27 JANUARY 1844

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Without any allusion to " ill weeds," we must confess

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that the agriculturist movement grows apace : it is becoming quite " for- midable." The English agricultural counties are all alive with Protectionists marshalling themselves in...

Were not disgust almost incompatible with amusement, the stage to

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which the Irish State trial has come would be entertaining— the taking of evidence for the prosecution; with the cross-examina- tions for the defence. But the unimpassioned...


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NEXT week Parliament opens, and parties seem to be preparing for a campaign of extraordinary activity. Two vital questions, the state of Ireland and the Corn-laws, agitate two...

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Zbe IfIetropolis.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday. A Committee was appointed to inquire into the power of compelling traders within the City to take up their freedom. The City...

SDI erOtIrt.

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THE quiet of the Court is still unbroken ; the most notable occurrence recorded at Windsor Castle having been the visit of the Cambridge family. The Duke arrived on Saturday,...

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Ebe larobinces.

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Mr. Sotheron is mentioned as a candidate for the vacancy in the re- presentation of North Wiltshire occasioned by the death of Sir Francis Burdett. Should he stand, Mr. Ludlow...

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We continue our narrative of the proceedings in the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, which has met punctually at ten o'clock each day. Among the counsel for the Crown, whose...

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A meeting, convened by Lord Elcho as Vice-Lieutenant of Had- dington County, was held at Haddington on Friday. Among those who attended were, Lord Elcho, Chairman, the Earl of...

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When the Queen's pony-phaeton was partially upset on the 5th in- stant, her Majesty returned to Windsor in a four-wheeled chaise belong- ing to Mr. Holderness, of Horton, whose...

lore* anb Colonial.

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FRANCE.—The Chamber of Deputies have been occupied with a continued contest over the separate paragraphs of the Kines - speech ; the Opposition amendments, however, meeting with...

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It seems necessary to explain that the Bank Charter does

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not abso- lately expire in the present year, but that there is this year a "break in the lease," as it were : if notice of termination be given, on behalf of the public, any...

Leaving the evidence of the late Postage Committee buried in

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the ponderous and unwieldy Blue Book has not altogether availed the Post-office as a baulk to public scrutiny ; for the indefatigable Mr. Rowland Hill has made an analytical...

Mr. Ward addressed his Sheffield constituents at a multitudinous meeting

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on Wednesday. He announced that be no loager intended to resign his seat ; intimating that politics had been an unprofitable trade, and that deficient means had dictated his...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. The proceedings in the Dublin Court of Queen's Bench, on Thurs- day, the tenth day, were yet duller than on Wednesday ; for the whole time was...

There was an Anti-League meeting at Derby, yesterday, for South

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Derbyshire ; Mr. C. R. Colvile, M.P., Mr. E. M. Mundy, M.P., and about 400 gentlemen and tenant-farmers, attending. The Chairman was a tenant-farmer. The assemblage was hearty...

The Dublin correspondent of the Standard denies the story given

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in the. Times of Wednesday, that placards denouncing Mr. Bond Hughes as a spy and perjurer had been posted in Dublin. But we find the same story elsewhere : the editor of the...

A statement of contemplated improvements in the Post-office has been

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going the round of the papers ; but the Ministerial Morning Herald " has reason to believe" that it is "completely untrue."


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Astarvxo—At Gravesend, 22d instant, Blenheim. Gray, from Singapore; and Alert, Oliver. from Sydney ; 23d, Fatima, Wilson, from Madras; and John Hullet, Austen, from Mauritius....

The great length of our Irish and County intelligence this

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week makes the inser- tion of volunteered Communications absolutely impossible; and our readers are aware that next week begins the season when Correspondence—even the reading...

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The French Plays commenced on Monday. The new" star," M.

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ACHARD, is a clever comedian, of the farceur species, and sufficiently amusing; but his great charm lies in his singing, which is beautiful : his voice is a tenor of remarkable...

Thursday's Paris papers are full of continued debates. The Reforme

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says that King Louis Philippe, wishing to recompense the services of M Guizot, had created him Count de Val-Richer ; an estate in Nor- mandy, of which that Minister is the...

