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Somewhat more to South, the aspect of political affairs is

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not less favourable to sound political views. We would not, in- deed, trust to the passing aspect of the week ; but the politician cannot ignore even the most transient signs,...

• The turn of events in Germany is favourable to

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the Constitu- tionalists. The Elector of Hesse-Cassel and his Minister Hessen- pfiug have not been able to hold out long enough even for the most prompt and partial aid from...

Although we have advices from East and West, neither sends-us

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intelligence of any very eventful character. Political discussion in the United States, even over the ceaseless quarrel on the Slavery question is merged in the social gossip...


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ROME Will sanction no compromise in Ireland, but resolutely takes her stand against England on. the field of the Queen's Colleges. 'The Synod of Thurles has resulted in a...

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The slaughter of the week on the Eastern Counties Itailway

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re- minds one of the contest between the company and its servants, with the wholesale substitution of strangers for the familiar hands ; and many will ascribe it to the change....

'Or Verniinlit

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In the Court of Common Council, on Tuesday, a motion to reduce the Recorder's salary from 3000/. a year to 2500/. a year was negatived, after debate, by thirty-five votes to...

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t rrothartz.

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Spurred by the Speaker's gazetted notice of a new writ, the general body of Conservatives in Cambridge University have agreed upon a can- didate in preference to Mr. Cowling,...

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The Lord-Lieutenant's stay at Belfast lasted only till Friday evening. We briefly mentioned in our last Postscript the incidents of Lord Cla- rendon's visit on Thursday : with...

Dorrces•rzn Rams.

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The Northern meeting took place under a fortunate conjuncture of cir- cumstances—superb weather, new and advantageous means of access, and sport only once pree,edented in the...

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fortigu anti (Colonial.

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FRANCE. —The eighty-five Councils-General have terminated their fort- night's session of the year; and their sentiments on the question of re- vising the Constitution are summed...


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The rustic pleasures of the Royal Family have been varied by their pre- sence at the clan-gathering at Braemar to witness the games there played; also by the sport of...

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A Court of Directors was held at the East India House, on Wednes- day; when Lieutenant-General Sir William Maynard Gomm, K.C.B., was appointed Commander-in-chief of the...

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The Church and State Gazette collects facts and gossip respecting

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reli- gious "perversions" to the Church of Rome. Confirming the statement that the Reverend Henry Wilberforce, of Farleigh, was "received into the Popish Church on Monday last,...

"It might have been inferred," says the _Dublin Evening Past,

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" from a paragraph in our last, that the vacancy in the Common Pleas, mused by the death of Chief Justice Doherty, has been filled. We understand that no arrangements have as...

• Last night's Gazette contains the Speaker's notice preliminary to

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a new writ for Herefordshire, in the room of the late Mr. Joseph Bailey junior, at the end of fourteen days after the 20th September. A Committee of the -whole Court of...

At the yearly meeting of the Bsnbuiy Agricultural Association, on

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Tuesday, Mr. Henley, M.P., made a speech which somewhat exasperated the agricultural mind— "lie thought that all must see that many things they expected to come to pass had not...

Captain Chads, C.B., of the Excellent, at Portsmouth, recently per-

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formed a series of experiments which proved satisfactorily that shot could be made to take a considerable diverging course instead of going in a clireet line to the object they...

The _nines- Zeitung has a telegraphic despatch, dated Cassel, Thursday

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the 19th September, stating that an ordinance had just been published transferring the sea of government to Wilhemsbad. Other accounts, not so late, however, state that the...


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SATURDAY. The period of her Majesty's return to Holyrood Palace from Balmoral has not yet been intimated to the authorities here. We understand, how- ever, that it is probable...

Baron &meow, the Russian Minister, has returned to London from

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St Petersburg. He had only reached the Russian capital a few days when he received the news of the death of Mademoiselle Olga de Lechner, his stepdaughter : through the...


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On the 9th September, at Nice, the Hon. Mrs. James Butler, of a daughter. On the 12th, at the Vicarage, Enfield, the Wife of the Rev. J. H. Heath, of a daughter. On the 12th,...

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Dublin, 13th September 1850:- Sin—A hint thrown out for the benefit of the University of Dublin, in ar leading article of a recent number of the Spectator, encourages me to hope...

rrttrts to tt fititnr.

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GOVERNMENT OF THE CHURCH. Maley, Stourbridge, 16th September 1850. Sin—I believe that I agree nearly in all your remarks upon my letter - about the Church that -appeared in the...

