19 AUGUST 1854

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Spain has advanced little beyond where we left her last

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week. The Cortes are to assemble in November, and to meet in one Chamber,— but under a prohibition against discussing the "dynastic questions" they expressly wish to handle....


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FaiNcE presents a singular picture in the midst of the great war by which she with the help of England is coercing the potentate of the North. The Emperor, escaping for a space...

ifeanwhile, the war proceeds with a regularity of march that

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Proves the vastness of the power behind the moving forces. In an announcement of the retreat from Bucharest, the St. Peters: burg .Tournal endeavours to soften the effect of the...

From America the intelligence is interesting, though not so startling

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as some of the journals would make it appear. By the return of Mr. Hincks, the leading Minister of Canada, for two places, and the election of all the Ministers, it appears that...

The five peceant boroughs, whose corrupt electors Ministers thought of

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disfranchising, but who were reprieved by the delays of the session, have returned their Members; and Marylebone has re- elected the newly-appointed Minister of Health, who owes...

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QUEEN Vicroare, escorted by a detachment of the Second Life

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Guards, proceeded on Saturday to the Palace of Westminster, and closed the session of Parliament. The procession, consisting of the state coach sad six other carriages, left...

The new Board of Health promises to be equally conciliatory

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and active. Not before it was time. The dread pestilence of the squalid alleys is knocking at lordly doors, and Lord Toeelyn is a conspicuous sacrifice. He was seized while at...

At a meeting of the Maryleborie Vestry, on Saturday, Mr.

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Nicholay proposed a resolution of thanks to Sir Benjamin Hall and Lord Dudley Stuart, for "the faithful and efficient discharge of their Parliamentary duties, and for their...

Matto not( Vrurrrtungo in Varliamtut.

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THE PROROGATION. On Saturday last, both Houses assembled about half-past one o'clock. In the House of Commons there was some talk to while away the time until two : some...

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The elections for the five delinquent and suspended boroughs have

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taken place this week. At Cambridge there were four candidates; the Tories brought forward two—Lord Maidstone and Mr. Slade, Q.C., the brother of Captain Slade in the Turkish...

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At Dublin, On Saturday, two Hebrew gentlemen, named Salomon and La- zarus, tendered informations to the Capel Street Magistrate, in order that a warrant might be issued for the...

forma ant (Mutual.

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FltANCE. — Tho Rae of Saint Napoleon has been celebrated at Paris with the usual splendours and public displays, but in the absence of the Emperor. Louis Napoleon, with his...

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A brief paragraph in our last Postscript, quoted from the Horning Herald Of Saturday, announced the sudden death of Lord Jocelyn, from cholera. It appears that the death was not...

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SATURDAY. The first blow has been :struck in the fialtic, and the,Bomarsund is in the hands of the Allies. The interesting intelligence was published tlaia afternoon, in the...

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A correspondent calls upon us to explain, that the Reverend

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Mr. Cowie, whose death under very painful circumstances we mentioned last week, was a Dissenting minister, not a member of the Established Church.

The ship Shandon of Glasgow, on her passage from that

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port to Montreal, with a cargo on board valued at 80,0001., was totally destroyed by fire on the ad instant, soon after she had left port. From the Captain's statement it would...

The Court-martial at Windsor held its sixteeth sitting yesterday ;

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when Major-General Wetherill delivered a long commentary on the evidence ad- duced before the Court, the animus of which was directed against the pri- soner, whom Major-General...

We have authority to state that Mr. Lawley's duties as

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private secre- tary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer were only temporarily continued, and that they have now ceased.-Globe.


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The recent reorganization of this establishment, with Mr. Pepper as resident director, has been followed by a move in favour of the working classes. All persons engaged in...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The fluctuations in Government Securities this week have been light, and speculative operations have been suspended, awaiting some decisive...

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Bulgaria, 13th July .1864. SIR—Having observed that of late you have been able to open your co- lumns a good deal to corre spondents, and that military ;natters are discussed...

Idttro to tlit fititur.