A paragraph in the Times imputes Sir Francis Burdett's death

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to the cold-water treatment, to which he submitted. On the last day he was delirious, and his daughter would not suffer that treatment to be Continued. Gout in the head and...


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Richard the Third as represented at Drury Lane is an imposing spec- tacle : the picturesque scenery and the splendid costumes and accessc- ries are not only effective to the...

The Lyceum opens once more on Monday, with a company

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selected for the performance of " the legitimate drama " : the First Part of Henry the Fourth, and an afterpiece founded on one of WASHINGTON Iavuntes tales, are announced for...

In the Court of Queen's Bench, today, Mr. M'Neill was

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sentenced to three months imprisonment for assaulting Mr. John Abel Smith. The Judges decided in a full court, on a rule to show cause obtained at the instance of Fletcher, the...

The Standard reports that Lord Lyndhurst is much better, and

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that he will most likely resume his seat in the Court of Chancery on Monday.


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STOCK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Bank Stock has again improved nearly 4 per cent since last week; and it is now very generally believed that the extraordinary recent rise in...

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THE COMING SESSION. NONE of our Ministers or leading Members of Parliament are young men. The greater number may be fairly enough termed "old stagers," and of the most juvenile...

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SIR FRANCIS BURDETT scarcely belongs to our Reform Bill period at all. True, he is named among the leaders who carried that mea- sure ; but his presence in the ranks much...

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WRITERS on the belles lettres have gravely discussed the charac- teristics and comparative merits of Parliamentary and after-dinner eloquence—the eloquence of the pulpit and of...


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EVERY one knows that the State of New York is the richest, the most energetic, the most refined, and the most moral State of the American Union. They also know that she is...

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VOTAGIS AND TRAVELS, Fifty Days on Board a Slave-Vessel in the Mozambique Channel. in April and May 1g43. By the Reverend Pascoe Grenfell Hill, Chaplain of H. M. S. Cleopatra....

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CAUSES. THIS work is a sort of sequel to the Vital Statistics of Sheffield by the same author ; the facts in relation to a certain class of arti- sans being expanded, and the...

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THE custom of popular authors giving the benefit of their names as editors to works that they hesitate to avow yet would not repudiate, might allow an inference that Lady...


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DR. Buis-r is editor of The Bombay Times : his position induced a very close attention to the minutest affairs connected with the Afghan war ; and he appears to have derived...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED Frain January 191/, to January 251h.

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BooKs. Fifty Days on board a Slave- Vessel in the Mozambique Channel, in April and May 1843. By the Reverend PASCOE GRENFELL HILL, Chaplain of H. M. S. Cleopatra. Memoir and...

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INSTITUTE OF THE FINE ARTS. Barnsn artists have always felt the want of an organized association calculated to give them a status as a class ; enabling them to maintain a...


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NATIONAL MELODY AND ITS REPRESENTATIVES. THE success of Mr. WILSON'S entertainments has introduced numerous competitors for distinction in the same department ; and the public...

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BIRTHS. On the 14th January, at Stanton-by-Dale, Derbyshire, the Wife of the Rev. J. B. Pima, of a daughter ' On the 16th, at Forest House, Flartfield, the Lady of FREDERICK...


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Tuesday, jou. 23. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. H. L. and A. Swale, Doctors' Commons. proctors-W. and. J. Shaw, Huddersfield, cloth- manufacturers-Veruon and Co. Tewkesbury,...


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WAR-OFFICE, Jou. 26.-1st Drag. Guards-Lieut. R. A. Moore, from 3d Light Drags. to be Lieut. vice Hamlin, who exchanges. 3d Light Drags.-Lieut. J. B. Hawker, from la Drags. to be...

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BRITISH Tuesday. DS. (Closiug Prices.) Wanes. Thurs. Friday. FUN Saturday Monday. 3 per Cent. Consols 97 9 71 9 74 971 9 74 971 Ditto for Account 97 97 971 9 71 9 71...