18 NOVEMBER 1854

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ANOTHER fierce engagement between the Russians and the Allies before Sebastopol took place on the 5th of this month. From the numbers brought against us, from the duration of...

The progress of events in the Crimea might have told

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us, if we had not alreedy perceived the truth, not only that we shall need i an increase of strength for sustaining the war in that quarter, but that we shall have to extend...

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The aspect of the Spanish Constituent Cortes is peculiar, but

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the acts to which it has given effect would seem to imply more con- sideration for the difficulties of Espartero'sdiovernment than we were led to expect. 'It is observed that,...

The continued rumours in India, that Russia is making ad-

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vances in this or that quarter of Central Asia, deserve little no- tice; but there is another subject of rather prominent discussion in the Indian papers. They are considering...


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The first meeting of the Society of Arts, the opening of the winter session, was held in the Adelphi on Wednesday. Lord Ebrington, the President of the Council for the ensuing...

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Tan Queen held a Council on Tuesday, at Windsor Castle ; when Par- liament was ordered to be further prorogued from the 16th instant to the 14th December. Sir Benjamin Hall was...

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TEE Cunce-a.—Our accounts from the Crimea now include the official despatches of the French and English commanders, narrating the com- bats on the 25th and 26th October,...


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At a dinner held on Monday, the anniversary of the Colston Charitable Societies, at Bristol, Mr. William Miles M.P. renewed the expression of his sentiments in regard to the...


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The Lord-Lieutenant and the Countess St. Germans returned to tiublin, from Liverpool, on Wednesday. James JEneas Prendergast, a young man, has been arrested at Liverpool on a...


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The election of Lord Rector of Glasgow University took place on Wed- nesday ; the retiring Rector being the Earl of Eglinton. Three can- didates were proposed,—Mr. Benjamin...

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Parliament, which stood prorogued to Thursday, was again formally prorogued by commission on that day, until the 14th December. The Lords Contmissioners were the Lord...

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SATURDAY MORNING. Since the foregoing pages were prepared for the press, important de- spatches and letters have been received from the Crimea. The official despatches appear...

A special telegraphic despatch from Constantinople, via' Varna and Vienna,

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reports, that in the battle of the 6th "the English lost 102 offi- cers and 2500 men, and the French lost 48 officers and 1300 men, killed and wounded " ; and in addition to the...

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By a decree published yesterday in the Moniteur, a sixth

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company of the third battalion is to be immediately added to one hundred regiments of the Lino. We understand that contracts were accepted yesterday by the War Office for...

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Miss Nightingale, with thirty-seven nnrses - for the hospital at - Scutari, arrived at

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Constantinople on the 5th instant, the day which added so largely to the number of our wounded. The Vectis, in which Miss Nightingale sailed, also took out Dr. Cumming,...

The following despatch from the Secretary of State for War,

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convey- ing the thanks of the Queen to the Army for their services at the battle of the Alma, was incorporated by Lord Itaglan in a general order dated October 27. The language...

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Mr. Robson, a new aspirant to dramatic laurels by the Elizabethan path, has come before the patrons of the Marylebone Theatre with a five- aot play, called Love and Loyalty; and...


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Sxocx Excaswon, FRIDAY ArrEnnoox. The decline in Government Securities this week has amounted to about 2 per cent, and the fluctuations have been frequent. On the settlement of...

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M. Mazeres, who was once a most prolific dramatist but has lately become slow of production, is the author of a five-act comedy, called La Maim, recently produced at the Theatre...

The Slow Man, as the last Adelphi farce is called,

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is a mistake com- mitted by a very clever writer. We look to Mr. Mark Lemon for a nice little tableau de genre of modern life, with details highly elaborated and highly...

Mrs. Wigan becoming a real gipsy, with every peculiarity of

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the Zingari race ; and Mr. Emery making himself up into a novel sort of old bachelor, with a face and a temper that are borrowed not from stage- convention but from actual...

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THE BISHOP OF LONDON'S CHARGE. LETTER II. Loudon, 16th November 1854. Sire—A considerable part of the Bishop's Charge was devoted to reflections upon the present condition of...

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" DELENDA EST CARTHAGO." How little the iteration of wise maxims and even the foreknow- ledge of probabilities can forestal experience—how partial the i truth contained in...


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TICE last rapid report from Sebastopol represents our army, limited in numbers and in the field of its operations, as sustaining the most arduous siege that has perhaps ever...

