23 APRIL 1831

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THE first Parliament of WTILLIAM the Fourth is at an end. The House of Commons declared against the Reform Bill on Tues- day ; and on Thursday, dreading a dissolution, resorted...

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Don MIGUEL has given mortal offence to the French authorities,.

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by causing a poor Frenchman, named BONHOMME, to be severely whipped through Lisbon, and by condemning him to banishment. The last letters speak of the retirement of the French...

A conspiracy was lately discovered at Constantinople in favour of

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the expatriated Janissaries. It was cut short in the usual way,. by guillotining of seven or eight hundred of the unhappy wretches engaged in it. The Sultan is a vigorous monarch.

looks confidently forward to the labours of a future Chamber

The Spectator

to extend and consolidate the ameliorations in the political system introduced by that which has been just dissolved. There have been some disturbances (Anglice rows) in Paris...

The rumours of an intention on the part of the

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Belgium Go- vernment to offer the crown of the Netherlands to Prince Leopold appear to be confirmed by the arrival in England of a deputation, at the head of which is FELIX...

The disturbances in the county of Clare, we exceedingly regret,.

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have not ceased, notwithstanding the lenity of Government, and the most strenuous exertions, in this instance as bold as they are laudable, of Mr. STEELE and the other friends...

The report of a fresh victory gained by the gallant

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Poles has been confirmed in part. On the 9th the Commander-in-Chief came in contact with the enemy near Siedlec ; a smart action en- sued, the result of which was the capture of...

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THE KING AND HIS Counr.—Their Majesties arrived at St. James's

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Palace, from Windsor, on Tuesday afternoon ; having left the Castle at eleven o'clock. In the evening they, for the first time, visited the Opera. They entered the theatre a few...

THE Paoammom.—This most important event was hailed in town with

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one general burst of rejoicing. Notwithstanding the lateness of the hour when it became generally known, not a few of the more hearty well-wishers of Reform illuminated on the...

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FtvEsHInZ.—The late General Wemyss represented the county of Fife for

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many years. He was a steady supporter of the Government, at a period when the Tory system of government was almost universally supported by country gentlemen, both Scotch and...

THE THEIT RES.—Mr. Knowles's historical play of Alfred the Pa-

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triot King comes out at Drury Lane on Wednesday. Macready, of course, plays the hero ; and Wallack, Cooper, Miss Phillips, &c. have all parts. We hope this will speedily redeem....

M. DE R ANYILLE.—A chevalier d'industrie, who had assumed this

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name, and, on the pretence that he was the nephew of M. Guernon de Ren- ville, the French ex-Minister, imposed on a number of persons in Lon- don, and among others, on Messrs....

Gin ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday afternoon, a horse in a gig ran

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with great speed over Blackfriars Bridge ; the driver was thrown out, and immediately after the gig broke to pieces. Opposite Christ Church, the horse came in contact with a...

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The Spectator

TO THE EDITOR. OF THE SPECTATOR. SIR — As the tenor of my former letter to you was directly the reverse of asserting that the Princess VICTORIA was in ill health, I cannot but...


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STOCK EXCITAXCE, SATURDAY MURN/NG.—The fluctuations in the price of Stock, although frequent, have not beenof so much consequence this week as for some time previous ; the...


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OXFORD. Are r. .—This day the following degrees were conferred : Jlesters .4r/s-11. R. Beaumont, Christ Church, Grand C(71111,::It Ilder ; Rev. G. i'. Stop ford, late Fel- low...


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The Inglis, Duke of York, Waterloo, and Rose, coin:o.dag thee first division of the Company's direct China ships, were despat.:1,ed on Monday. Arrived. At Liverpool, April...


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On Friday last, the Rev. H. W. Nevill. M.A. of Magdalen College, was instituted to the Rectories of Bergh Ampton, Norfolk, and Ottley, Suffolk, on the presentation of the Earl...

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BIRTHS. On the 17111 inst. in Cornwall Terrace, Regent's Park, the Hon. Mrs. DUNCAN, of a son, which only survived a few hours. Ou the 1601 inst. at Gadebridge Cottage, the...


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WAR•OPFICE, April 19th. , -.4th Regt. of Dragoon Guards : Major H. Pratt, from the half-pay, to be Major. vice T. Hutton, who exchanges-13th Light Dragoons : Lieut. J. Boaltb,...

FROM LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, April 19,

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PARTNitmisn IPS DISSOLVED. 1TAHsmrHr,m. and HA eta DAV, Stroud, Gloucestershire, furniture-brolcers-Hr NDE and Moon. E, Poppin's Court, Fleet Street, law.stationers -BE w I CB...

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THE DISSOLUTION. WHAT we always expected, and have often foretold, has come to pass : the supreme authority of this country-that is, a majority of the House of Commons-refuses...


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BRITISH. per Cent. Reduced . 3 per Cent. Consols ....... Ditto for Account ........ SI per Cent. ma 44 per Cent. New . . . 4 per Bank Stock .. .....•• India Bonds . .........

