador at Paris, is said

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to have been summoned by the Queen Regent to construct a new Ministry. The Marquis is attached to the French interest. Cannana evilices much resolution and activity, but it is...

The Eastern question continues to find occupation for French politicians.

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There are rumours in Paris that an arrangement has been completed between the Porte and MEHEMET', under French. mediation, by which the Egyptian Paella is to be secured in the...

to the 23d of October, have come to hand. Mr.

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POULETT THOM- SON reached Quebec, in the Pique frigate, on the 17th; and on the 19th Sir JOHN COLBORNE took his departure—rather unexpectedly. A farewell address with three...

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that they 'should lose their turtle soup. * * *

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The attempt to interfere ivith the imesmege of the City has never been forgiven. I have myself henrd members of the Corporation who profess, on other occasions, what are called...

The New York and other Eastern banks continued to redeem

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their engagements in specie ; but " suspension" was the order of the day, South and West ; and even in New York a meeting was about to be held to consider the question of...

Zbe Peletropolis.

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Sir Chapman Marshall, the new Lord Mayor, was sworn into office on Saturday before the Barons of the Exchequer. The banquet in the Guildhall was as sumptuous and the company as...

'be ( 1 :0tirt.

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THE Princes of Saxe Coburg. attended by Lord Alfred Paget, Count Kolowrath, and Baron Alvensleben. took their departure on Thursday from Windsor Castle. They went to Dover, to...

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A party of Ipswich Liberals met at what is called

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"Time Mayor's dinner "—the cost of which, we presume, was not, as in the olden time, defrayed out of the public money, but front the pockets of the company. On proposing the...

The fancy dress ball for the benefit of the Poles

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took place at the Guildhall on Thursday night. The company was very numerous. At ten o'clock the line of carriages extended from the Post-office to the Guildh:d1, and carriages...

Irbe Vreithites.

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Mr. D. Watts Russell has announced himself as candidate for North Staffordshire, on the Conservative interest. Mr. D. Watts Russell has announced himself as candidate for North...

The .1brning Pest states that Mr. Sims, Chairman of the

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Great Western Railway Company, yesterday, "in a fit of temporary insanity, put a period to his own existence, by shooting himself through the head."

In our second edition last week, it was stated that

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the question of Parliamentary privilege was again sub judiee in the Courts of West- minster Hall ; Mr. Stockdale having commenced another action against Messrs. Hansard for the...

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The Newcastle Chron."ele contuins nu account of the reception of

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the Duke of Sussex in Newcastle on the NI instant. His Royal Highuess, who was visiting the Eerl of Durham, hail been iuvise 1 to atteud the astound meeting of the " North of...

At Exeter the lawyers are getting up a petition for

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the employment of the salaried ex-Chancellors, to bring up the arrears in the Court of Chancery. The Dake of Newcastle has subscribed 1,000/. to , .vards the erection of a pier...

: 'Between four and five hundred. Conservatives, principally members 'of

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the :Warrington Conservative Association, dined together at War- rington, on Monday evening. After dimmer, followed toasts and speeches. 'The- Honourable and Reveread Mr. Powys,...

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No accounts of additional outruees have been received frosts South

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Wales. From various quarters troops lieve been moved into the dis- turbed districts; and in Newport there are fifty Artillerymen and two pieces of cannon, besides foot...

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A second edition of the _Datil Herald, publi6hed out Friday

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night, contains an account of a terrible tie:Ade:It at the Radstucli NI - ell-way pit. by which six men and six boys lost their lives. They were " booked on to the rope " by...

The Mayor of Monmouth received a letter with the London

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post- mark, containing the following rigmarole, which appears to have created quite a " sensation" in that place, and which the T lints thought of sufficient importance to...

The Anti-Corn-Lauc Circular persists in misrepresenting, the Spec- tator on

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the Corn question—with what motive or purpose. we are at a loss to imagine. Our remarks, a fortnight ago, in answer to his gratui- ' tons attack—that " the landlords of...

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The Earl of Lucan has, it is stated, withdrawn his claims as a candidate for the Representative Peerage, rendered vacant by the death of Lord Kingston. Indeed, I doubt whether...


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All her Majesty's Ministers are expected in town on Monday next to attend the Cabinet Council on important and urgent business...-. Globe. The Duke of Wellington has appointed...

NEws or run NEW ZEALAND • EXPEDITION.—We have seen letters

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written from Teneriffe by passengers on board the Adelaide. The vessel reached that island on the 14th October, after encountering sous foul weather, but all well. During the...

In the following extract of a letter from a gentleman

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who is with the army in Sinde, a different view is taken of the expedition into All- ghanistan from that which we entertain. The writer applauds Lord Auckland's policy, but...

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A dviees have been received from Bombay, vier Marseilles, to

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the 7th of October. The war in Affghanistan was considered at au end. Shah Shoojah was showering honours anti orders on Sir John Keane and his officers. Sir Alexander Burnes has...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. By the arrival of the packet-ships Garrick and United States at Li- verpool lust night, advices have been received front New York to the 26th of October. The...

Papers front the Cape of Good Hope to the 5th

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of September have been received. The most recent intelligence front Port Natal repre seated the troops there as enjoying good health. Nothing definite had transpired respecting...

