25 MAY 1844

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PARLIAMENT, as usual, rather shirked work before the holydays ; but what was done was not without interest. Sir ROBERT PEEL _has proceeded with his Currency measure, and has...

Loris PHILIPPE is troubled with a naughty boy, who is

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out of bounds among politicians, pamphleteers, and Opposition agitators. The Prince DE JOIN VILLE, it appears, abetted Admiral DI:WETLY- Tnoumts, that bugbear to Queen PoMka...

The pending South bincashire election displays remarkable " good humour"

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on all sides, and some singular traits of moderation,' if not neutrality. Bath parties are said to have applied to the same gentleman "tt Mr; HORLOCK ; both parties, foiled in...

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;Debates anb Vrottebings in Varliament.

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SIR ROBERT PEEL'S BANKING MEASURE. On Monday, the House of Commons having gone into Committee on the Bank of England Charter Acts, Sir ROBERT PEEL again brought forward the...

The connexions and friends of the West Indies in London

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have been making a last effort to induce Government to do justice to those ill-fated colonies. They have been deprived of their slave- labour ; they have been debarred from...

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At a Court of Directors of the East India Company, on Wednesday, Lieutenant-General the Right Honourable Sir Henry Hardinge wair sworn in as Governor-General of India. The...

Sin eourt.

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YESTERDAY, the 24th of May, was Queen Victoria's real birthday; and its real celebration by the fair Sovereign took place in the family eircle e , at the retreat of Claremont....

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ZbE larobinces.

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At Launceston, on Monday, Admiral Bowles was elected Member for that borough, without opposition. Mr. John King Lethbridge was proposed ; but he declined to stand, other duties...

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These are the Ministerial arrangements consequent on Sir Henry Hardinge's

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appointment to be Governor-General of ladia. Lord Gran- ville Somerset has a seat in the Cabinet, retaining his preseut appoint- ment of Chancellor of !he Dutchy of Lancaster;...

jortign anb eolonfal.

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FRANCE.—The pamphlet of the Prince de Joinville continues to be the foremost topic in the French papers ; but the Patric has a new story of the Prince's independent opposition...


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The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland began its annual session on Thursday the 16th. Before the opening, her Majesty's Com- missioner, the Marquis of Bute, held a levee...

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Epsom races opened on Tuesday, as inauspiciously as possible ; the attendance was very thin, the weather was chill and dull, the course -was as dry and bard as a board, the...


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On the 10th May, at Dresden, Madame HE 6ERSOORFF, Lady of his Saxon Majesty'. Minister resident at the British Court, it a daughter. On the 16th, at Leamiugton, the Lady of...


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The Surat Merchant was totally wrecked at-Mauritnts. previous to the 26th Feb. The Mary, Caithneas. luau Mauntius, was shauded in Alps Bay, 4th Match; crew and cargo sated....

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In the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, yesterday, (Trinity term

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having begun on Wednesday last,) judgment was delivered on the motion for a new trial in the case of the Queen versus O'Connell and others. Mr. Justice Perrin was for giving a...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons last night, a Committee of Supply afforded . opportunity for some chat, rather than discussion, on a variety of Colo- mai topics. Before...

'The nomination of candidates for the representation of South Lan-

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cashire took place at Newton-in-the-Willows yesterday ; the little town being crowded by an unusual concourse. Mr. William Brown was proposed, as a Free-trader, by Mr. Robert...

Last night's Gazette announces the appointment of Sir Thomas Fre-

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mantle to be a Privy Councillor, and of Lord Arthur Lennox to be a 'Lord of the Treasury. It is understood that Mr. Sergeant Goulburn is to have the Commis- nionership of...


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THE first performance these two seasons of Ii Matrimonio Segrito at- tracted a good audience to the Italian Opera on Thursday ; and buffer the modern practice of " farming "...

Mr. SYMONS'S second Letter, on "The Gist of the Ten-hours

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Bill," is unavoid- ably postponed till next week.


