25 JANUARY 1840

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ANOTHER week of the Parliamentary session gone already : what have our Representatives done ? So various and important were the matters claiming grave attention, that, no...

The boisterous weather has prevented the usual arriv;:ls Con-

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tinental mails ; and at the time we write, the Paris papers of Tuesday arc the latest which have come to hand. The Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, by a majority of 7 to 2,...

The Ministerial journals conspicuously announce warlike prepa- rations against China.

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The "Celestials" are to be " dealt with" as becomes " their long-continued insolence." " Three ships of war, the Blenheim carrying 72 guns, the Blonde 46, and the An- dromache...

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Debates anti igtrofeebinns in Varliament.

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• PRIVILEGE. The Honse of Commons met at twelve o'clock on Saturday ; and Lord JOHN RUSSELL having moved the order of the day for the further consideration of Messrs. Hansards'...

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Zbe (frotirt.

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Trie Queen held a Court on Monday, at Buckingham Palace, to re- ceive the Address of the House of Commons. Her Majesty was con- ducted to the throne by the Lord Chamberlain ;...

'irk Artropolis.

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In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Wednesday, Mr. Richards showed cause against a rule calling upon the Sheriffs of London to show cause why they should not pay to Stockdale the...

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The Court of Aldermen, specially summoned by the Lord Mayor,

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assembled on Thursday, to consider the proceedings necessary in con- sequence of the imprisonment of the Sheriffs by order of the house of 'Commons. The discussion: was carried...

e,be robinces.

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The nomination for Birmingham was on Thursday. Mr. Mutts, Mr. Sturge, and Sir Charles Wetherell were the candidates. No pre- vious notice of Sir Charles Wetherell's nomination...

In the Bail Court, on Wednesday, Sir William Follett applied,

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on behalf of Lady Gardiner, for a rule for a criminal information against the proprietors of the Morning Post, for the following libel, which ap- peared on the 13th instant- "...

From a statement issued by the Governors of the Charing

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Cross Hospital, it appears that during the last year as many as 6,655 poor afflicted persons were admitted on the books for relief. Of these, 1,232 were in- patients, and 5,423...

The Southwark nomination was on Wednesday ; when the three

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can- didates, Messrs, Walter, Wood, and Curling, with their respective friends, appeared. on the hustings erected in front of the Town-hall. The High Bailiff opened the business...

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[]•fom the Second Edition of last Spectator.]

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In the bill now prepared, or in preparation, for naturalizing the Queen's future husband, it is proposed to give a power for confiirring precedence upon Prince Albert above her...


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Lord Dinorben is, we understand, appointed Militia Aide-dc-Camp to the Queen, in the place of the late Sir W. W. Wynn,—Jlorainy Chronicle. Lord Edward Howard, the second son...

Comment on the following characteristic letter would not only be

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su- perfluous, but injurious. It is complete in itself, and a capital summary of doctrines elsewhere enforced by its spiritually-minded author. TO TILE EDITOR OF TILE TIMES....


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The Edinburgh Liberals assembled on Tuesday, in the George Street Assembly Rooms, to elect a Representative; the Lord Provost in the Chair. Mr. Macaulay was the only candidate....

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The Conservatives expect defeat on Sir Jonx Lit= BULLER'S mo-

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tion on Tuesday next. The Standard last night announced, that the motion " has been cordially adopted by the Conservative leaders," but that, owing to the "nearly-balanced state...

Yesterday, Lord Denman reflised an application from Mr. Richards for

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an attachment against the Sergeant-at-Arms, for a contempt in not immediately making a return to the writ of habeas Corpus commanding him to produce the Sheriffs. Lord Denman...

Last night's Gazette states that Major-General Sir Willoughby Cotton, Knight

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Commander, has been appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Bath.

1442 903 At Newark— Majority 539 For Solicitor-General Wilde '36

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For Thesiger 527 At Devonport- For Tuffnell 1035 Majority 9 For Dawson 803 Majority 232 The contests in Birmingham, Newark, and Devonport, have termi- nated in the election of...

