1 APRIL 1848

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The Provisional Government of Paris has registered the edict of

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its mob ; and the election of the National Assembly is post- poned for - a fortnight. A wider margin is also given for the elec- tion of officers io the National Guard. M....


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THE Austrians are expelled from Milan, and probably by this time from Lombardy and Venice. Certainly, unless some great reaction take place, their power in Italy is at an end....

Parliament seems determined that Government shall gain nothing by autumnal

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sessions, and is busied at no other wurk , but that of reducing the four months before Easter to an equiva- lent of the usual two. The business of the week is scanty and...

The progress of disorder in Ireland is steady mad rapid.

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The leaders now avow the intention - to rise egairdit - the Government; and if accounts which look very specific and proliable are to be trusted, large numbers are diligently-...

Germany is heaving in ei „art wits politic-1 Princes and

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people are equally stirred. The Dune of Br:nisei-irk has given his adhesion to the lead assumed by the King of Prus- sia. The old King of Bavaria has shuffled off his troubles...

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Debates ant: 'proud:dugs in Varliament.

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INCOME-TAX. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Mr. HUME moved as an amend- ment on the order of the day for going into Committee on the Income-tax Bill, " That the Bill be...

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'Life Vrobintes.

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Mr. Quintin Dick, a Conservative and Protectionist, has defeated Mr. Houghton, a Free-trader and extensive farmer, in the contest for the repre- sentation of Aylesbury. At the...

The Dublin Herald states that the Earl of Clarendon was

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handed a letter on St. Patrick's night, cautioning him that he would be assassinated at the ball. We have reason to believe this statement true; that a person handed a note to...

gbe court.

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Tax Queen receives daily visits from the Dutchess of Kent. On Tues- day, the Dutchess of Gloucester was a visiter; on Wednesday, the Dutchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary....

'rbe .ffletropolis.

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The ceremony of "consecrating" Dr. Hampden, the Bishop-elect of Hereford, was performed on Sunday, in the chapel of Lambeth Palace. The audience was select, being admitted by...

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gortign anb colonial.

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FRX.NCE.—The Provisional Government has postponed the general elec- tion for the National Assembly till the 23d. of April, and the day of meet- ing till the 4th of May. hi....

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The Prince of Prussia, brother of the King, and heir apparent to the crown, arrived in London on Monday morning, via Hamburg, and alighted at the hotel of the Prussian Legation...


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On the 22d March, at the Rectory, Crane], Leicestershire, the Wife of the Rev. John Harewood Hill, of a son. On the 22d, at the Vicarage, Frampton-on-Severn, the Wife of the...

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We are authorized to state, with reference to a paragraph

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copied from the French papers in our impression of yesterday, in which it was stated that M. Gui- zot bad applied to the French Provisional Government for the amount of salary...

It is stated from Genoa, that Charles Albert entered Pavia

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on the 20th of March, with fourteen battalions and forty pieces of artillery. The Provisional Government of Milan has published an important docu- ment, dated the 25th, stating...


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SATURDAY. The House of Commons went into Committee of Supply, last night, on the Army Estimates. In moving the first vote, of 113,847 men, Mr. Fox MAULE made an explanatory...

Accounts have reached Jersey, via St. Malo, of disturbances in

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La Vendee, created by partisans of the Duke de Bordeaux; and the Jersey barracks are about to be prepared for Government purposes. The Ad- miralty had ordered a constant...

Private letters of the morning papers, received by the Hamburg

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mail, state that 13,000 troops from Prussia and Hanover have entered Holstein; also that the Danes have stopped the navigation of the Sound, and detained two Prussian vessels.

The Madrid papers of the 25th of March mention that

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the Duke and Dutchess of Montpensier had arrived at St. Sebastian, from Rotterdam.

A column of 6,000 Revolutionists from Paris, under Fosses, had

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suc- ceeded in entering Belgium at Risque-e-tout, a village between Mouscron and Menin, to the West of Tournay. General Fleury Duray marched immediately with 200 infantry, two...


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STOCK EXCHKNOP., FRIDAY Arnamoos. The English Funds are today about 2 per cent below the closing prices of last week; the last quotation this afternoon being 81i it. In the...

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The revival of Cibber's Double Gallant at the Haymarket has

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proved a failure. It is but a poor production, made up of two or three dramas which have no connexion with each other, and without that brilliancy of dialogue which seems to...

THEATRES AND MUSIC- Boni the Italian Operas seem to be

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reduced to their shifts to get over the ante-Easter part of the season; the extraordinary length of which, this year, proves not a little embarrassing. At Her Majesty's, Nino...

As there are some substances which seem almost to defy

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the power of friction, so there are some dramatic themes which appear to resist all endeavours to wear them out. An assassinated man, with another standing by his side, who has...


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ARRIVED—At Gravesend, 27th March, Keying, Kellett. from China ; and Cheapside, Lewis, from Ceylon. In the Downs, 29th, Faithful, Morrison, from China ; James White, Turner, from...

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laarrga 'Sirt—In my last letter I drew attentlim to the proofs which we possess, that diversity of railway gauge detracts largely and appreciably from the economical use of...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Gokkee Hill, 29th March 1848. DEAR SIR—I beg to enclose, for insertion in your journal, some observations on the Government measure for...

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LORD JOHN RUSSELL appeared before the House of Commons the other night in forma pauperis, to apologize for the backward state of public measures; hinting at rather than...


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REORGANIZATION OF EUROPE. THE European settlement of 1815 is breaking up before our eyes. We await the political reconstruction of the Continent with the fi r mest hope that,...

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FOREIGN countries will be not a little surprised and amused at our ways, when they observe the gentlemen bound over for trial in Dublin on a charge of sedition, which might...

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VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, Narrative of Events in Borneo and Celebes, down to the Occupation of Labuan: from the Journals of James Brooke, Esq., Rajah of Sariwak and Governor of La-...


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English labourers and servants from France is begetting a natural spirit of retaliation. The petty tyranny is a nuisance which any settled government, as soon as France ob-...

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of fictions which chiefly aimed at represent- ing manners, and what is called "character," in a narrow field of life, with- out much regard to exact probability in the conduct...

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BOOKS. The Natural History of the Human Species, its Typical Forms, Primaeval Distribution, Filiation, and Migrations. Illustrated by thirty-four co- loured Plates, with...

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EXHIBITION OP DECORATIVE ARTS AND MANEFACTITRES IN THE ADELPHL THE Society of Arts has opened its second annual exhibition of manu- factured works for purposes of decoration or...

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ADMIRALTY, March 23.-The following promotions have this day taken place, con- sequent upon the death of Vice-Admiral F. Warren : Vice-Admiral of the White R. Curry, C.B., to be...


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WAR-OFFICE, March 31.-1st Drag. Guards-To be Capt.. by purchase-Lieut L. Little, vice Power, who retires ; Lieut.. W. Tuthill, vice Newland, who retires. To be Llents. by...


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Tuesday, March 28. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Harland and Townsend, Borough Market, potato-salesmen-Bridgewater and Dob- son, Ripon, Yorkshire, sawmill-owners-Morley and Co....

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Satard. Kotula,. Tawdry. Frahm per Cent Consols Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced Si per Cents Long Annuities Bank Rtock,9 per Cent...