1 APRIL 1837

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MINISTERS have passed the brief recess in agreeable relaxation at Woburn and Pansanger—undisturbed by RORRUCE.'s sarcasms and STA.N.LEY'S scowls. But Easter, though a period of...

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There seems to be little chance that the Spanish troops

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will recover from the defeat of Hernani for some time to come. Some letters from St. Sebastian talk of a resumption of the offensive by General EVANS; but we suspect that he...

The Tories have loudly boasted of the success of Sir

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FRANCIS HEAD in packing the House of Assembly of' Upper Canada, dur- ing the last election, with Government supporters. They imagined that their principles had become perfectly...

The French Ministers are still snapping and snarling, of one

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rnird only on two points—the receipt of salary and the retention of place. GASPARIN, whom TRIERS crushed in the CONSEIL debate,—not, as he said, that it was worth while to...

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Letters are in town of a very recent date from

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General Evans, in which he expresses his readiness to obey the wishes of his ciaisti- tuents, by resigning his seat fot thwith. At the same time, he to their recollection the...

The question of recognizing the independence of Texas seems to

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have been cushioned in the House of Representatives of the United States. The following account of the proceedings of the House on that question, is given by the intelligent...

Dissatisfaction has for some time prevailed in the rovince of

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New Brunswick, on account of the refusal of the Gus ernor, Sir ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, 10 sanction a Civil List Bill passed by both the Legislative Chambers ; and when the last...

Elir Court.

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THE King and Queen have remained at Windsor Castle during the week. His Majesty has taken rides with Lady Jersey, or Miss D'Este, every day; but the Queen has had a cold, and...

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The Lord Mayor gave his Easter entertainment at the Mansion- house on Monday. There was a grand dinner in the Egyptian Hall, at which the chief guests were the Marquis of...

At the Bow Street Office, on Saturday, Mr. Herring, who

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had tie scuffle, and afterwards a duel, with the Marquis of Waterford, was held to bail, with his "friend," a Mr. Birt, for sanding a challenge Lord William Beresford, brother...

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Cbe Country.

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The Earl of Warwick and his Tory :retainers have had a sound beating in the borough, no longer the property of the noble Greville. On Monday, the nomination of candidates to...

Mr. Vance, a medical practitioner of eminence, met with an

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acci- dent which caused his death, in a singular manner. The following particulars have been sent to the newspapers by his friend Dr. Willis, of Sackville Street- " Mr. Vance...

In the Slaffuld Independent of the 2.5th March, we find

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the full ac- count il Mr. Ward's visit to Sheffield, and his reception by and speeches to the electors and non-electors, which we desiderated last week. Oa the 20th, Mr. Ward...

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Several thousand workmen woe discharged on Saturday by the master

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hosiers of Leicester for a fortnight; trade being dull. A fatal accident occurred at the :Manchester Theatre on Wednesday night. Mr. Egerton was performing the character of'...

Sir Hussey Vivian personally, at an electioneering meeting last week

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at Saltash, repeated his written pledge to vote for the Ballot, if the electors wished it. The rseeption of Mr. Cuthbert Rippon, on Monday, by a very large and rs .pectable...

Its 4 , mq:qui:ere of the assertion lately made in l'arliament that

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Cersisie etas opoo-ed to tin alailieitsi of hutch-tams, a no Laing was Leld Iiiatockpuit Olt W"talstesday looming, ill the Count-house, to take the sense of the inhabitants...

Meetings have been held at Oldham, and in several places

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in the ' North of England, to protest against the introduction of the new Poor. law ; and at Keightly, Mr. Power, the Assistant Commissioner, escaped with some difficulty from a...

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A portion of the evidence taken before the Select Committee of the House of Commons appointed to inqttire into the operation of the Poor-law has been published. It refers...

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A meethig of the National Association was held on Saturday. Mr. O'Connell was present, and received with loud cheers. Several new members were admitted : among them were Mr. R....

The Seventh Report of the Committee on Public Petitions is

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al- most entirely filled with the petitions presented on the ad instant for ind against Church-rates. The total number of petitions presented this session, to the 6th of March...

flitdcrIlattra wt.

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The Marquis of Bath died on Monday. He is succeeded by his son Lord Henry Thynne, a Captain in the Navy, and married to a daughter of Lord Ashburton. The Earl of Weymouth, the...


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A meeting was held in Edinburgh, at the Waterloo Rooms, on Thursday week, to set on foot a subscription for a monument, to Palmer. Muir, Gerrald, Skirving, and Margarot. It was...

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The Queen of Belgium bad another son, on the 24th

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of March. The Pembroke, a British seventy-four, narrowly escaped shipwreck in a storm off Gibraltar, on the 9th of March : she was dragged off shore against the wind, by Le...

There was a serious riot in New York on the

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18th of February. It seems that flour had been dear and work scarce in New York ; and on the morning of the 13th, a meeting was summoned in the Park, to in- quire into the cause...

At the desire of a friend, who informs us that

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it will gratify a num- ber of the readers of the Spectator, we copy from the Cambridge chro- nicle, the following notice of the character, accomplishments, travels, and...


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BIRTHS. On the 2981u%, in Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, this Lady of Lient..Col. Sir Joust M. BC1100YNE, Bart., Grenadier Guards, of a daughter. On the 21st ult., at...

A decree, dated 23d November the expulsion of British and

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other barbarian merchants, bas been published at Canton. They were all ordered to be off in half a moon- " They are not to be pet flatted " says the edict, " to loiter and...

