26 OCTOBER 1844

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Some few incidents abroad deserve a glance.

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Spain continues its backward progress, not without a mixture of the ludicrous in its movements; as if the proud Spaniard sought relief from mortification in making sport of his...

Mr. O'CoNNELL's provisional declaration in favour of Federalism has provoked

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a symptom, though not a very fierce one, of mutiny among his own proper forces, the real Repealers : Mr. CHARLES G.tveN Dem, editor of the Nation and representative of the...


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SIR ROBERT PEEL has not appeared at the agricultural meetings this year ; but Lord STANLEY has come forth. The Premier has perhaps found his thoughts preoccupied with private...

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'CT b e Court.

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film Queen and Prince Albert have returned to Windsor Castle ; having left the Isle of Wight on Monday afternoon, and arrived at Windsor the same evening. Her Majesty and the...

'the IfIttropolis.

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Preparations for the Queen's visit to the City absorb much attention. The Lord Mayor has issued proclamations. One recommends his fel- low-citizens as much as possible to...

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sbe iorobinces.

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The Liverpool Agricultural Association held their meeting on Tues- day ; when about three hundred and fifty gentlemen sat down to dinner. Among the guests were the Mayor of...

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At the meeting of the Repeal Association, on Monday, a letter was read from Mr. Henry Grattan, advocating increased exertion in the establishment of Repeal reading-rooms...

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jortign anb Colonial.

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SPent.—The French telegraph conveys intelligence from Madrid to the 18th instant. The two Chambers were constituted on the 17th; and S. Castro y Orozco was elected President. He...

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The papers tell a story of the Queen's residence at Cowes- " As her Majesty and Prince Albert were taking their accustomed early walk about nine o'clock on Sunday morning,...

BANK or ENGLAND.—An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and

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8th Vic- toria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday the 19th day of October 1844.. ISSUE DEPARTMENT. Notes issued 427,731,910 Government Debt 411,015,160' Other...


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On the 17th October, at Dowlais House. Lady Cnanr.orrs Ginn, of a daughter:. Ou the 18th, the Countess of SANDWICH, of a son. On the 18th, the Countess of Ceicrixersa, of a...

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A country correspondent informs us that an express, with despatches

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from Sir Robert Peel, arrived at Powis Castle, the seat of Earl Powis, between two and three o'clock on Tuesday morning ; that another ex- press from the same high quarter...

The Times publishes a formal defence of Lord Mayor Magnay

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from two charges that have been made against him. In the first place, -he has not monopolized 700 tickets for the Royal Exchange : the tickets have been distributed under the...

A great meeting of merchants was held at Liverpool, yesterday—the

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Mayor being Chairman—to promote a public subscription for establish- ing a "Sailors Home." The object is, to erect a building which shall comprise lodging, board, reading-room,...

The regular Madrid despatches of the 18th instant have been

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re- ceived. They do not alter but confirm the view that Ministers are em- barking in a very dangerous career of reaction against the Liberal insti- tutions of Spain, and that...

The King of Sardinia has published an ordinance abolishing all

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the privileges and restrictions of trades in his states ; and declaring that every man is now free to exercise his calling without control from any of the various bodies whose...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. The papers supply more information respecting the pageant of Mon- day next. We now have the programme (to which the Earl of Jersey has obtained the...

The forgery of Bank of England notes which we mentioned

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yester- day is expected to create a great excitement on the Continent. A fraud of the kind on so large a scale has probably never been known in the European cities ; and it is...

The King of the French, with his Queen and other

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members of his family, repaired from Eu, on Wednesday, to St. Cloud. The Paris correspondent of the Times explains why the King has been unable to fulfil his intention of...

'The Anti-Corn-law League opened their "winter campaign of agita- lion

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in Manchester," by a very crowded meeting at the Free-trade Hall, on Thursday ; Mr. George Wilson presiding. He gave an account of the League's proceedings in the last ten...

guinea has been left at our Office for the distressed

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Family of Mr. JOHN OVENS; and it will be forwarded to its destination. It should be under- stood, however, that newspaper-offices are not the best receiving-places for such...

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HAD the first impression of The Syren been received at Drury Lane, the fortune of the opera, we think, would have been more favourable — its musical merit more generally...


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STotot ERODANOI, FRIDAY ATIRRIROON. or three influential purchasers. Spanish Stock is without any material variation. noticed last week; all the stock which came to market...


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Avererven.—At Gravesend, 20th October. Cremona, Bailey ; and Wm. Stoveld. Da, widsou, from Sydney. 21st. Dalmartiock, Johnston, from Singapore ; and Isabella Watson, M Donald,...

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. Smskseeee is just now the fashion in France, and

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an interchange of histrionic talent is about to take place between the capitals of the two countries, that will make the Shaksperian drama familiar to the Parisian playgoers....


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THE OPENING OF THE NEW EXCHANGE.. THE Queen's ride to the new Exchange and back-again, on Monday next, promises to accomplish what even the Sabbath imperfectly effects in...

The Lyceum, that had hitherto held out against French invasion,

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has been at last gained over, through Satanic influence : the diabolical ma- chinations of Les Sept Chateau:c du Diable have superseded the fair en- chantments of the Arabian...

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A PROFESSIONAL correspondent recalls a point which we had over- looked in the case of Mr. SALOMONS, last week ; and we cannot state the point better than in the writer's own...


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Is proportion as the danger of a war of guns seems to pass away, the war of tariffs is renewed with fresh vigour. Last week brought intelligence of two new tariffs, of which the...

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TO TILE EDITOR Or THE SPECTATOR. British Museum, 23d October 1844. DEAR Sea—It is to be hoped that the Committee recently established will not restrict itself to the formation...


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Jr our memory deceives us not, there was only one railroad com- pleted and open to travellers in England in I834—the Liverpool and Manchester ; and only one in Scotland—a...

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booexpiry. The- Life of the Rev. Andrew Bell. D.B., Ito.. Prebendary -of Westminster, and Master of Sherburn Hospital, Durham. Comprising the History of the Rise and Prigress...

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THIS book is more singular for its story, perhaps, than for itself. Miss MJNEURY, in company with some friends, left London for Paris ; and on arriving there, determined to...

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The Choruses of Sophocles's Antigone; dedicated to Ids Majesty the

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King of Prussia. The Music by FELIX MENDELSSOHN BARTROLDT. Tins work—a study of some of the greatest effects that are to be pro- duced from a double chorus and powerful...

PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From October 18th to October 24th.

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BOOKS. The Despatches and Letters of Vice-Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson. With Notes. By Sir NICHOLAS HARRIS NtcoLes, G.C. M.G. The • First Volume-1777 to 1794. The Star of...

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THE PRIZE CARTOONS IN MINIATURE. THE miniature copies of the Eleven Prize Cartoons are now completed, and are exhibited by cards at Messrs. LEGGATT and NEVILLE'S print- rooms...


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Was-mica, Oct. 22.—Ist Regt. of Life Guards—Assist-Surg. T. Tardrew. from the 80th Foot, to be Assist..Surg. vice Colclough, dec. 11th Foot—Major J. C. Harold,. from the 74th...

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Tuesday, Oct. 22. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Levi Brothers, Exeter, hardwaremeu - Herford and Brother, Manchester, wine-mer- chants-J. B. and T. B. Mph, St. Ives....


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.1 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced 3/ per Cents. Reduced Loug Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per cent. India Stock, 104 Exchequer Bills, lid. p. diem [utile...