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No final arrangement of the affairs of Turkey and Egypt

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has been made ; but the latest letters from Constantinople mention, that a manifesto, guaranteeing the territorial integrity of the Otto- man empire and the maintenance of the...


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TIIE lull in the political atmosphere continues. Nothing has cat- cared to ruffle the composure or stimulate the indifference with which parties and party questions are...

The death of RUNJEET SINGH, an important event no the

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present state of Indian politics, was mentioned in our second edition last week. As soon as intelligence of their Sovereign's decease reached the troops sent in aid of the...

We have little to add to the important news from

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Spain given last week. Estella, the capital of Navarre, and long the Preten- der's head-quarters, submitted to the Queen's troops on Sunday. C.kliRERA and the Count D'liseAosE...

Disturbances in various parts of France, occasioned by the high

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price of bread, are reported in the Paris newspapers. At Mans, tranquillity has been restored; and grain has been removed without resistance from the people, who are kept down...

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The (Court.

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THE weekly record of occurrences at Windsor Castle presents no re- markable incident. The Queen daily rides and walks in the neighbour- hood of the Castle; and is generally...

the City of London, as given by the Conservative The

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result of the revision of the lists of ParellaAnisseon_e_t2iall:rt3:°11N3.11t0ers for " Conservative objections Disallowed Withdrawn Objections allowed 78 Conservative claims...

The proprietors of East India Stock assembled on "Wednesday in

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a Quarterly General Court. Mr. Poy.nder called attention to the burn- ing of Runjeet Sleigh's wives on his funeral pile. Mr. Mills, a Director, said that the British Government...

An inquest was held on Saturday, at the Half-way-house on

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the Kensington Road, on the body of Lucy Brown, a remarkably fine- looking woman, who had committed suicide by leaping off the bridge into the Serpentine River. The evidence...

The ftletropolis.

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The members of the Court of Common Council met on Thursday. The Lord Mayor announced that he had been honoured with a private audience of the Queen, to present the vote of...

In the Central Criminal Court, on Tuesdey, James Curley was

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tried on a charge of killing his wife. It appeared that the woman was in the habit of spendine at the alehouse the money her husband gave her to purchase neeesxaeies. One night...

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'flee ' Protestants of South Laneashiee" had a great meeting

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on Thursday, in the Theatre at Manebester. Between three amid hour thousand persons were present. Dr. Cooke of Belfast, the Reverend Mr. M - Neile of lei% erred, and the...

Zbe pobinces.

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The members of the Netherby Agricultural Association assembled On the 1; th instant, and were edified by an elaborate speech, chiefly on the Corn-laws and the harvest, by Sir...

Ebenezer Elliott has addres.seil a lever of advice to "

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'flee Chartists of Sltetlield." " 23.1 September 1839. " 3Iv plundered Fellow in this town about 6,000 adult lab tur . ers, and zt,tt , 1 ca a t all 1 ,!ilan tli-t-:, hen: are...

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The Dublin Pilot publishes a long letter on the Repeal of the Union, addressed by Mr. O ' Connell to the Trades Union in reply to an address on the same subject presented to him...

Agitation in Ireland, even for useful purposes, has, unfortunately, lost

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its influence. A well - organized plan for promoting the registries, is, undoubtedly, deserving of ' praise, when taken by itself. But, then, we have had the plan introduced by...

A stir was made in Dublin on Monday, by the

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arrest of Mr. High Sheriff Taylor, at the instance of his brother Sheriff Grant ; the fernier having received a messag e from Alderman Perrin, which it was under- stood he had...

A number of labourers have lately been employed by the

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Earl of Shrewsbury in excavating part of the ruins of the ancient baronial castle, which forms the chief ornament of the picturesque village of Alton. Amongst other trifling...

Mr. Feargus O ' Connor was arrested at Manchester on Friday, on

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a Judge ' s warrant, for a seditious conspiracy, seditious speeches, &c. ; and having given his promise to the officer that he would be forth- coming at the Borough Court on...

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We continue the selections from Country papers, in order to keep our readers informed as to the progress and prospects of the harvest—at the present time by far the most...


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Most extraordinary scenes have been enacted at Kilsyth since Sunday morning last. It appears to have been understood among the Revival- ists throughout the whole of Scotland,...

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We have heard, althowell we cannot vouch for the correctness

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of the rumour, that the Duke of Devonshire, disgusted with the profligate compact which is known to exist between Lord Melbourne's Govern- ment and Mr. O'Connell, and...

The 7iine Mercury mentions the serious illness of Mr. Hutt,

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M.P., at Gibside. He was, however, we are glad to say, getting. rather better at the beginning of the week. The Marchioness of Salisbury is returning to England from the Con-...

Another windfall has dropped to the Government by theleathof Sir

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Thomas Hardy, (the officer in whose arms our immortal Nelio breathed his last,) who held the Governorship of Greenwich Hospital ; and the question of who will succeed him is...

Twenty-seven English soldiers, who were taken prisoners by the Carl-

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ists at Andnain in September 1 Se17, and who, it was supposed, bad been murdered by the Carlists, have returned to their native country. These brave fellows excited the...


