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THE Reform Bill is at last delivered from Sir CHARLESWETHERELL ; it passed the Commons on Wednesday, by a majority of 109. The third reading, on which the division usually takes...

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The particulars of the capture of Warsaw had not reached

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us when we last week noticed that melancholy but not unanticipated event. According to the authentic accounts published in the Prussian State Gazette, it seems to have been...

Paris has been in a very perturbed state for the

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last week. The immediate cause of the riots has been the fall of Warsaw, intelli- gence of which reached Paris on the 15th, and which has produced grievous discontent among the...

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There has been a little revolution in the little canton

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of Neufcha- tel. This canton, formerly a principality, was first annexed to Prussia in 1707 ; in 1806 it was given to France ; in 1814 it was restored to Switzerland, of which...

King LEOPOLD'S Government goes on smoothly and pros- perously. The

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best understanding prevails between the Monarch and the Parliament, which has voted him all the supplies he has demanded, readily and cheerfully. The reorganization of the army...

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rounds of applause. In addition to -the meeting of the

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Livery in Common Hall, there have been particular meetings in the ward of Cheap—the ward of Farringdon Within—the parish of St. Andrew's, Holborn—the hamlet of Mike End Old...

the high sense entertained not only of his general conduct

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as Chief Magistrate, but more especially of the singular zeal, ability, and per- severance which he has shown in the great cause of Reform, the ad- vocates for the observance of...

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OLD BAILEY SENTENCES..--OH Tuesday, the Recorder passed sentence on the

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convicted prisoners. Death—James Rogers, Daniel Pace, William Howe, Thomas Smith, William Anderson, Thomas Lumpton, Edward Dowling, Henry Dickson, James Carter, Thomas Elmes....

POT-VALIANT ANTI-REFORMERS.—Orr Wednesday last, there was select political dinner at

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the Duke of Wellington's, for the purpose of concerting measures for throwing out the Reform Bill. The Peers who met for this pious purpose were, Lords Londonderry, Jersey,...

DORSETSMRE ELECTION.—Meetings have taken place at Poole, Wey- mouth, Shaftesbury,

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and other towns throughout the county, and but one feeling animates the whole. At the Shaftesbury meeting, on Sa- turday last, the freeholders were addressed with great energy...

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is to be fitted up for the discussion on the Reform Bill as it was on the trial of Queen Caroline. It is understood their Lordships will meet regularly at ten o'clock in the...

DONCASTER RACES.—The threatened call of the House of Commons has

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very much thinned the assemblage of fashionables at these races. We shall content ourselves with quoting the runnings from the sporting circular-in the Daily Papers. A greater...

DEATH OF THE Mattems D'HARCOUR.T.—The Marquis and family returned to

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their cottage, at St. Leonard's Dale, near Windsor, on Tues- day night, from town, where the General had gone in order to attend the Drawing-room. The Marquis and his lady had...

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SCOTCH REFORM BILL. - In moving the committal of the Scotch Re-

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form Bill on Monday, Government will propose several amendments to correspond with the alterations made in the English Bill. We also un- derstand, that, notwithstanding the...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two O'CLOCK. Letters from Madrid state, that urgent letters have, been, written to Don MIGUEL, by his sister, Donna Mune THERESA, calling on him to...

The German Papers received this morning contain no farther intelli.

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gence from Poland. It is understood that the Polish army has sur- rendered on conditions.

Letters from Paris, dated Wednesday, speak in terms of strong

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confi- deuce that the Emperor NICHOLAS will give his best endeavours to a satisfactory settlement of the Polish grievances. The debate on the Ministerial explanations was...

CesTosnrorsz BLunnens.-A vessel from Richmond In Virginia, which entered Leith

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on the 11th instant, was sent by the Revenue au- thorities to perform quarantine at St. Margaret's Hope, where it was detained for twelve days. The correspondent who writes to...


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STOLE ExCHANCE, FRIDAY Evssit No.-Consols closed on Saturday at 82é to k; Exchequer Bills 9s. to 10s. premium. The intelligence of the fall of Warsaw, which was confirmed on...

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WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 20.-13th Regt. of Light Dragoons : Capt. A. T. Maclean to be Major, without purchase, vice Bowers, deceased ; Lieut. T. Rosser to be Capt. without purchase,...


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BIRTHS. On the 15th Inst.-at Camberwell, the Lady of D. L. RICHARDS oar, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's Service, of a daughter. On the 14th inst. at Newby Park,...