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRiDAY ATTERNO0N. The business transacted in the English Funds has been unimportant, and — prices have experienced but slight fluctuation ; closing, however,...

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THE way in which the Sugar-duties are about to be settled, for a time, is any thing but creditable either to Ministers or the public. This measure, apart from its important...


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0 Sirmio, gem of all those specks of earth, Upheld by Neptune's power in lake or seal Relurn'd, how willingly! from Thynia's coast, So great my joy to see thee safe once...

The Lyceum has produced this week a very li g ht trifle,

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The White Feather ; which Miss WooLcan. wears in her cap triumphantly as an im- promptu Colonel—dreadin g a duel.

At the French Plays, this week, Mademoiselle FLESSY and Monsieur

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VOLNYS have been repeating their previous performances ; next week being the last of their engagement. Seen together, these two accom- plished and elegant performers exhibit the...


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BANQUET TO THE NEW GOVERNOR-GENERAL OF INDIA. " Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest." THE Duke of WELLINGTON ' S position at the East India Directors' dinner to Sir...

MISS CLARA SEYTON g ave a Lecture on Comedy, at the

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Concert-room of the Priectss's Theatre, on Tuesday ; and ac q uitted herself of the arduous effort uncommonly well. The lecture—the lady's own composi- tion, we believe—evinced...

"The Prize Comedy" is proclaimed at last. Quid pro Quo,

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or the Day of Dupes, is its smart and si g nificant title; and the author is said to be " a lady not unknown to literary fame "—perhaps Mrs GORE. It is remarkable that out of...

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SOME time ago, the public were startled with the discovery of enormous frauds, that hai gone on for years, in the Customs—not only frauds committed on the department by bold and...

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MAN is a sympathizing animal. He seems incapable of existing unless he has some oppressed beings to pity and protect. A state of perfect happiness would be misery to him, for...

RENEWED INTERCOURSE WITH THE NIGER. ONE cf the weightiest objections

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to the Government Niger Expe- dition, was its necessary tendency to suppress the trade from Eu- rope, which had already been opened with the interior through that river. Mr....


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WHEN a great procession is expected to pass by, little boys climb Up into trees or lamp-posts, or whatever place commands the earliest view of its approach. On the same...

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_Talavera, Eacur.inn through the Slave States, from Washin g ton on the Potomac to the Frontier of Mexico; with Sketches or Popular Manners, and Geolo g ical Notices. By C. W....

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commenced in January 1805, on strictly Protestant principles, affording a common ground where Church- men and Dissenters might meet in unity ; all topics of discipline and...

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Is unquestionably a clever book. It does not, indeed, present any picture of life as it exists, or perhaps as it cver existed except in the somewhat dressed-up pages of French...

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From May 171/i to May 23d. Boons. Excursion through the Slave States, from Washington on the Potomac to the Frontier of Mexico; with Sketches of Popular Manners, and Geo-...

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The whole Book of Psalms ; with the Canticles and

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Hymns of the Church fats Morning and Evening Service, set to appropriate Chants forfour voices. Each Psalm as chanted is here printed at length, with every sentence, section of...


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Tuesday, May 21. PARISILItaltleti Shield acid Co. Newcastlempuu•Tyne. ship brokers-Evans and Colley, Cripplegate Builaings. Wood Street. umbrellalminufamurers-Shephard and...


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The Psalter, or Psalms of David in Metre, from the authorized version of Brady and Tate with appropriate Tunes, set in four parts. Edited by JOHN HUZZAH. DESIGNED to influence...


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WAR-OFFICE. May 24.-15th Light Drags.- Elisigu 0, A Hartman, from 25111 Foot e to be Cornet. without purchase. vice lilaudy. promoted; Paymaster J. G. II. 11,41mes, from 35th...

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FOREIGN FUNDS. (Last Official Quotarun during the Week ending Friday Evening.) Alabama (Sterliug) 5 p. Ct. -M exican 5 p. Ct. Aestrian 5 - - Ditto (Deferred) 5 Belgian 5 -...