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T. B. Macaulay, Esq., has been appointed Secretary at War ; Lord Seymour and Mr. Clay have been appointed Secretaries to the Board of Control. Mr. Macaulay has a seat in the...

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Bread, whieh is really in France the "eleff or n

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trail Iv dear. When bread is deer in England, it is undouhte liy e en t bet still the When bread is deer in England, it is undouhte liy e en t bet still the poor tea meat mid...

The termination of the financial quarter is now near at

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hand, and although uothiug has yet transpired as to the probable result. the im- pression is that in some branches of the public revemie there will be a material falling off. At...

Founded upon the eorrespendence which appeared firet in the ?fora-

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ley Pod on the 14th instant, a series of papere int the treetment of the late 1;oly Flora Ilastings by the inmates of 111. - P.IlaCe, IVUA l!olwalenced by th _thawing Past on...

The MagdeburF Journal publishes an article dated Hanover, August 21,

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stating that his Majesty the King had invited Lord Lyndhurst and other persons from England, to consult with them as to what should be done in case the Queen of England should...

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- The Bombay Press of June 17th, contains a long

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report of the trial of an action for damages, brought by Sir. Larkins against Mr. F. C. Lewis, for' criminal conversation with Mrs. Larkins. The guilty parties had eloped from...

A. return has been printed by order of the House

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of Commons of the territorial revenues and disbursements of the East India Company for the years 1835, 1836, and 1837 with an estimate of both for 1839. The results are of a...

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The following letter from .Tosnen STI:RGE of Birmingham, arrived to late for insertion in last week's .Spectator. Although not altogether agreeing with Friend STVRGE, WC...

MU CERVANTES give vs the means of communicating with him

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privately ?


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* SATURDAY NIGHT. The Paris papers of Thursday supply little intelligence worth notice. The treaty between France and Texas was signed in Paris on Wed- nesday; France...

The Globe this evening, professing much indignation that virtuous statesmen

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should be assailed by the factious and the wicked in these latter days, puts forth what it hopes will pass for a satisfactory defence of the Monteagle Exchequer Job. But the...

Last night's Gazette announces Mr. Macaulay's appointment to the office

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of Secretary at War ; also that the Earl of Dunraven has been elected a Representative Peer of' Ireland in the room of' the late Earl of Lucan.


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The Orontes, Short, was lost on the 18111 December last, on the toast of New Hol- land, on her way to India, crew saved. Arrived—At Gravesend, Sept. 24th, Candidate, Goodwin,...

The Morning Chronicle has received letters from its correspondents .

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at San Sebastian and Espartero's head-quarters. Espartero made his . triumphal entry into Panmeluna on the 20th, amidst the rejoicings of . the inhabitants. A. splendid...


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STOCK. EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Considerable sensation was excited yesterday in the City, by the fact of the Rent of the United States Bank in London, Mr. Jaunox, having...

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ATTRACTED by a favourable report of the droll doings at the New Strand Theatre, we peeped in at this little bandbox full of broad fun the other evening, by e ay of variety ; nor...

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TIIE accession of Mr. MacAulay and Mr. CLAY to Lord MEL- BOURNE'S Ministry is announced. The Member for Edinburgh_is to be Secretary at War, with a seat in the Cabinet. The...


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THE MONEY CRISIS. THE Bank of England seems anxious to prepare the public mind for a suspension of specie payments, or some violent action on the currency. In one of the City...

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'THOMAS SPRING RICE entered public life nineteen years ago. In Jtine 1820 he was seated, on petition, for Limerick. He was Mr. CANNING'S Under Seeretery for the Home Department...


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FROM the sequel to the correspondence between Lord LoNnox. DERRY and the Ripon clergy, it will be seen that the con ; tumacious Marquis confirms his desertion from the bosom...

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ALL accounts from the West Indies continue to mark the decline ofiroductive industry in those colonies, arising from the abolition of slavery and the consequent scarcity of...

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[SECOND NOTICE.] WE commence the second chapter of this report with a brief sketch, as promised, of the new oratorio. It opens with a slow fugue in C minor, eight crotchets to...

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impress every one with the distinguished merit of his performance.

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The Bayadtlres have returned to Bordeaux, strongly possessed with The like power he could not evince, but for pathos and chaste ex- the desire of returning home to India. Their...

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TIM is the title of an ancient record of the proceedings of the General Assembly of the Scottish Kirk, from the year 15(30, when that Convocation was instituted, to 1616, when...


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ECM:SWAT:CAL HISTORY, The MAI! of the thuversall Kirk of Scotland; wherein the Maths and Corwin- skulls dtwysit be the Ministers and Commissionaris of the particular Kirks...

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THE untiring activity of Lord BROUGHAM has somewhat relieved the languor following the excited weariness of the Parliamentary season, by two pamphlets, — one, A Letter on...

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Tuns volume has '.t threefold division. It contains a defence of modern French literature against the Quarterly Review, with no- tices of a few French authors ; soino short...


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fictions which provoked the censors of another age to denounce novel-reading, as tending to unfit the young for enduring the realities of' life, by giving them false notions of...

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THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. WE have received the following letter from Mr. MAYO, in reference to our last week's review of Mr. SHAW'S Narrative and of Dates and Documents. TO THE...