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PARTNERSirepS DISSOLVED. J. and M. CAMPBELL, Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-C. and R. Annrs, Yatton, Herefordshire, farmers-G. and H. To9 y NE, Bow Lane, Cheapside, wholesale...


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The Rev. E. J. Howman, M.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Was on the 15th instant instituted to the Rectory of Bexwell, Norfolk, on the presentation of the Bishop of...


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OXFORD. SEPT. 24.-The Rev: R. 'Whately, D.D. Principal of St. Alberni:fall, and Professor of Political Economy, will, we understand, be the new Archbishop of Dublin,


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At Gravesend, on the 19th, the Edward, Heaviside, for Singapore, was run foul of by a foreign ship, and received considerable damage. Arrived. At Gravesend, the 19th,...

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PUBLIC FUNDS. omen. 3 per Cent. Reduced Satan.. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. Mon. shut 3 per Cent. Consols 82} 1 82 a 11. 61 I Slh s, 2 8It 81/212 1 Ditto for Account...


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THE LAST ACT. AT the opening of the Session, we . spoke of Refbrm as a drama, of which the Royal Speech was the prologue, Peers and Commons were the actors, Parliament was the...

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WE have been so long accustomed to consider an hour or two of brave old KEAN as worth a whole army of ordinary actors, that we may be forgiven some disappointment at finding him...


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A MEASURE of very great importance, which must not be lost sight of even in the anxiety and agitation of the Reform Bill, was submitted to Parliament on Tuesday. The reporters...

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Major RICKETTS'S Ashantee War is altogether a melancholy affair. The

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perusal of it fills the mind with images of horror and dreariness. On one hand, we have Black savages steaming with blood ; • on the other, White soldiers sickening, sinking,...


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POETRY AND BIOORATIIY, Pickering's Aldine Poets — No. XVI. Goldsmith Pickering. COLONIZATION AND SLAVE MADE, Blajor Ricketts's Ashantee War, 1823-1631; and Sierra Leone, Ins...


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AMONG the various works now appearing at short intervals and at moderate prices, none is more deserving of encouragement than Mr. PICKERING'S edition of our classical poets :...

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Liberia is a little book descriptive of an American colonyof

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Blacks on the same coast, and which, from the happy idea of colonizing with Blacks (who flourish in the climate), instead of Whites, has attained, and is likely to attain, a...

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Dr. W. IlErrnmasoix's Plain Rules for Improving the Health of

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the Delicate, Preserving the Health of the Strong, and Prolong- ing the Life of All, is a sensible and useful publication. Dr. HEN- DERSON'S remedies are by no means new, but he...

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Mr. YOUNG'S Elements of the Integral Calculus forms the third

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part of a course intended to supply the student with a sufficient view of the principles of modern analytical science. We have had occasion to be well satisfied with the...


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CLOSE OP THE BRITISH INSTITUTION. THE exhibition of pictures by the Old Masters in this gallery closed to- day. On its first opening, we allowed ourselves just space enough to...

More Bible Stories. This week we have to notice a

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little vo- lume by the Reverend SAMUEL Woon, in which the incidents of the Old Testament are levelled to the comprehension of children, and described in a style of considerable...

A very able answer to Mr. BABBAGE'S pamphlet on the

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Decline of Science has been written by a foreigner, and is now published by Mr. FAuADAY, who has kept it by him, he tells us, four months, —very unnecessarily we should think,...

The Reverend THOMAS FLYNN has published a Greek Gram- mar

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" on a new and systematic plan, according to the analytic me- thod." We have looked over this Grammar with some attention, and have not been able to discover that it possesses...

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31A3OR's Cabinet Edition of HOGARTH is now completed, by the publi- cation of the Fourth Part ; and we can bear witness, that the spirit and meaning of the originals are...

Aw ECONOMICAL PAINTER.—I called upon D. [George Dime, the Aca•

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demician] to congratulate him. His pleasant housekeeper seemed em- barrassed; owned that her master was alone. But could he be spoken with ? With some importunity I prevailed...


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And are they low—those noble ones ? and was the struggle vain, Where Freedom strove with Tyranny, and valour with the chain? Hath the meteor torch of Liberty but waked the Pole,...

NEW CARICATURES.—H. B. has set forth, in his graphic chronicles

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of political rumours and incidents, the false insinuation of the Anti. Reformers, that the people are indifferent to the Bill, under the title of " Another Sign of the Times ;...