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SOME inattentive people have expressed a needless surprise at the last exhibition of Sir ROBERT WILSON on the stage of the House of Commons. For our parts, we think the farewell...


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THE coquetting of a couple of fighting men, each dreadfully afraid of coming to the scratch, has been a subject of amusement from the days of Pallett and the Doctor in their...


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THE Times has been the occasion of manifold complaint during the present session of Parliament. The last instance, of which we have given an account elsewhere, has been the most...

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MAssisiona's tragi-comedy of The Maid of Honour was revived at this theatre on Wednesday, tbr the purpose of introducing Miss FANNY KIMBLE in the character from which the play...


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ON Monday, Messrs. AIATHEWS and YATES were "at home" to the public, in their snug domicile at the Adelphi. Mr. MATHEWS produced the " second volume of his Comic Annual," with a...


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IN former years, we have had occasion to notice, with some surprise, the surrender which Mr. VAUGHAN, who stands at the head of one de- partment of English vocal music, should...

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ON THE DIVISION ON GENERAL GASCOYNE ' S MOTION. The letter A denotes the friends to Reform ; the letter N Its enemies; and the dash — the absentees. In the absent column, the...

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England.... Wales ..... Scotland.... Ireland..... Paired of. Tor. Against. Rhin,. Far. :cawing, Vernet. Total. 55 .... 36 .... 4 .... 4 .... .. .... I .... 100 — — — — — — _...

The following Lists will illustrate the immediate cause of the

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Defeat of Ministers. 1. Members who voted for Ministers on the Second Reading, but opposed them on this Motion.. 15 2. Members who voted fur them on that occasion, but were...

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VOYAGES AND 1 Captain Basil Hall's Voyages and I • 3 Vols. Cadell. TRAVELS.. j Travels 1 Conder's Italy 3 Vols. Duncan. POETRY Landor's Gebir, and Other Poems Moxon....

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CONDER'S Italy will in future be the travelling companion of

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every man bent upon a thorough investigation of that interesting land. Mr. CONDER is the best compiler of the day. And this is no small praise : such compilation as Mr. CONDER'S...

Mr. LANDOR has thought proper to republish poems, which, under

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the name of Gebir and other appellations, have long been before the public. They never attracted much attention ; and though we have found lovers and students of poetry who have...

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Wedded Life in the Upper Ranks consists of two tales,

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both of great pretension, but of very small power. Of the many fashion- able novels we rave lately read, this is, if not the one most desti- tute of talent, certainly the most...

Of M . CRIE'S life of John Knox, we need say no

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more than that the fifth edition has just made its appearance. We wish that it had been in the size and shape and at the price of the " Family Library." Every one knows that the...

Messrs. TREUTTEL and WURTZ have commenced a "Family, Library of

The Spectator

French Classics." The dramatic series is commenced. with two volumes of 167d/ire. They are printed in Paris, and pre- sent no resemblance to our different series under the same...

The Arcana of Art and Science is the fourth volume

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of a little- work of the most useful and entertaining description. It is brim- ful of all the new facts that have shown themselves above ground, in the course of the year. Every...

The Working Man's Companion is, in fact, a very well

The Spectator

com- piled and amusing children's book : we do not see how it will fall in 'with the tastes and wants of the " working man," whose reliefs are seldom of a literary or scientific...

Mr. VALPY has commenced his " Epitome of English Litera-

The Spectator

ture," which is to consist of a series of abridgments o fall the classical works in the language. The idea is an excellent one ; and if the execution correspond with the...

We perceive with salifaction, that the English reader is now

The Spectator

presented with a luminous view of Vegetable Physiology, after the natural methol of JUSSIEU, in M`GILLivaAv's translation of RICHARD'S b.:Le/Jul/is qf Botany. This excellent...

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A VERT ingenious model of the City of London, and of the principal pub- lic buildings in the metropolis and its immediate neighbourhood, will be exhibited to the public on...


The Spectator

AN exhibition, of a very novel and ingenious kind, is just opened at 15, Soho Square, consisting of a small collection of copies of pictures, worked in scraps and shreds of...


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SUFFOLK STREET GALLERY. (coxciarniin.) J. SIMPSON has finished two portraits of the Duke of Gordon (6), and the Earl of Jersey (81), the heads of which were painted by the late...


The Spectator

Mr. Than, of Leicester Square, has recently imported a few choice paintings of the Italian school ; among which are three of rare excel- lence, which do not require the aid of...


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MR. W. WroN, chief engraver of his Majesty's Mint, has just exe- cuted, by command of the Queen, a medal of about two inches and a half diameter, having on the obverse a...

The Exhibition of the Society of Painters in Water-colours opens

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to the public on Monday. We shall give an accAunt of it next week. We are compelled, by want of room, to posfkone - the notices of New Prints.