18 AUGUST 1984

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Portrait of the week

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O ne person was killed, 20 were injured, when police using plastic bullets un- successfully tried to arrest Martin Galvin, publicity director of the American organ- isation...

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The craving for Cecil 111 efore she left for Austria, Mrs Thatch- er reassured us that she planned no great changes in her Cabinet. At the lower levels of government, she said...

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Pointless exercise

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T he g allant failure of the Russians and their allies to destroy the Olympic Games is g reatly to be deplored. Now that the Olympic movement has survived three successive...

Irish market

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T he collapsin g Irish economy, on which Richard West reported last week, seems to be involvin g the Irish press in its ruin. Independent Newspapers Ltd, whose publications...


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ince the past few days have marked the ■ 315th anniversary of the arrival of Brit- ish troops in Northern Ireland and the 13th of the be g innin g of internment, it was to be...


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A story of the triumph of lust over sentimentality, set in Vienna, and culminatin g in an unusual crime passion- nel, has not received the attention it deserves. Herr Franz...

Heath's loss

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O ne feels sorry for anyone bur g led, and particularly sorry for Mr Edward Heath, who has just lost a wide variety of personal mementoes. The bur g lary seems particularly...


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UK Eire Surface mail Air mail 6 monitis: f17.25 £17.25 f20.50 f26.50 One year: £34.50 £34.50 £41.00 £53.00 For special offer turn to p.26 Name Address .. US Subscriptions:...

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W hen the miners first started to picket coal-importing Wivenhoe port, near- by students at Essex University were thril- led and honoured to offer them hospitality in their...

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You too can be one

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Timothy Garton Ash I n Moscow last month I asked a senior Pravda journalist what he thought of Erich Honecker's planned visit to West Germany — the first ever by an East German...

Auberon Waugh will resume his column next week.

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Romanian superlife

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Adam Nicolson I t is fashionable in Romania to wear clothes with English words printed on them. The meaning does not seem to matter — few people speak the language — and it is...

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Dr Priim's nectar

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Harry Eyres Trier T rier is 2,000 years old this summer, so the municipal authorities are busy sprucing up the city founded by Augustus as Augusta Treverorum, later to become...

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Two sorts of miner

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Richard West Mansfield, Notts A s the coal strike enters its 25th week, it comes increasingly to resemble a battle between the neighbouring counties of Yorkshire, the home and...

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One hundred years ago

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Active preparations are being made for the Nile Expedition which is to relieve General Gordon, but there is much consternation at the condition of the Nile, which has fallen a...

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Pit for the unwary

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Andrew Brown A writer in the Guardian recently sug- gested that the coal strike be solved radically: the unprofitable pits of England and Wales should be handed over free to...

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Gingerbread and beer

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Ludovic Kennedy B y the time this appears, another Twelfth will be over. We shall have read reports of prospects and results (poor once again above the Highland Line, bet- ter...

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Beyond my Ken

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Jeremy Lewis I n the days of my youth, South Kensing- ton was heavily populated by maiden aunts, dilapidated majors with watery eyes and damp, tobacco-stained moustaches, and...

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The press

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Carry on deceiving Paul Johnson rr he Press Council's adjudication in 1 favour of the Sunday Times in the Barclay's Bank-Denis Thatcher case is not only wrong in itself but...

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A wider circle

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rr he greatest test for the policy of selling 1 state assets, and for the magic circle of six merchant banks in charge of the sales, is now three months away. Then, half of...

City and

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Salomon abdicates private banking loses its most public : I. advocate as Sir Walter Salomon slips into the wings. He has ended 34 years as chairman of Rea Brothers, the City...

Poor ould sod

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he latest excuse for the Irish economy, 1 so Richard West tells us (The Irish example', 11 August), is that they do not have North Sea oil. They may or may not have Celtic Sea...

Narcolept writes

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T hat boring bookshop in Ipswich clearly does not know its business, or read its stock. The shop has been set up to special- ise in the tedious, and will offer insomniacs and...

Thames on fire

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T hames Television is looking more sale- , able than ever. Profits before tax up by half, to £13 million, in the year which ended in March. Growth was export-led, by sales of...

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What ho!

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Sir: Sir John Summerson supports the removal in 1969 of Sir John Soane's restric- tion on the professional status of the curator of his museum, and presumably he also welcomed...


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Sir: As a fairly regular reader of your magazine I hope you will not take excep- tion if I register a strong protest to the presence of the work of Taki in your pages; this has,...


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Not confounded Sir: Your Note 'Neuberger confounded' (4 August) suggested that I was confounded. I was not. I was on holiday, and the authors of the 'cruel rebuff you attribute...


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Sir: As a young farmworker of 17 I spent some hard-earned cash on several issues of your magazine in an effort to understand the politics and ideas of conservatism. I tried to...