While the decline of physical strength is painfully apparent in

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many of' Mr. Parren's impersonations, there is a class of characters in which he can turn that very decline to good account That class is one of the numerous sections of M....

At recent meetings held by the inhabitants of Hertford, resolutions

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were passed recommending the carrying out a plan of steam communication with the Metropolis on the - river Lea. Itis proposed to build small steamers suit- able for *anal...

C4ratrifi. ?IA ktIS AV.4 Sal 'Fhe prpduction of another English version

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of Gins/do, at the Haymarket, does not Alter the opinion which we formed when the first version was brought out at the Olympic,—namely, that without music it is but a cha-...


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BTOCIC EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been ins quiet state during the whole week, and until today the fluctuation had not exceeded if per cent ; the...

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7 Austin Friars London, 19th September 1850. Snt—Will you allow me to call your attention to a portion of your very just strictures of last Saturday upon Parkhurst Prison, in...


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WISDOM OUT OF SEASON. AT this period of the year, when the journals are relieved of the debates-= Parliament, the space becomes available for a variety of interesting matter,...


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SMALL as Hesse-Cassel is, the events now in progress -re instruc - tive for every class of politicians. As a small bread - in the land can disclose to the geologist the...

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Ax instructive reading of the phrase "tenant right" is supplied by Lord Dungannon in a letter to the editor of the Belfast Chro- tuck. A certain John Gilmore has, it seems, been...


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resolved itself', if not into smoke, at least into a monster cloud of words; within which, however, are included two tangible and practical ideas. The reverend fathers have...

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11ORSE-13ALLCONING. , • = -

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A eau is made upo n governments to in down such exhibitions as that of Mr. ei,pony excursions in balloon ; the fatal result having opened t h e jiil4ie , t mind to the...


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" AnairvAL of Jenny Lind at New York—Execution of Professor Webster": such is the heading of a New York letter in the papers this week. Its beginning introduces a new...


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THE execution of capital punishment on Professor Webster at New York has been attended with some striking improvements, that ought to establish the refinement to which our...

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ME. W. S. GIBSON'S DILSTON HALL.. To have the head cut off is a great advantage to any one anxious for posthumous fame. To many minds, the tyranny of Strafford, the falsehood...


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CHEAP fares for hackney-carriage and railway are a real " boon " to numbers, but they are not yet arranged on a satisfactory foot- ing, and we notice a variety of complaints....

Mr. R. Welch, of Totnes, who is totally blind, cultivates

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and rears with his own hands the varieties of flowers in their seasons, distinguishes the most beautiful from the inferior, and points out their qualities to astonished...

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the patients themselves seem rather accompanifttents than causes. Dr. Chambers

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also goes into the subject of treatment; which con- sists rather in diet and management than much medicine. He also broaches a curious application of corpulence or weight as a...

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• ElL2733.114E JESSE'S LONDOS AND ITS Clk f 4iiiii rd". .

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As regards originality, this second series of Mr. 7.essesAlawas4on is y equal to the first. Iscleedi.the author eifera.aat apolngy for its appearance after moll books as Leigh...

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Booxs. A Handbook for Travellers in Devon and CorincrilL With Maps. [At first sight, Devonshire and Cornwall do not seem the most attractive of counties for tourists • nor are...

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tirouingo frni ttt Cut .%nokg.

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STATISTICS OF THE INQUIRY INTO EMBASSIES AND MISSJONS. Tax sumptuous providings for the outlying representatives of the Go- vernment exceed those pertaining to its gene...

MILITARY GAZETTE' Omen OF ORDNANCE, Sept. 13.—Royal Re g t. of Artillery—The

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Rev , W. M. Wri g ht to be Chaplain, vice Tuson, resi g ned. - Corps of Royal En g ineers.—Lieut.-Col. W. H. Slade to be Col. vice Holloway, deceased. . WAR-OFFICE, Sept....

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I0f§ - 011 - R A ltENT.

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dsnottt 3 10 1,0t09 01"01.0Lp /PO . • Iluw 3ai1 aiolueek use v:Arr .a • 1 IL-19mq 1itn17 iou irrl441 1 717W, ow ,hoolior .filto . latiaifos4spaosii yelsovisklaisooekt• • 3...


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Tuesday, September 17. • P.arrriciakitir__a 'Brothers, Chiswell Street,. auctioneoes-i Parker and Son, Sheffield, horn-merchants - Reiy and Robinsorr, Liverpool, cutlers...