Total number of sittings 36,001 Of these there are let

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20,995 Free 1,230 Otherwise allocated 3,9132 Unlet 9,794 11,860 The Scotsman affirms that the Commissioners, in bringing out these results, have leaned too much in favour of...

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Or the fourteen theatres that were opened on E Ister Monday, we have visited btu theca—namely, Covent Garden, Adelphi, and the Olympic ; and from what wt. have heard of tlw...

The long catalogue of Canadian grievances appears to be constantly

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receiving additions. The following extract of a letter from Montreal gives an account of the last piece of bumbureaucratie insolence and folly. "Montreal. 19th February 1937....

A letter from San Sebastian, in the Times this morning,

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says that the loss of the Carlists in the late series of actions was no less than 4,000 men : if so, they are crippled for the present,

Besides the failure of Messrs. FRYE and LIGHTFOOT, the London

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bullion-brokers, noticed in our report of the Money-market, the Times this morning mentions that BENTLEY and Co., of Liverpool, a house largely engaged in the cotton-trade, have...


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STOCK EXCRANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON'. The English Stock Market has been in a quiescent state ; and the various disastrous circumstances which have occurred in the commercial world...

As an illustration of the style in which Lows PHILIP

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proposes to plunder the people of France, it may be mentioned, that while 50.(1!0/. a year is reckoned a large allowance to the heir-apparent of the British crown, and some...

The letters received in theCity this morning from the manufacturing

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districts of Lancashire, and also from Glasgow, give a very dishearten- ing picture of the state of commercial matters in those places. In Glasgow, two failures have occurred of...

In the cathedral town of Exeter, under the benign and

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especial sur- veillance of the apostolic Dr. Prittrorrs, resolutions in favour of the abolition of Church-rates were carried on Thursday, at a public meet- ing, although the...

The Bishop of Norwich is very ill ; but although

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reports have been in circulation that his decease might be hourly expected, it appears that his Lordship is not in immediate danger.


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.Arrivel At Grave:et:4. NImell 301t, W diner 11011,1 , r, fr on 1toml,a, 601.1k. from liettral ; awl Itiummt. frmn .1; Si, I Terry, Nutii i. ic 41.'1'5 id. fn,it NI la ri.ios....


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Jr appears from . the Paris papers received this morning, that the Mini-terial a crisis" still continues. Conjectural lists of new Cabi- nets are in circulation....

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Tur days named for receiving works of art at the ensuing Exhibition of the Royal Academy, were Monday and Tuesday next ; but there has since been a postponement for a week. The...


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THE LEADER OF THE " REFORMED" HOUSE OF COMMONS ON " REFORM" OF THE CRIMINAL LAW, LORD JOHN RussELL's speech on the state of the Criminal Law was much cheered in the House of...

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THE evidence which accompanies the First Report of the Poor - , law Committee, appears to estal&sh the following facts, in refe- rence to West Sussex; and beyond that part of...

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THE apology of the Colonial Office for the intended violation of the constitution of Lower Canada is, that the King gave up cer- tain hereditary revenues of the Crown, in the...


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THE Times assures its readers that it was formerly the practice both of Whig and Tory Bishop-makers to select clergymen who were distinguished not only by " li,tr,ily rank, and...


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MR. DUNCOMBE, we hope, will persevere in his motion for "copies of all the Parliamentary Surveys of Church-lands, made in 1646, and deposited by Parliament in the library of...

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THE production of a new Oratorio, by SPOIIR, is an important event in the annals of music. We feel that we have to speak of a work destined to be admired when its author, its...

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TRAVEL% A Summer in the Pyrenees. By the Honourable James Erskin, Murray. ht eras Mamie. Austria stud the Austrians. In 2 yols. Cuitqmt. POLITICAL SAT I N C. The Clockntsker;...


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THESE volumes contain a very pleasant alternation of sketches of scenery, manners, and individual characters ; a few valuable mud striking facts, showing the economical effects...

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To relieve himself, says the author, from " the dry bones of statistics," he made a tour through France and Rheoish Ger- many, whence be passed on to Vienna; briefly describing,...

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is t Nova Scotia satire upon the people and practices of that little-known colony, with occasional hits at the States, and an allusion or two to home matters ; although these...

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"THE cry is still they come." In addition to the new publications " perused and settled" in our Library, we have a number of others yet waiting for critical examination. Amongst...


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THIS is a novel in the shape of a posthumous autobiography, giving a picture of high life in the days of Fox, but more parti- cularly of the politivo-sovi tl circle of the Whig...

Besides these first births, the week has been distinguished by

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other publishing events. Mr. Moxow has completed his new and beautiful edition of WORDSWORTH'S Poetical Works ; adding two indexes, one re- sponding to the subject matter, the...

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The Vestal, and Other Poems, by HENRY VERL ANDER, B.A.

The Spectator

The author of this volume is not deficient in poetical spirit or in poetical expression ; and be possesses the taste and workmanlike powers which study and education give. But,...

Professor NEWMAN'S Practical System of Rhetoric, is a reprint from

The Spectator

thefifth American edition; and although we do not always place implicit confidence in the critical decisions of brother Jonathan, he seems in this instance to have decided...

Miscellaneous Papers on Scientific Subjects, by Major BURT, is

The Spectator

▪ collection of articles which have for the most part already ap- peared in various periodicals. From the nature of the topics they embrace, their interest is of course limited;...

Highland Rambles, and Long Stories to Shorten the Way, by

The Spectator

Sir THOMAS DICK LAUDER. These two volumes contain descrip- tions of the scenery seen in a Highland tour, made by the author and two friends with an idle pedantic schoolmaster...