25 NOVEMBER 1848

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A new turn has been given to the Presidential question

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in Prance by a political scandal, which has assumed such a shape that General Cavaignac has felt obliged to grapple with it. It is the revival of a charge against him, that at...


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THE progress of the election movement in West Yorkshire has somewhat ruffled the smooth sleepy surface of English politics. The further development of the Fitzwilliam candidate...

The result of the appeal to the Irish Judges on

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technical points m John Martin's case, augurs ill for the success of a similar ap- plication, now going on, in the case of Smith O'Brien and his companions : the formidable...

German affairs continue much in the same state of complica-

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tion and suspense. In Vienna, the violent retribution of Prince Windischgratz appears to be succeeded by milder measures : the new Ministers are taking a conciliatory course ;...

Austrian officers will not suffer Italian bate to subside. While

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calls to a new combination of arms for the final expulsion of " the foreigner" are circulating in Italy from the Tyrol to the Bay of Naples, Field-Marshal Radetzky has called...

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The advices by the Indian mail are but partially satisfactory.

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General Whish bad not lost so much ground as the former ac- counts represented; troops were advancing to renew the attack on Moultan with overwhelming strength; Sir Hugh Gough...

be sevtirt.

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Tan Court record is nearly a blank register. The Queen and Prince Al- bert, with the children and household, left Windsor Castle on Wednesday, for the ffsle of Wight. A new...

gt e pit ttropotis.

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AlCourt of Aldermen was held on Tuesday, for the despatch of business*. The Lord Mayor took his seat for the first time in his new official cape- paelty, and in modest terms...

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Zbe VrobincEs.

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The purposed meeting of Liberal delegates from the polling-districts of the West Riding was held at Normanton on the 17th. Sir Culling Eardley Was proposed as a lit person to...

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Some weeks since, a special meeting of the Magistrates of the county of Cavan was held in the Court-house, Lord Farnham presiding, to petition the Government to extend the time...

Nortign anb eolonfal.

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Fnatecn.—The fete of Sunday, in continuation of the festivities to cele- brate the new Constitution, passed without the slightest accident or disturb- ance. The weather was...


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The Senatus of King's College, Aberdeen, have unanimously reelected the Earl of Ellesmere as Lord Rector of the University. In our Scottish news last week, we gave from the...

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The Gazette announced, on Tuesday, that Sir Robert William Gardiner, C.B., had been appointed to be Governor and Commander-in-chief of Gibral- tar. This appointment is, we...

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On the 15th November, at Lord Sherborne's in Gloucestershire, the Wife of the Hon. Captain Plunkett, R.N., of a son. On the 15th, at Henbury House, Dorset, the Wife of Charles...

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Pierson, accused as the murderer of Mary Newmaitat St. Leonard'a r wsui

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fully committed for trial, yesterday, on what seemed conclusive evidence.


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SATURDAY. Lord Melbourne is - no more. It is well known that for several years his tenure of life had been precarious; for a week past his death had been hourly expected; and...

There is hardly any fresh news. of importance from any

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quarter.of . the Continent. In the French Assembly, yesterday, M. Jules Tavremade an elaborate attack on the Government; endeavouring, by a multitude of minute de- tails to...


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Dramatic novelties have been -somewhat numerous this week; in feet, more numerous than important. At the Haymarket, the novelty—The Ifrught of Arva—is a drama in two acts. Were...

In the dearth of exciting news, and:in harmony r as the Times

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says, with the meteoric seasons, which about this lime, exhibit the phsanoruena of "fulling -stars," some of the newspapers have been throwing club gossip on Ministerial changes...

The Times abstracts some private letters received from British Guiana

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by the Severn, picturing the deplorable disorganization to which the colony is reduced by the adjournment of the Combined Court sine die, without its having voted the taxes. A...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. With the exception of an advance of 1 per cent on Monday, when the price of Con- sols rose from 861 to 878, the market has been in a quiescent...

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At the Adelphi, we are presented with a specimen of

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Liverpool wit,— videlicet, a burlesque on Shakspere's Tempest, written by two brothers named Brough, and transplanted from the boards of Liverpool to those of London. In native...


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WEST YORKSHIRE. THE Fitzwilliam assault on the West Riding has been a " fiasco " —a total and disgraceful failure. It reduces mere family dicta- tion ad absurdum, and it will...

The performance of The Messiah at Exeter Hall last night,

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for the first time since M. Costa has assumed the direction of the Sacred Harmonic Society's concerts, was another proof, in addition to those he had already given, of his great...

Mr. Bunn has varied a little his Covent Garden repertoire

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by the pro- duction of The Ludy of the Lake,—La Donna del Logo in an English dress. It was performed for the first time on Saturday; but the success was not such as to lead to...

A series of weekly concerts has been set on foot

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at Exeter Hall under the title of the "London Wednesday Concerts," with the professed object of placing the enjoyment of classical musks within the reach of the general body of...

Foreign advices tell us, that the French piece from which

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a thing called Two Owls in One Ivy-bush, is taken was highly relished in Paris. Either the English version produced at the Lyceum is a very bad representation of the French...

In chatacters of rattling vivacity, where the animal spirits seem

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to flow on nnimpeded, there is no actress—if we set aside Mrs. Nisbett—who can excel Mrs. Stirling. Cousin Cherry, a little piece from the French, pro- duced at the Olympic, has...

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A CAREFUL reading of the new French Constitution irresistibly establishes two conclusions ' —that it marks a highly transitional thatstate of the people; and that a retrograde...

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A CASE at Bow Street Police-office tends to confirm our antici- pation, that Mr. Charles Buller's circular would not prove suffi- cient for the proper and distinctive treatment...


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FOOD, it is said, is sent by Heaven, the cook by an opposite pow- er. The maxim, however, refers to English cooks, and is only just in a local sense. The English certainly have...


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ENGLAND has no right to look down upon Austria for barbarous modes of maintaining authority : if we reproach Austria with a Windischgriitz, the Austrians can retort with the...

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Poirrinsi. PHILOSOPHY, The Nature and Once of the State. By Andrew Coventry Dick. Black, Edinburgh- FICTION, The Victim of the Jesuits ; or Mourn.) Aillaga. I Romance, from...


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Paris, November 23. There has been since last week no very material change in the state of the Presidential question. At one time, indeed, the chances of General Ca- vaignac...

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Is a novel of Spanish adventure. The time embraces the entire reign of Philip the Third; opening with the accession of the monarch and closing with his death, though only...

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THESE two volumes supply a very able and interesting manual to the comprehension of a large branch of art,—those legendary pictures of the Roman Catholic faith which form the...

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BOOKS. Memoirs qf the Life of William Collins, Esq., R.A. With Selections from his Journal and Correspondence. By his Son, W. Wilkie Collins. In two volumes. An-Historical...

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Wm.orricz, Nov. 24.-6th Drag. Guards-Capt. T. St. G. Lister, from half-day Portuguese Officers, to be Capt. vice D. H. Mackinnon, appointed Paymaster 430 Foot ; Lieut. F. C....


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Tuesday, November 21. PARTNESSHIPS DISSOLVED. Campbell and Co. Cologne, merchants-Paterson and Co. Notting.riffi; proprietors of the establishment called the Hippodrome-Goode...

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BRITISH FIIND S. (Closing Prices.) &aura. Hondas,. Marko/. Wadroer. Thar,. Friday, 8 per Cent Consols 081 871 87* 87+ 87* 87* Ditto for Account 87 87; 87* 871 871 3 per...