The Sheriffs have received permission to attend divine service at

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St. Margaret's Church, in custody of the Officers of the House of Commons I


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The reduction of the rate of discount, which we have before noticed as form- ing one of the staple reports or every Thursday's City gossip,...


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The House of Lords was occupied last night with a discussion on Socialism. The Bishop of EXETER presented a petition signed by 4,000 of the principal inhabitants of Birmingham,...

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PRINCE ALBERTS " ESTABLISIDIENT. " ' • t Icd . • :.y ti-at 1 , 1 disrespect to i s . ■-, .• 1,1,- 11„ and at the end of t'i ‘,11t soc ti t 3 ter into any inve.C:,_ to II, • ....


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WAR-maim:, Jan. 24.-1701 Itegt. 1,icht Drags.—Lieut. the Iron. II. 113: , !twok,l, from the 84th Foot, to be Litgliellitilt Nliielw11, Who ese!laugcs. t'o! tstre , 011 Foot...


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The Elizabeth, Iiighat, from Madras to Liverpool, was totally wrecked at Aigna Bay, Cape of Good Ilinte, on the 2.3.1 Nov.—crew sat ed. Arrived—At Gravesend, Jan. 1311i, Ellen,...

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gut ROBERT PEEL—the guardian angel of the Whig Ministry— propounded the only tenable argument in support of the line of conduct which Ministers have persuaded the House of...

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11ORSMAN AND THE QUEEN. " Ws will be good boys the next tine" used to be the plea urged by juvenile offenders in our boyish days when called up by the teacher for any breach of...


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THE abolition of the Corn-laws is merely a question of time : it is not whether, but when shall it be effected. In this view of the matter we have been strengthened by the...

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TRAGEDY resumed her sway at Drury Lane on Monday, under favour- able auspices. Macbeth was performed with equal force and effect, both us regards the acting and the scenic...


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From Universal Suffrage some Say every blessing's sure to come, As clear as one and one make two : But others say it 's all a hum, And there 's no blessing like the U- niversal...

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THESE volumes conclude the Correspondence. They commence in 1766, when WILLIAM PITT was induced by GEORGE the Third to endeavour to form a Ministry without materials, and to be...

medy, for which this theatre is distinguished. EA It ItEN'S

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Lon/ dy is, in its way, a Ch(f-trillIVIT of artifice, where every gesture and grimace has been carefully studied. Mrs. C. JONES'S ..1 . 1rs. Ileidiehety (the prototype of Mrs....


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• - BIOGRAPHY, Correspondenc e of William Pitt Earl of Chatham. Edited by William Stanhope Taykr, Esq , atom Captain John Ilenry Prin g le, Execumrs of his Son, John Earl of...

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MR. LATHAM is known to the literary world as the translator of Frithidt; a Swedish poem, imitative of the ancient Sagas, and de- scriptive of ancient Scandinavian life ; as well...

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Tins novel is an imitation of the older fictions—an attempt at a species of English Gil Bias, with attention to time and circumstances. Mr. Wiggins is the son of a Dorsetshire...

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BOOKS. Fitz viggins ; a Novel. By the Author of " Sydenham," &c. In three vols. Spain under Charles the Second; or Extracts from the Correspondence of the Hon. Alexander...

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AsarnEit " authentic" likeness of Prince Albert, to procure which the artist made a journey to Gotha, has this week drawn crowds of visiters to Messrs. Ilonesox and GRAVEs'S, in...


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NEW PRINTS. THE few novelties in the way of prints are of a slight and miscella- neous description ; and the brevity required by the urgent demands on our space will best suit...

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Tuesday, Jan. 21. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. and C. Polling, Toolcy Street, cider-merchants—Fearnley and Co. Bradford, worsted-matitifacturers—011ard and Garrard, Upwell....