29 APRIL 1837

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A sensation has been created in the money-market this week

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by the appearance of a new description of American Securities. In consequence of' the extreme difficulty of procuring unexception- able bills of exchange to remit to England,...


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VIE Parliamentary business of the past week ought to have been important; although the chief actors on the stage of politics have walked through their parts with a listless...

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The French papers are chiefly occupied with discussions in the

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The French papers are chiefly occupied with discussions in the Chamber of Deputies on the African question, as it is called, the additional allowance to the Duke of Orleans in...

Proofs of the contentment which Ministers assured the House of

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Commons was prevalent in all parts of our North American Colo- nies, except Lower Canada, may be gathered from almost every colonial newspaper that reaches this country. The...

fechatrd mat lerotrebingiIn Partiment. IRISH MUNICIPAL REFORM.

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In the House of Peers, on Tuesday, Lord MELBOURNE moved tint the portion of the King's Speech which related to Ireland should be read by the Clerk. This having been done, Lord...

The news from Spain is scanty. Don SEBASTIAN and That-

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BARREN are said to be in motion, the former towards the South, the latter watching him. It is the general impression in Bayonne, that the Legion will be disbanded, with the...

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An extraordinary scene occurred on Tuesday, on the 'ballot for

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the Carlow election petition. The doors were closed, but the f; flowing is the received account of what took place. Mr. Maule app , aled at the bar as counsel for Mr. Keogh,...

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EV Court.

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Tor King came from Windsor on Wednesday, and held his Levee at St James's Palace. The company was rather more numerous . than usual. Among the distinguished persons present,...

Cbc A meeting of the electors of Westminster, summoned by

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the High Bailiff to take bite) consideration the state of the representation of Westminster, was held in Covent Garden on Monday, the hustings being erected in front of the...

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About four hundred Tories of Westminster gave Sir George Murray

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a dinner on Monday, in Willis's Rooms. The appearance of the com- pany, according to the Morning Post," spoke volumes in favour of the progress which Conservative principles...

At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, yesterday,

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Sir Peter Laurie moved that 1000/. should be granted for the relief of the distressed Highlanders. Mr. Anderton proposed that 5001. should be the sum; and the amendment was...

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ebr Country.

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There was a meeting of the Birmingham and Midland Reform As- sociation on the 18th, "to consider the alarming state of trade through- out the kingdom, with a view to averting...

The agenry-ofliee of the I ludilersaild Banking Company at Brig-

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house, in the parish of Halifax, Vorkshire. his been broken into, and a large iron sale, containing Bank of England notes, gold, mid other decided bankers' notes, amounting in...


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At a meeting of the National Association, on Tuesday, a letter was read from Mr. O'Connell, in which these passages occur- " Tranquillity can be secured otilv by the sustaining...

The Recorder's report of the convicts under sentence of death

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was made to the King on Wednesday. Five men and one woman for burs lary and one man for a robbery, had their sentences commuted to g transportation for life. James Greenacre was...

We have the pleasure to announce, that, in a letter

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dated the 18; h instant, and addressed to George Goodman, Esq., Sir William Moles.. worth expresses entire satisfaction with the report which Mr. Woll- combe has made to him on...

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The death of Mr. Jolin Blackburne, Member for Huddersfield, and

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Chairman of the Corporation Commissioners, was announced in a part of our impression last week. Mr. Blackburne was universally respected for manliness of character and sterling...


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Lord Lyndhurst left town an Thursday afternoon, for Paris, having received a very alarming accoma of the state of his daughter's !width. About six weeks ago his Lord•hip, at...

Stephenson's line of railway to Brighton from London has been

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thrown out in the Committee, by a vote of 26 to 17. Stephenson's line of railway to Brighton from London has been thrown out in the Committee, by a vote of 26 to 17. It appears...

At a meeting held on Monday, at Apsley House, after

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a stormy discussion, it was finally resolved that the Irish Municipal Corporation Bill should be read a second time ; and that, upon a question being put to the Duke of...

Mr. O'Connell has written a letter to the Dublin Pilot

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to contradict a story that he is a freemason. At a very early period of his life, and I , before an ecclesiastical censure had been published in the Catholic Church, prohibiting...

A correspondence between Mr. John W. Lovesey and Lord William

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Lennox, relative to Captain Berkeley's statement in the House of Commons as to the mode in which Mr. Lovesey got his commission, appears in the papers this week. Mr. Lovesey...

The celebrated Prussian Minister Aneillon died at Berlin on the

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19th of April : his disease was a cancer of the stomach. '1'lle estate which Prince Polignac has purchased near Munich is the little chateau of Newherghausen ; which is said to...

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PO.`.4 . 1 sCRI. PT.

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SATURDAY. The Paris papers of Thursday mention that Louts PHILIP has commuted the sentence of MEUNIER from death to " deportatimm " the ciiminal will probably be shipped off to...

