21 OCTOBER 1854

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The intimation that our Government is preparing some step to

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arrest the Russian trade through Prussia, would alone suffice to disprove the late reports that Prussia was growing more reasonable, and to tell her that a time of closer...

The address. presented by the Volksthing of Denmark to the

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King, adopted by a majority of 90 to 1, brings the contest between the Court and the nation to a precise issue, and clearly defines the position of the Danes as opposed to the...


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allotted to our Allies ; while a strong portion of their ar od ready to support it, and to repulse any interruption of the work- ing-parties. The siege-parties of the British...

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Tam programme of the Queen's progress home last week was kept almost to the letter. Her Majesty duly visited Hull and Grimsby, receiving the felicitations of the authorities;...


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Three Courts-martial were held at Sheerness on Tuesday, on board the Waterloo flag-ship, to investigate the circumstances under which certain ships were abandoned in the Arctic...


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The number of deaths from cholera continues to decrease ; but the general sanitary condition of the Metropolis is below the average of former years of epidemic. Nevertheless,...

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Notice has appeared in the Dublin Gazette for the enrolment of the Irish Militia; the number of men required is 30,000. The fighting in the Crimea has stirred the martial...

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TEE CRIMEA. —The latest authentic accounts from Balaclava extend to the 3d October. They consist of the usual supply of letters to the jour- nals, and a statement in the...

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The first autumn Cabinet Council was held on Tuesday, at the Forei gn Offioe. All the Ministers were present, and the sitting occupied three hours and a half. A second Cabinet...

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SATURDAY MORNING. The appeal to the public on behalf of our wounded soldiers, originating with the letter of Sir Robert Peel to the Times last week, has raised up- wards of...

The telegraphic despatches contain a variety of statements' from the

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usual sources. - . " Faris, Friday Morning.—The Charge d'Affaires of France at Constanti- nople writes, on the 10th of October, to the Minister of Foreign Affilirs- According...


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On the 11th October, at the Abbey House, Glastonbury, the Wife of the Rev. Ed- mund Peel, of a son. On the 12th, in Chester Square, the Lady Louisa Dillon, of a son. On the...

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The Danish Diet has carried out, in its address to

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the King, the spirit already noticed in our compilation of foreign news. The address was adopted, on the 19th instant, by a majority of 90 to 1. "The Volksthing perfectly...

The Convocation of tha Prelates and Clergy of the Province

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of Canter- bury was yesterday. prorogued, in the Jerusalem Chamber, to Friday, 17th November.' ' The Gazette of last night contained the following announcement—. "TheQneenhai...

The Paris correspondent of the Morning Chronicle, speaking of a

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report that the Emperor and Empress of the French wonld visit our Queen, says- " I understand, from '."hat would appear to be expellent authority, that the - visit will take...

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The production of Pericles at Sadler's Wells Theatre shows what a curious turn dramatic " legitimacy " has taken. Twenty years ago, when Mr. Bunn seemed to be placed on one side...

Mr. Westerton, Churchwarden of St. Paul's Knightsbridge, appeared yes- terday

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before the Westminster Magistrate to answer a charge of assault. The charge arose out of these circumstances. Last Sunday, Mr. Ernest Fitzroy, a youth of twenty, sang instead of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The payment of the October dividends at the Bank of England has les- sened the pressure for money both in the Stock Exchange and out of doors....

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To employ Mr. F. Robson to the best advantage according

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to his known talents, the dramatic author should contrive for him a farcical character in which those intense emotions prevail that might constitute the pathos of tragedy. A...

For a long time the world has believed that Miss

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Rosins Wright, of the Lyceum, was the only English dancer - worthy of a comparison with foreigners. However, we now see the germ of a genuine Terpsichorean talent in Miss Lydia...


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This popular place of entertainment devoted its receipts of Thursday night to the fund for the relief of the wives and children ' widows and orphans, of soldiers ordered on...


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Lesketh How, Atnbkside, 18th October 1864. Son—You have done me the honour to insert a letter of mine in the last number of 'your journal, in reply to one from "A Very Old...

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TICKETS-OP-LEAVE. London, 171h October. Sin — I cannot expect that you will open your valuable pages to a length- ened controversy upon tickets-of-leave; but I should be glad...

The new drama of A Summer Storm has the length

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without the sub- stance of a genuine Adelphi piece. An attempted murder, a false accu- sation, and ultimate vindication of innocence, are good standing ma- terials, that can no...

Liannaw Tx:mammals.

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Those great temples of the drama the Ambigu-Comique and the Ga/te are vying with each other in the production of two long pieces, dissimilar in plot, but very much alike in...

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AFTER the memorandum put forth by the Director-General of the Army and Ordnance Medical Department, there can be little doubt that our forces in the East are supplied with every...


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MrtusrEns have assembled in town , anti IPAIRin Cabinet Council, under circumstances such as the institution itself has never before witnessed. We have had in the history of...


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Bra—Your invitation in a recent number of the Spectator to inquiry upon the question whether an undue proportion of surplus may not have been devoted to the purposes of...

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To pass from the parent state to the youngest of

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our Colonies, we have the same truth illustrated directly and inversely. Few Governors have been cleverer than Sir George Grey ; but, trying to govern without honesty or...


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LIVERPOOL is at variance with our Leviathan contemporary the Times. Statements have been made in that journal respecting the estate of Mr. Oliver, who has suspended payment, and...

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Review is defining the "sphere and du- ties of Government," the Edinburgh is defining the sphere and duties of Railway Companies, vindicating the interests of railway...


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AN ancient naval club has its rights, and we would not deny to gentlemen whose corporate birth begins in seventeen hundred and sixty-something, the right of celebrating almost...

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WHY was there no duel between Sir James Graham and Mr. William Beresford ? Let the public confess that it feels disap- pointed. There is something so extravagant in the idea of...


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Runs is in a state of excitement at a new arrival. By the Stras- bourg Railway, in special carriages, has arrived a strong detach- xnent of fishes for the artificial lakes in...

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WILBERFORCE ' S INQUIRY INTO THE PRINCIPLES OF CHURCH AUTHORITY. * EVERY religion, so long as it is confined to purely spiritual in- fluences, is rightly free from state...

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LARPENT'S TURKEY. * Sue JAirEs PORTER, on whose papers these volumes

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may be said to be founded, was born in 1710, and died in 1786. He was origin- ally intended for mercantile business, and was placed with a house in the City; but having through...

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Tins volume is remarkable for the intellectual vigour it displays, and the little result that vigour produces Mr. William Bell Scott has poetical feeling, keen observation deep...


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Booss. The History of the Irish Brigades in the Service of France. By John Cornelius O'Callaghan, Editor of " Macaria3 Excidium," for the Irish Archmological Society, &c....

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MILITARY GAZETTE. OFFICE OF OrinwAxce, Oct. 16 -Royal Re g t. of

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Artillery-First Lieut. .1. F. Penuyeuick to be Second Capt. vice Dew, killed in action at the Alma; Second Lieut. R. O'Hara to be First Lieut. vice Pennycuick ; Second Lieut. H....


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Tuesday, October 17. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Evelei g h and Co. Manchester, Cashmere hood-manu- facturers ; as far as re g ards W. Revell-Lillicmp, Brothers, Bishops g ate...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Soloed. Monday. Tuesslasa , Widuss. , Thurs, a per Cent Consols 95 94) 911 941 941 Ditto for Account 911 941 943 94/ 941 I per Cents Reduced...