27 AUGUST 1887

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The debate on the proclamation of the League under the

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Crimes Act as a dangerous Association, was commenced on Thursday with a very powerful speech of Mr. Gladstone's, the real drift of which was that " exclusive dealing," as he...

The convict Lipeki was hanged at Newgate on Monday, an

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immense crowd waiting outside to see the black flag hoisted. On Saturday last, Mr. Matthews held a conference at the Home Office, Mr. Justice Stephen being present, at which it...

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Mr. Harrington made a speech in which he tried to

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represent the action of the League as far less illegal than it really is; but the stronger men of that party, Mr. T. P. O'Connor, sup- ported by Mr. Bradlaugh for example...

Mr. Balfour replied that Mr. Gladstone's apology for boy- cotting

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and intimidation is equally sound in logic for the assassinations by which the power of the League was first established, though, of course, Mr. Gladstone would shrink from...


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O N Saturday it was known that the National League had been proclaimed as a "dangerous Association" under the Crimes Act, and that specific branches of it, by which intimida-...

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Mr. Chamberlain further praised the Government for its Irish Land

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Bill, for its Mines Regulation Bill, and for its Allotments Bill. He very emphatically condemned the obstructive resistance to the last-named Bill, and declared himself as...

Some English fishing-smacks and their crews have, during the past

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week, been subjected to very severe ill-usage by the fishermen of Ostend. The local authorities seem to have done all in their power to protect the Englishmen ; but so serious...

Mr. Jacob Bright's presence in the Rotunda was important only

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on account of his great name. It was hardly decent, we think, to show so publicly how utterly he separates himself from the policy of the brother who has made the name of Bright...

The quarrel between the Province of Manitoba and the Dominion

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of Canada is, considered on its merits, a very per- plexing one. We have alluded elsewhere to the lesson it teaches as to the dangers of subordinate Legislative Assemblies....

Ayoub Khan, the son of Shere Ali, and a claimant

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for the throne of Afghanistan, has escaped from Teheran, and is supposed to be at large either in Russia or on his way to Herat. Whether be has heard of the difficulties of...

The members of the various branches of the National Radical

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Union at Birmingham were invited to a garden-party at Highbnry on Saturday last, and were there addressed by Mr. Chamberlain, who made a gallant defence of the Irish Crimes Act,...

The election in North Hunts is likely to be a

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very lively affair. Lord Esmd Gordon, the Marquis of Huntly, and other hearty Liberal Unionists have confided to the constituency their utter disapproval of the Home-rule policy...

The demonstration in the Dublin Rotunda on Tuesday against the

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proclamation of the National League was a very funny one. Mr. Cobb (M.P. for the Rugby district of Warwick. shire) was the first English speaker. The National League, he said, "...

The situation in Bulgaria remains as threatening as ever. Prince

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Ferdinand has made his public entry into Sofia, and has been greeted with a certain amount of enthusiasm by the people and the Army ; but the difficulties of his position become...

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That a ship with 250 persons on board should be

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burned to the water's edge in mid-ocean, with a high sea running, without the lose of a single life, is one of the most extraordinary instances of what may be accomplished by...

We regret to see that in the debates in Supply

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upon the grants to the British Museum and National Gallery, no very great hope was held out that either institution would be in future opened at night. In the case of the...

Mr. Howorth, M.P. for South Salford, to whose letters the

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Times generally gives a special prominence, writes to Thursday's Times a very optimistic letter on the political situation, of which the drift is this,—that the electors in...

Sir William Harcourt made an attack on the Liberal Unionists

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in his speech at Reading on Wednesday, of which the most remarkable feature was perhaps the following assertion :—"The party was dwindling down to its true proportions, and it...

The debate on the Labourers' Allotments Bill was continued in

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Committee last Friday week, though, we are sorry to add, with small results, very little progress being made. The chief feature of the evening's discussion was a speech from Mr....

"The Austrian Government has withdrawn the subvention that it granted

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last year to the Vienna General Hospital to defray the coat of inoculation on the Pasteur system. The failures have been so numerous as to discourage competent judges from...

We regret much the withdrawal of Mr. T. W. Russell,

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M.P. for South Tyrone, from the ranks of the Liberal Unionists. He does not withdraw because he disapproves the proclamation of the National League, which he supported on...

Bank Rate, 3 per cent.

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Consols were on Friday 1011 to 104.

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THE DEBATE ON THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. T HE first night's debate on the proclamation of the National League by the Government, was striking in every way, but even more striking to...

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M R. CHAMBERLAIN has taken a line in relation to the Home-rule policy in Ireland which shows that he has the instincts of a statesman for the consequence of this pro- posal on...

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T . great difficulties and dangers to which we should be exposed were we to adopt a form of government in which the Imperial Parliament at Westminster would stand to a Dublin...

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T HE manner in which the agitation for the reprieve of the convict Lipski has been conducted in Parliament and by a section of the Press is to be most deeply regretted. Since it...

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-vv - HETHER M. Rouvier's speech, which we noticed briefly last week, will prove to be of the epoch-making order, only time can show ; all that is clear at present is that it...

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N O quality has gained more in public esteem in our country, and with good reason, than the one which is expressed by the word "reticence." If we look at the old uses of the...