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COLONIAL C.ONSIILTATION versus SEPAEATIOIL Hams, 8th August 1854. SIR — Taking strongly as I do your own view as to the shape which it Jo most desirable to give to the...

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Camberwell, 1st August 1854. Sin—It appears to me that Mr. Murray, in his reply to my letter to you of the 6th ultimo, on the subject of partnership liability, has entirely...


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Edinburgh, 9th August 1854. Bra—Referring to your article imder the Topics of the Day in your jour- nal of the 6th, headed "Neglect of Discipline in the Army," I feel surprised...


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MORE PARLIAMENT! WREN the silver voice of Queen - Victoria discharged Peers and Commons from their sessional duties, we, who had grown weary of debates, for the most part...

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THE cholera season has fairly set in; the Board of Ifealthhasheen reconstructed; ana the new President, wAli Iii.tne,wjtl, yeati ,- lated his first circular before a MaryIebone...


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IF no small 'Dart of the duties belonging tp the Legislature are eieentive, the Executive has also duties of legislation to perform. Lpt i the machinery of Parliament be...

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Tkrr reconstruction and improvement of the Post-office will place that department in a state of much greater- efficieney ; but it ap- pears likely also to introduce seine...


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Tax Railway Department of the Board of Trade, pursuing its sug- gestive course, points out a practice already used on the South- Eastern Railway, and recommends it for adoption...

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THE action of great states does not change and fluctuate with every week, although in the reports - which reach us from week to week it may seem to do so ; as in a flickering...


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T1TEXISH HISTORIES. * A amnia of Turkey can only be rendered widely and perma- nently attractive by one of two modes,—a graphic narrative, ie which the characters of men, the...

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SANDWDCH ISLAND NOTES. * THESE " Notes " of a voyage

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from California to the Sandwich Islands, and of excursions through several parts of them, are ap- parently an American importation with =English titlepage. The author at all...

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HER SCHOOLS. * ' Sum a title as "Alexandria and her Schools" on the back of a small volume of 170 pages indicates the absence of any attempt at exhaustive treatment! Mr....

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HISS MITFORD'S DRAMATIC WORKS. • THIS" collected ,edition of Miss llitford's

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Dramas and Dramatic Scenes contains a new tragedy, which not only offe rs a good speci- men of the writer's theatrical powers, but of those of the age ; and a very charming...

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BOOKS. History of the Ottoman Empire ; including a Survey of the Greek Em- pire and the Crusades. By Samuel Jacob, A.B., Trinity College, Cambridge; Colonel Procter, Royal...

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etrauings firm t4r %tut %nal

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THE POST-OFFICE. The "Report upon the Post-office, 1854," bearing the names of " Elcho, Stafford H. Northeete, C. E. Trevelyan, E. A. Hoffay," to- gether with the suggestions...

/ hut Art,

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THE ASSYRIAN COURT OP THE CRYSTAL PALACE. A sense of oppression is our predominant feeling in visiting the revived Assyrian Court. We are set face to face with ghosts ; the...

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WAID•OFFICE, Aug. 15.-3d ltegt. Foot-Lieut.-Gen. N. Thorn, C.B. from the 20th Foot, to be Col. vice Gen. Sir H. King,C.B. and K.C. dec. 20th Foot-LieuL-Gen. H. Thomas, C.B. from...

BIRTH& On the 2d May, at the Parsonage, St. Mary's,

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Sturt, South Australia, the Wife of the Rev. Robert Strong, B.A., late of Wadham College, Oxford, of a son. On the 10th August, at Sherridge, Worcestershire, the Hon. Mrs. G....

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Tuesday, August 15. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED.-Crowther and Watson, Leeds, prussiate of potash Insusufacturers-Whitworth and Clarkson, Huddersfield. tea-dealers-Grist and Pc rry,...


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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Price0 Saturd. dfonday. Tuuday. Wednos Thurs, Friday. ti per Cent Consols 931 931 931 83; 931 94 Ditto for Account 931 93i 931 931 94 3 per...