28 APRIL 1860

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King Victor Emmanuel's progress to Tuscany and Romagna might almost

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have been written before the event, so completely has the conduct of the Tuscans and Romagnols fulfilled the ex- pectation. The public acts of the people, in all classes,...


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WHEN will the Reform Bill pass the critical stage of the second reading ? Two more nights have been occupied this week in WHEN will the Reform Bill pass the critical stage of...

Will a Conference assemble in Paris or elsewhere, to consider

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the European side of the cession of Savoy to France ? Last week there seemed a certainty that such a Conference would meet ; and this week, although discredit has been thrown by...

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Germany is the scene of new complications which are acquiring

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gigantic proportions. In " Germany," for the present, we include Austria whose position appears more critical than it did even last week. We refer the reader to the details of...

The British public is grown so palled "by news, that

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during the week we have heard from day to day, that " there is nothing in the papers ; " and yet the miscellaneous news is full of inci- dents, vicissitudes, and great...

Spain needs but a passing mention. The Count of Monte-

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raolin and his brother Ferdinand have been arrested, and the Royal Government will be compelled to take some course, rigour and mercy both appearing equally hazardous. Mercy...

/Dania ma rtudiugo in Varlinatut.

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rat:tort. stretrrsss 'OF TER WERR. Hews or Loans. Monday, Aprd 28. Diplomatic Protreedings; Lord Norman- by's Motion respecting the Savoy correspondence. Tuesday, April 24....

While Austrian interests are thus even now progressively de- clining

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in Italy,—while the Government shows an utter incapa- city to grapple with its diffioulties in Hungary,—it is encounter- ing fresh difficulties in Germany. The Federal Diet is...

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A meeting of reformers hum various parts of the country was held at the Guildhall coffee-house on Tuesday, Mr. Hargreaves in the chair. Among those present were, Mr. Samuel...

iKbr tourt.

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THE QUEEN held a Court at Buckingham Palace on Monday. The Commander Tatgoin, Neapolitan Minister at the Court of St. James's, bad an audience and delivered his letters of...

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fortign nut' Culnuint.

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Intim—The arrangements for a conference on the neutrality of Northern Savoy are in progress. It is, indeed, stated that the Great Powers have fixed on Paris as the rendezvous,...


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There is a great scarcity of fodder in Ireland, and the holders of stocks are obtaining larger prices than they have obtained for twenty years. Of course the poor farmers...


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The 78th Highlanders were entertained at a dinner by the good folks of Edinburgh in the Corn Exchange on Tuesday, They are Scotehmen ; they come from India; that is the key to...


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The nomination for Harwich took place on Monday, There were two candidates. The Conservatives put up the Honourable Colonel Rowley ; the Liberals brought forward Mr. Stuart...

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The Legislatures of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have adopted addresses to her Majesty, soliciting the honour of a visit from the Prince of Wales after completing his visit to...

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The Calcutta mail arrived yesterday, with advices to the 23d

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of March. The Governor-General held a grand durbar in Sealkote on the 8th in- stant, for the reception of the Maharajah of Cashmere and the chiefs of the Dert. The chief fact,...

Our Turin correspondent informs us that private letters from Sicily

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represent the state of the insurgents as hopeful. But, he writes :— Our Turin correspondent informs us that private letters from Sicily represent the state of the insurgents as...

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL. 24. Bankruptcy Annulled.—Tnomis Iantra, Nottingham,

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draper. Bankrupts.—JOHN ENGLAND, Upper Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, photo- graphic artist—WELLIAX DANIEL Bean, Rye, Sussex, ship-builder—Anaanam HAMMOND and JOHN NEVARD,...


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SkFORTUT AFTERNOON. In the House of Commons, last night, in answer to a question from Mr. GRIFFITH, Lord JOHN RUSSELL said that a Conference of the Great Powers who signed the...


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Sroca EECOANOE, FRIDAY AFTRRNOON. Business in English Securities still continues dull, and quotations since the opening on Monday have scarcely fluctuated an 4 per cent. Money...

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CONFUSION IN LAW AND EQUITY. THE hope expressed in the last Royal speech, that we might ob- tain modes of redress for our wrongs in the court to which we re- sorted for...


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THE regrant of a constitution to Hungary, and the Austrian Em- peror's acceptance of a separate crown for that kingdom, are a victory for the state which has until so late a day...

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AN apprehension is felt in the City, that the Pullinger fraud may occasion a want of confidence, not only in the particular bank which has been the subject of it, but in...

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IT is said of Buffon that he used to measure the intensity of light through the effects produced by darkness. The method consisted simply in al- lowing plants to grow up to a...


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THE last struggle of two contending parties is generally sharp and decisive, and such has been the result of the battle the dis- count houses attempted with the Bank of England....

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not an Order of Britannia for British seamen ? In the Merchant and the Royal Navy alike, occur almost daily instances and occasions for the display of science, skill, bravery,...

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ESILMAN'S LIFE OF SIR HENRY FLINTLOCK.. Tim poet's reflection that " great men have been among us" must not be so understood, as to exclude the belief that heroism is an actual...

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TirERE are two reasons why Sir James Prior ought not to have written the life of Malone :—first, that he had not sufficient ma- terials ; secondly, that, as a biographer, he...

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FILIPPO STROZZI. * AT a moment when Italy is entering upon

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a new era, and when every aspect of her political and social life has become an object of strong and growing interest for Englishmen, it has seemed to Mr. Adolphus Trollope that...

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A new " Biographia Britannica," consisting of a " Series of Lives of Illustrious Englishmen, by various Writers," is in preparation by Mr. Murray. The work is announced to be "...


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Ix A COMPENDIUM or Brinrcei CRITICISM, Mr. Frederick Sargent has furnished the orthodox student of the Scriptures with a useful colla- tion of various readings of ambiguous and...

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Several novelties have been produced this week. Of these the most important is a piece in two acts, brought out at the St. James's Theatre, which is not only called a "comedy"...


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THE NEW SOCIETY OF WA.TEROOLOUR PAINTER& We have been so long accustomed to plume ourselves upon having made at least one line of art our own, and we have so petted our water-...


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Grid and Mario made their rentree at the Royal Italian Opera, on Tuesday evening, in Donizetti's fine opera, La Favorite. The fair prima donna's engagement is limited to twelve...

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The collection of miniatures, by the late Sir W. C.

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Ross, has, at length, been completed by the Society of Arts ; and the exhibition will be opened on Monday. The private view afforded us a hasty glance only, but it enabled us to...


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3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account /1 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer Bills, 11d....


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On the 18th of April, at Woodeaton, the Countess of Verulam, of a son. On the 19th, the Hon. Mrs. Beauchamp, of a son. On the 19th, at Patshull, the Countess of Dartmouth, of a...