23 MARCH 1844

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THE leading event in English politics has been, a House of Com- Mons defeat of the strong Conservative Government, by a Con- tiervative, in the name of philanthropy ! The...

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Debatts anb Ilitotetbings in Varliament.

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RESTRICTION ON LABOUR IN FACTORIES. [Having been unable in our last number to do any thing like justice to the debate in the House of Commons in Committee on the Factory Bill,...

BERNADOTTE is gone. The adventurer who, from a private soldier

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in the armies of France, raised himself to the throne of Sweden, has gone to the tomb ; one of the long-reigning sovereigns of history whose lives have been a benefit and a...

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'be 413robinces.

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Mr. Musgrave Briscoe, of Coghurst Hall, is mentioned as the Con- servative candidate for the vacancy in the representation of Hastings; Mr. R. It. R. Moore as the League...

Zbe Altletropolis.

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The Proprietors of the Bank of England held their half-yearly meet- ing on Thursday. The Governor stated that the Court of Directors recommended the usual dividend of 31. lOs....

THE greater activity of the Court has this week been

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engaged on the future as well as the present. While the Royal Family were staying at Claremont, Prince Albert repaired, on Monday, by a special train on - the Southampton...

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The Bailin Evening Mail publishes this appalling communication from a private correspondent, emanating from " such an authority that its truth admits neither of question nor...

ffortign ana

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SWEDEN.—Charles John, the aged King of Sweden, has sunk under his infirmities ; having died, at Stockholm, on the 8th instant. He is succeeded by his son, Oscar the Second; who...

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A deputation of private country bankers who waited on Sir

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Robert Peel on Saturday, were very courteously received by him; and he ex- pressed his willingness to attend to any suggestions which they were prepared to make. He added, that...


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AaarvEn—At Gravesend, 16th inst. Cambridge, Brown ; and Dorothea, Smith, from Calcutta ; and Lascar, Sheddeu, from Ceylon. Lt the Downs. 20th. Mary. Mackie; from Mauritius. In...

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Letters from Athens, of the 5th instant, announce that, as

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far as the National Assembly is concerned, the new Greek constitution is a fait accompli. The 107 articles have been voted, and referred to the King for his acceptance ; and it...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Although there were two divisions in the House of Commons last night on the Ten-hours project, the question is still open ; Lord Ashley and his opponents the...

It is understood that one of the Admiralty steam-packets is

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ordered to be in readiness on Wednesday or Thursday next, to convey his Royal Highness Priace Albert and suite to the Continent ; on a visit of condolence, it is understood, to...

Last night's Gazette contains a variety of announcements: among them,

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that there is to be a Court mourning for the late King of Sweden, to commence on the 26th instant, to change on the 9th April, and to terminate on the 16th; that the Queen will...

Barber, Fletcher, Griffin, Sanders, and Mrs. Dorey, the parties im-

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plicated in the will-forgeries, were brought up at the Mansionhonse today, to be finally examined. It was stated, however, that Mrs. Sambers had been detained by indisposition,...

We were unable to attend the rehearsal of La AllfagrA - itri

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Italian Operahouse, yesterday, to obtain a foretaste of lalfrollititteek . Favanti's debut this evening ; but the. Morning Post supplies an account of the new prima donna, which...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY A Mk RMD.A. The operations of the Government-broker have during the week been con- fined to the investment of the large sum of money recently paid to the...

The interesting but voluminous Debates in Parliament have so encroached

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upon our space, that we are compelled to omit, or at least to postpone, a number of things, including some communications, already in type, which we should gladly have inserted.

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BIRTHS. On the 13th March, at the vicarage, Swaton, Lincolnshire, the Lady of the Rev. HENRY KNAPP, of a son. Ou the 14th, at Coley Park, Reading, the Lady of 3. SLIGO Morrea,...


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Emma this title Mr. LOVER has commenced a series of popular illus- trations of the music and ballads of Ireland. The first of his " Irish Evenings " was held on Wednesday, in...


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LEGISLATIVE INTERFERENCE WITH THE HOURS OF LABOUR. IN the recent House of Commons debates on this subject, the ad- vocates of Laissez-faire have certainly had the best of the...

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DESTRUCTIVE fires on a large scale are exceptional cases in all other European cities, but in Liverpool they are quite in the com- mon course of events. The reading public has...


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MONTAIGNE, or somebody, tells a story of a boy with a golden tooth, and of the philosophical discussions to reconcile the phwno- menon with natural principles, interrupted by...

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IT is not very easy to imagine what Mr. O'CONNELL would call a " fair trial." Perhaps the trial of the soldier CORDERY, convicted at Belfast, the other day, by an unpacked Irish...


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THE majority of the visiters at the Italian Opera are, we presume, better instructed in musical matters than to permit themselves to be prejudiced against a work of high merit...

A REAL CARTS BELLI. M. GUMS has resisted the War

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party in France with wonderful perseverance; but he will be more or less than Frenchman if he refuse the opportunity of being eloquently brave, that has just pre- sented itself....


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Tax revival of the Taming of the Shrew, at the Haymarket, is charac- terized by a very odd sort of fidelity to the text of SHAKSPERE : the comedy itself is represented without...

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The endurance of the frequenters of the French Plays was

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put to a severe test this week by the production of a five-act vaudeville, La Fille de Figaro, of which Madame ALBERT is the heroine. "La Fille de Figaro " is the cognomen...

Henriette has been revived at the Adelphi, with success. The

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sea- son terminates next week; when Mrs. YATES and other favourite per- formers take their benefits.


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Nunes, Ireland and its Rulers, since 1829. Part the Second Newby. Fzurron. Peregrine Pultuney ; or Life in India. In three volumes Mortimer. PNEUMATICS. Illustrations of the...

M. DUPREE'S appearance in The Favorite, at Drury Lane, has

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been postponed till Monday. This week he has repeated his performance in Guillaume Tell with increased eclat. Next week is the last of his engagement.

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Tins novel is not so much a sketch of life in India, as of the life of an Indian cadet up to a certain stage of his career. Peregrine Pultuney, the hero, is the son of a...

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Da. REID is the celebrated chemist, who has achieved the miracle of purifying the very corrupt atmosphere of the House of Com- mons ; and who tried, though less successfully, to...

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From March 15th lc March 21st. Boom. Mexico as it Was and as it Is. By BRANTZ MAYER, Secretary to the U. S. Legation to that country in 1841 and 1812. With numerous...

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Tuesday, March 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Wilson and Husts itt, Wilson Street, Finsbury, linendraperWhite and Batting, Bird street, Lambeth. butchers-Adamson and Paton,...


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OFFICE or ORDNANCE, March 18. - Corps of Royal Engineers-Sec. Capt. and Brevet- Major T. Foster to be Capt. vice Lewis, retired on full-pay; First Lieut. R. C. Moody, to be Sec....

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Friday. 981 984 1021 1021 69 74 FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotation during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterling) 5 p. Ct. 824 Mexican 5 p. Ct. Austrian 5 - _...