We a re glad to see, that theCommiesioners of Post-office Inquiry,

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in t h e ir Eiehililleport, condemn in some language the publication of the post.tce Shipping List by the Post-( ffiee elerks—t hey en ti re ] y unser ut the cleats of a...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, Faunae APTF11NOMS. The prospects of the American mercantile interests have undergone a mate. ial 81111 beneficial change, and the pressure under which they have...

The packet-ship Indepeedence, which left New Yolk on the 1001

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of this month, arrived off Liverpool yi sterday. She briegs 70.000 dollars, and a million of Batik Bonds. Commercial distress was un the increase; and there bad been another...

Sir FRANCIS BURDETT, in II letter to the electors of

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Westminster, 'Wished exclusively in the Times this morning, announces his intem lion of vacating his seat in Parliament by taking the Chiltern Hundreds, and of again offeling...

In the House of Commons, the second reading of the

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Irish Poor Bill was moved by Lord JOHN RUSSELL. The principal speech of the night was that of Mr. O'CoNers.r.. He went into a long and affecting description of Irish...

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A PICTURE OF THE ARISTOCRACY, BY LORD MELBOURNE. " It is a little thing to give this bill, but a great thing to deny it," So said Lord MELBOURNE on Tuesday, when speaking of...


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Arrived — At Gravesend, April 211, Edward. Lindsay ; end 24th, 'Henry Wellesley, Freeman, from Singapore; 25111, B tchelor, Ellis, from Madras; Indemnity, Roberts, front...


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WAR•OVVICE, April 8.-1st Life Guards—CI:pt. B. Colclongh, from half pay 6001 Foot, to he Capt. vice Brevet Major Il. R. Bullock, who exchanges. 2.1 Lite t; nerds- Lieut. NV....


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As the Ministerial paper, the Globe, has ventured to defend the appointment of Captain PLUMB' DGE to the command of the Packets at Falmouth, let us see how far Lord MINTO has...

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THE Globe, who fires up at being accused of "exceeding igno- rance" concerning the Colonies, should remind his readers that the offensive expression did not originate with us,...


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A PORTION, perhaps a majority, of the electors of Marylebone are dissatisfied with something in the state of the representation of that borough. Into the causes of their...

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THE following was the scheme of the fourth concert, on Monday the 17th. 1141T 1. Sh:fonia (No. 9). composed for the Philharmonic Society, terminating with Scurra.vn's " Ode to...


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" DFPVIS 1712 jusqu'il 1812, de nouvelles opinions oat acquis tin grand aseendant t Londres. Les widens principes de colonization libre, qui oat ,men e Pindependance heureuse...

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THE Diorama reopened for the season on Monday, with a change of the architectural scene. The new picture is an interior of the Basi- lica or Church of St. Paul, near Rome, the...

The people of Genoa, it appears, are now beginning to

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think of railroads, though they %till probably be much more easily constructed through the plains of Lombardy than amidst the mountains of Pied- mont. The Genoa Gazette,...


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THE IWO volumes before us are but an instalment of the work, which, it is thought, will be completed in four. The purpose of the author is not only to narrate the history of...


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HaTORT, Athens, its Rise and Fall ; with Views of the Literature. Philosophy, and Social Life of the Athenian People. By Edward Lytton Bulwer, Esq.,B P., A M., Author of "...

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IN acknowledging the arrival of the first volume of this work, we mentioned that it opened with a morning call of Baron LANGON, the author, on Prince CAMBACERES, soon after the...

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THE second volume of this biography commences with the pub- lication of the Lay of the Last Minstrel, in 1804; and ends with the beginning of Scow's acquaintance with BYRON, in...

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as to the colonial character of this volume were prophetic. Mr. MUD1E not only displays the narrow views, the local prejudices, the personal likings and antipathies, and the ex-...

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Tna scene of this novel is laid in Ireland, about the time of the last rebellion. The apparent object of the work is to paint the character of the peasantry and squireens ; its...

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giving to events, whose influence on the fate of the

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principal characters should be paramount, no consequences. ladye-love (24), is his best design ; and the " Bay in the Long Gallery, The story—if it deserve the name—is a...

school of painting. In this field it is without a

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rival ; and, humble as HUNT'S studies of rustic character and scenes are identities: the is the ground of preeminence, we may well feel proud Gf it. Artists force and certainty...

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EDWIN LANDSEER'S masterpiece, A Scene at Bolton Abbey in the Olden Time—the most perfect picture that the British school has pro.. duced—is engraved in mezzotint by SAMUEL...

The great picture of The Battle of Courtrai, or the

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Field of the Golden Spurs, now exhibiting in Stanley's Rooms in Maddox Street, is an instance of the good effect of the national encouragement given to historical painting on...