Left tcithe nation

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Sir: Sir John Summerson is quite right (Letters, 11 August) to observe that Sir John Soane intended his house and collec- tion to become a national museum, but there is surely...

Sir: I read with regret that Taki has been found

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guilty of possession of 21.4 grammes of cocaine. As this drug is now recognised a. the only international means of ex- change (re: De Lorean versus US Govt 1983/4) can readers...

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A doctored Shakespeare Peter Levi The Contemporary Shakespeare: Hamlet, The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Julius Caesar and Romeo and Juliet...

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A model statesman

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Robert Stewart Lord Liverpool: the Life and Political Career of Robert Banks Jenkinson, Second Earl of Liverpool, 1770-1828 Norman Gash (Weidenfeld & Nicolson £16.95) N orman...

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God's other Englishmen

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Eric Christiansen The Experience of Defeat Christopher Hill (Faber & Faber £12.50) T he consequences of defeat are some- times terrible. They are not always so, and may even...

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The sins of the mothers

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Sarah Bradford Deceived with Kindness: a Bloomsbury Childhood Angelica Garnett (Chatto & Windus £9.95) 'Clhildren begin by loving their parents; %..../after a time they judge...

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The reluctant spinster

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Kay Dick A Very Private Eye: the Diaries, Letters and Notebooks of Barbara Pym Edited by Hazel Holt and Hilary Pym (Macmillan £12.95) A heart she was a Betjeman girl (`The...

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The Austrian Whig

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Michael Ivens Hayek Eamonn Butler (Temple Smith £4) Hayek on Liberty John Gray (Basil Blackwell £19.50) Money, Capital and Fluctuations Friedrich Hayek (Routledge & Kegan Paul...

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Heirs to the Raj

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Francis King The Club Indira Mahindra (Bodley Head £7.95) W hen, on a recent-visit to India, I was having dinner in a hotel restaurant in Khajuraho, I suddenly heard a loud,...

Sex Wars

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Wilfred De'Ath Men: the Male Myth Exposed Mary Ifigham (Century Publishing £8.95) S ome recent research by a group of American psychiatrists concentrated on three prospective...

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The sound of music Giles Gordon 42nd Street (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane) Bashville (Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park) D avid Merrick's 42nd Street is a show which should...

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End games Peter Ackroyd The Last Battle ('15', selected cinemas) - `veryone seems to have mentioned the 4 fact that the central character of this film is first seen making...

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In the balance Peter Phillips T'm beginning to wonder whether there is any longer such a person as the typical concert-goer. If there is I suppose he has not attended many...

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Summer fling Alastair Hicks M ost picture buyers avoid the heat of London's summer. Paintings are de- finitely off season from mid-July to mid- Se ptember. After all, every...

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Eye-catching Peter Levi 'Television sets are widely believed to be 1 dangerous even when they are not turned on. I have been warned that if you stroke the blank screen it...

High life

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Snags Taki T o say that I've hit a snag in the pursuit of the high life would be an understate - ment. The morbid fascination with self - destruction has also come to a halt....

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Low life

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Life class Jeffrey Bernard T write to you as we go into the last day of the fifth and final Test against the West Indies. At the beginning and until recently I was a little...


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Beliefs P. .1 Kavanagh T o go back for a moment to the recent fire at York Minster. It was noticeable that the majority of the people who wrote in to Radio 4's PM programme...

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No. 1334: Goodbye, Piccadilly Set by Jaspistos: You are invited to write a poem on the temporary disappearance of the statue of Eros from its usual site (maximum 16 lines)....

No..1331: The winners

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Jaspistos reports: Competitors were asked for an extract from a talk to a sporting team by its religious adviser. Do clergymen always begin talks with the word 'Now . . ..?...

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Solution to 668: Chilepine

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t A ifit 1 . t 5 c o ti N T I NG O A IVi 0 0 H A P 13 M MD, 0 %0P ED A I I ANUMAN P WIA1C ' I V A N D I EV ' E l 1 ., %NJ iz, U ., wr c L. rib Ivi oirk - w oommATEvi. I RDO I...

Crossword 671

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Prize: LIO – or a copy of Chambers Dictionary, 1983 edition (ring the word 'Dictionary' under name and address) – for the first correct solution opened on 3 September. Entries...

Chess Short cut Raymond Keene

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N igel Short, at 19 the world's youngest Grandmaster, has broken fresh ground by becoming the youngest-ever British champion, and in the strongest national championship held to...

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Ginger snap

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Q nake-hipped Melvyn Buns shoots food. L.3Other smart photographers take faces, fashion or wars but Melvyn is one of a new breed. After hours of careful thought, he flexes his...

Books Wanted

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