'Private accounts from Bombay, to the 9th of September, speak

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with much dissatisfaction of Mr. Superintendent Elliot's prohibition of the lawful trade with China, which the Chinese authorities are willing to renew. It is stated that the...

The intelligence from Canton shows no improvement of affairs there.

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The Bombay correspondent of the Morning Post says- The intelligence from Canton shows no improvement of affairs there. The Bombay correspondent of the Morning Post says- " The...


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BIRTHS. Oa the Mb inst.. in CounaltzlIt Place West, Lady P.m:A.:No, of a sea. Cu tlw 14th inst., the Ludy of the Rev. IlExav CORNWALL LEMI, of High T.egh, Che,hire, of twins...

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The death of Mr. Justice Stoddart and Mr. Dinwoodie, a

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Judge of the Columbo District, Ceylon, are announced ; and it is said that severe illness will compel Mr. Stewart Mackenzie, the Governor, to visit the Cape of Good Hope.

Accounts of Thursday's proceedings at Newport are given in the

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morning papers. More evidence of attempts to induce soldiers to de- sert has been furnished. Henry Frost, son cf John.—who is repre- sented as an interesting lad—was...


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Circulation £17,235,000 Securities £23,873,000 Deposits 6,132,000 Bullion 2,5.15,000 £23,367,000 £26,418,000

Another vessel for New Zealand, the Company's ship Bolton, reached

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Gravesend last night, and will sail this afternoon. She carries labouring emigrants exclusively of the agricultural class, and several cabin-passengers. Among the latter are the...

'bit Faustus wit Diabdus Surely the learned hand of ISAAC

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TOMP- KINS or PETER JENKINS may be discerned through its disguise in a pamphlet just published—" A Letter to the Queen by a Counellior of the Crown." The Councillor is in...


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STOCK EXCIIAKOE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. • The only material variation that has occurred during the week in the Go. vernment 'Securities, has been in the price of Exchequer Bills,...

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The Lady Feversham, Webster, from London to Bombay, put into Bahia on the 24th Sept. leaky. arrived—At Gravesend. Nov. 9th, Ino, Wheel:tit ; and 13th, Eliza, Lay, from Bengal....


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Doted the 12th November 1839. My Lords read the act 2d and 3d Viet., cap. 52, for the further regulation of the Duties on Postage until the 5th October 1840. Since the...


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Tim successful debut of Miss Deem In Cis/dere/fa, has tarned the tide of the fortunes of old Pratt's', erst at their lowest ebb : great is the influx on the nights when the new...

Love is exerting his all-powerful sway at Covent Garden :

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nightly does he go forth conquering and to conquer ; and the tension of his bow being increased by shorteuing the siring, the well - aimed shafts come twanging off, and pierce...

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The Beggar's Opera—one good consequence of the evil Atli Shep-

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pard mania—is to be revived at both the Great Houses : at Covent Garden it is to be produced on Monday, with Vtaerais tis Lucy and Miss AUSTIN RS This will be a...

Analogous to the difference between the intrinsic worth of one

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and -the factitious cleverness of the other of these two plays is the distinc- tion to be drawn between real or natural acting and die conventional tricks of rant and...


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THE MEETING OF MINISTERS. " All her Majesty's Ministers are expected in town on Mondny next, to atter/dat a Cabinet Council on important nod urgent businims."—ciobe. Noy....

A new farce, with the promisinss '' title Don't be Frightened,

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struggled for existence two nights at Covent (harden but expired of sheer inani- tion, notwithstanding breakfast was served up in the first act, and a round of beef and a bowl...

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Norwrrusrsxnusn the menacing resolutions passed by the House of Commons last session in defence of its privileges, Mr. STOCKDALE has brought another action for libel against the...


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Mn. COPPOCK. Town-Clerk of Stockport, has favoured us with the following letter of information and censorship. TO 'FILE EDITOR Or TIIE SPECTATOR. Stockport, Ilth Novembor...


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A. simmer, very slight stir may be observed in the region of poli- tics. Cabinet dinners two:lunette° next week: Members of Parliament and other men of mark are straggling ty...

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Or late years, in this country, public attention has been

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riveted almost exclusively upon internal arrangements: the movements its authority in the provinces occupied by the Pacha of Egypt, he among the nations will ere long attract a...

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THE institution in Glasgow to which we alluded last week in the article " Charity and Charities " is called the 1Ieu8e of licferge, — a name by no means conveying its true...

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AN improvement has been made on that useful little article "time Ever pointed Pencil," that will recommend it again to many who have disused it owing to the disadvantages...


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THE musical season is approaching, and the Winter Theatres having opened, it may be said to be begun. A rapid circumspective glance at the state and prospects of the art in...

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SIR EDWARD Cm' is " a man not ashamed to write himself a Churciunan and a West Indian planter :" and he appears to have taken a Colonial tour with his wife and little daughter,...


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ttotANIAL POLTCY Reflectionit on West India Affitirs, after a.reeent Visit ta the Colonies. Addressed to . the Consideration of the Colonial Office. By Lientenant.Colonel the...

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_NESE volumes are a revised and extended edition of the author's previous history for the use of schools, designed for the perusal of " a large class of' persons, who are...

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SPINDLER is a German novelist, displaying, in his best works, con- siderable merit of a painstaking, learned, and mechanical kind, but deficient in the life, animation, and...