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DIE " Central Association in Aid of the Wives and Children, Widows and Orphans, of Soldiers ordered to the East," has been convicted of withholding relief from wives and widows,...


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Is a free press an aid or an obstruction in war-time? A corre- spondent raises the question by pointing to the statements re- specting the losses sustained by our troops in the...


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A CORRESPONDENT justly expresses disgust at the feeling ex- hibited in some letters from the East, gloating over the slaugh- ters of the war. His specimens are culled from the...

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IurrAND at this moment constitutes the strongest rebuke that could be addressed to those philosophers who tell us that nothing can be done by deliberate preconceived legislation...


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Two of the most recent shipwrecks are at once striking departures from what has been considered the established rule in such cases to mitigate the calamity, and striking...

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IT is not an unusual thing for people to say, that until one has seen Rubens's Descent from the Cross at Antwerp, one cannot estimate the painter's genius. If this is a fact,...


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SOME Philhelene has said that the Greek houses which showed so much bad feeling in rejoicing over the ephemeral successes of their Russian friends were chiefly composed of Jews...

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Advances of public money towards effecting Metropolitan improvements need scarcely be looked for longer, if the temper of the present Parlia- ment is to be taken as a fair...


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The accounts of Trade and Navigation recently leaned show a decline of 754,9521. in the declared value of the exports for the month ending 10th October 1854, (8,074,0481.,) as...

(Dinning)] from tt %Int Tnako.

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OFFICIAL PLURALISTS. One of the returns ordered by the House of Commons, last session, was for " the names of all permanent public officers who hold any office or employment...

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On the 7th November, at Wilton Lodge, Hawick, Mrs. Edmund Elliot, Relict of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Elliot, Seventy-ninth Highlanders, of a son. On the 8th, at the Vicarage,...


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Tuesday,. November 14. PARTE. SRSIIIPS Dussonirma.-Eleirby and BoLon, Ratcliffe Close, Manchester, manufacturers of waterproof cloth-Mills and Cook, Oldham, machinists-Hoare and...


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ADMIRALTY, Nov. 10.-Corps of Royal Marines-Sec. Lieut. H. S. Jones to be First Lieut. vice J. E. W. Scott, to half-pay.


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Weit.corree, Nov. 17.-7th Regt. Drag. Guards-Quartermaster D. Scotland to be Cornet, without purchase, vice Usborne, who retires; Cornet D. Scotland to be Adjt. vice Dowbig,gin,...


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[From the Official Return.] Ten 'Weeks Week Tubercular Diseases 1,632 .... 165 Diseases of the Brain, Spinal Marrow, Nerves, and Senses 1,112 .... 99 Diseases of the Heart and...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prides) Selena Monday. Tuesday. indent Thurs. FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday ErenIng.) Austrian IS p. Ct. --...

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London: Printed by JOSEPH CLAYTOSI of 320. Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Jostren Cr..crrcur, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Pariah of St. Dunstan's in the West, in the City of London; and Published by the...

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PROFESSOR RICKARDS ON POPULATION AND CAPITAL.. Or these ten lectures by the Oxford Professor of Political Economy nine are devoted to Population ; the object of the lecturer...


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NOVEMBER 18, 1854.

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this volume is an American lady with an artistic taste, a genial disposition, and a semi-poetical feeling, that some- times runs into almost rhapsody under the impulse of a...

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ACCORDING to the preface, Home Life in Russia is written in English by a Russian nobleman, whose name for obvious reasons is suppressed. It is edited by another foreigner,...

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SELDEN'S TABLE-TA.LK. * THE brief form and varied topics of "

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table-talk " create for it an interest over more elaborate productions, even if of greater value and emanating from the same mind, because its demand on the attention is less....

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PAINTING AND PAINTERS. * TEN book combines two valuable intentions,—that of

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giving, as the title expresses it, " historical and critical notices" of the great schools of painting excel* the English ; and that of supplying a guide to the specimens of...


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Boon. Literary Remains of Henry Fynes Clinton, Esg., .11.4., Author of the- " Fasti Hellenici" and "Fasti Romani" • consisting of en Autobio- graphy and Literary Journal, and...

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IRISH SONGS WITHOUT WORDS.* Most lovers of the national music of Scotland are acquainted with the collections of the Melodies of that country published by Messrs. Wood of...

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LECTURES BY MR. RUSKIN. The author of the " Seven Lamps of Architecture " seems determined to do his best to carry his principles into the midst of those who should be...