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T 0RD GEORGE HAMILTON, in the debate on the Naval 4 Estimates last July, observed that if any Government undertake to out down establishments, Parliamentary pressure is brought...

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T HE Exhibition at Peterborough of relics connected with Mary Stuart has not drawn the public interest it was deemed sure to excite. Many visitors have, indeed, traversed long...

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RICHARD JEFFERIES, who died at the little Thames. aide village of Goring on the 14th of this month of August, was a great literary artist in his way. Perhaps we might describe...

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EXPERIENCE IN IRELAND.—III. [FRO)/ .6. CORRESPONDENT.] THERE are two sides to every question, and it would be unjust to reserve all our sympathy for Irish tenants, and all...

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PROFESSOR DICEY ON UNIONIST DELUSIONS.—III. go Tan Emma on IRO .. SPiCTAT013."3 Sin,—" Separation from England is opposed to the interests of Ireland. Hence Irishmen will...

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[To TRH EDITOR or TER . 1311ICTATOR.1 SiEjI beg to send you the following extracts of National League proceedings, reported in the Leinster Leader of August 13th, 1887. Each...


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[To THE EDITOR Or IRS "SDECTATOS "] Sust,—I have read with mingled amusement and regret your article on " The Reverse in Cheshire." You describe the various transitions of...

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A CANINE INTRIGUER. [To THE Roma or THE .Sescr■ros."] Sta,—As

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you have quoted the Rev. Dr. Haughton, of Dublin Uni- versity, as a great patron and admirer of dogs, will you allow me, in justice to my absent colleague, to say that he is by...


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[TO TES EDITOR OS THE "SPECTATOR. " ] SIB,—Whilst all the best advised of weary townsfolk are wend- ing their way to the glorious mountains and lochs of Scotland— thankful...


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[To THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR. "] Sta,—As the most wonderful example the world has seen of intellectual versatility, Mr. Gladstone has always excited my admiration. But...


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SPECTATOE.".1 Sta,—It was suggested in the Spectator of August 13th, and again on August 20th, that a selection of caste from the ancient sepulchral reliefs at Athens should...

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Nor comes there on the free night-freshened air One backward cry, one wail of chill despair, But whisperings of loftier enterprise. The orange glow still streaks the Western...


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MR. DE VERE'S "LEGENDS AND RECORDS OF THE CHURCH AND THE EMPIRE." To read this volume is a singular rest amidst the trouble and fever of our sensational secularism and our...


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SOFT as a summer clondlet, the sea-mew On foam-white wing sails thro' the noontide air ; No creature of ethereal mould more fair, While she her upward soaring doth pursue,...

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READERS who are not afraid of venturing on a mental diet that is somewhat solid, not to say difficult of digestion, may be re. commended to try the volume which we mention...

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RECENT NOVELS.* Tins is a dull season in the publishing

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world ; but for any one who reads with any other object than the killing of time, good quality will always more than compensate for lack of quantity, and the quality of the...

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this delightful book, Mr. Oliphant has the fancy to present himself as a rolling stone that, contrary to the proverb, has gathered much moss. Proverbs, after all, are no more...

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THIS very valuable and conscientiously written book, based on historical documents and private letters, the most of which now see the light for the first time, lands us in...

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An Algonquin Maiden. By G. Mercer Adam and A. Ethelwyn Wetherald. (Sampson Low and Co.)—This " romance of the early days of Upper Canada" is a skilfully constructed and...

We have received a third edition of the Oscottian (Burns

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and Oates), containing a memoir of Bishop Ullathorne. It ie useless to object to the practice of publishing memoirs of the living. What with "Men of the Times," "At Homes," and...

Autobiography of a Manchester Cotton-Manufacturer. By "H. S. G." (John

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Heywood, Manchester and London.)—The author was sue- cessively manager of a cotton-mill and of a Manchester warehouse, partner in a mill, and sole owner. And his experience is...

My College Days the Autobiography of an Old Student. Edited

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by R. Menzies Ferguson, M.A. (Alexander Gardner.)—The "Old Student" has to speak of Scotch Universities, Edinburgh, to wit, and St. Andrews; while he gives some impressions,...

Ancient Legends of Ireland. By Lady Wilde (" Speranza.") 2

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vols. (Ward and Downey.)—StAents of folk-lore will recognise some of these legends ; the " charms " and " superstitions " have also their resemblances among the beliefs,...

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The Pharaohs of the Bondage and the Exodus. Lectures by

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Charles S. Robinson, D.D. (" Century " Company, New York ; T. F. Ilnwin, London.)—These lectures were delivered as sermons from the author's pulpit. And, unless we are...

Mr. Arthur William A'Beckett needed to make no apology for

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publishing a new edition of his father's Comic Blackstone (Bradbury, Agnew, and Co.) He is quite justified in saying, in spite of the changes that have taken place in the law...

Gonna BOOKS.—Beyer's Guide to Western Norway. By Viljam Olsvig. (F.

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Beyer, Bergen ; Philip and Son, London.)—This is described as " a special guide for holiday-trips to the famous fjord and mountain districts of Norway." It contains...